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Sports ecological center put into use

The Cuibaili Sports Ecological Center of Haishu District has been put into official use since January 1 this year.

With a total area of 15,000 square meters, the sports ecological center is located to the west of Cangsong Road, Ningbo Women and Children’s Hospital and Ningbo Railway Station, to the north of Cangsong Road and Ningbo Sports Center for the Elderly, to the east of Zuguan River and the Rong’an Jiajing Community, and to the south of Liuting Huayuan Community and the. 

Funded by Haishu Development Holdings Co. Ltd., the center started construction in November 2022, was completed and approved in September 2023, and was put into trial use in November 2023. 

The Cuibaili Sports Ecological Center makes full use of the idle space in the urban area and has built one 11-player standard football field, two five-player football fields, one high-quality outdoor tennis court, and two beautiful membrane structured tennis courts. Among them, the 11-player standard football field and one membrane structured tennis court are equipped with an intelligent image acquisition and motion analysis system. With customized AI algorithm technology, they can capture players’ images in all directions and dimensions during the sports process, and thus can provide automated live streaming and high-quality sports picture playback services. In addition, with the support of the municipal Water Affairs Management Group, the center has installed direct drinking water equipment.

The use of Cuibaili Sports Ecological Center will effectively activate the “golden corners” of Haishu District, systematically radiate to communities and orgnaizations within 1.5 kilometers around the Yongshui Bridge Science and Technology Innovation Center, and create a “15-minute sports circle”. It will give full play to the positive role of public sports venues in improving the quality of life of science and technology innovation talents, and thus greatly enhance the happiness and sense of belonging of the innovative talents of the Cuibaili Community and residents in the surrounding area


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