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Welcoming the Asian Games at Dongqian Lake

With the approaching of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, how can tourists start a “micro-trip” in the Dongqian Lake area? It was learned from the Dongqian Lake Economic and Tourism Bureau that with the theme of “welcoming Asian Games at Dongqian Lake”, the area has launched 10 special tourism programs for the Asian Games, including the special river and sea tourist route for the Asian Games, boating trip, and hiking.

To greet the Asian Games, trendy entertainment and beautiful scenery perfectly blend in Dongqian Lake, creating a unique cultural and tourism experience for citizens and tourists, as a new way to welcome the games.

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Yuyao supports industrial development with innovation basis

Recently, Ningbo Konfoong Materials International Co., Ltd. took the lead in completing the key technology research and industrialization project of ultra-high purity aluminum and copper sputtering targets for flat panel displays, and won the first prize of Ningbo Science and Technology Progress Award. This project has prepared ultra-high purity metal aluminum and copper sputtering targets that meet the requirements of new display panels for high generation lines.

This is a microcosm of "Yuyao Smart Manufacturing" in the field of technological innovation. In recent years, Yuyao is making efforts to build an innovative city, closely focusing on digital empowerment, green wisdom, and global innovation. In the second batch of national innovative county (city) construction list released by the Ministry of Science and Technology in May this year, Yu Yao was successfully listed.

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The "Welcome to the Asian Games,

Meet Haishu 10,000 Tours" activity was launched

On August 15th, the series of activities of "Welcome the Asian Games, Meet Haishu 10,000 People's Tour" micro-tour Mingzhou Luocheng was launched. In the next three months, a series of activities in Mingzhou Luocheng will be held in Yuehu, Tianyi Pavilion and other places.

The combination of the "Luocheng Covenant Yueshun Moon" micro-tour product with the traditional Chinese festival "Qixi" has become a major highlight. Through the fate pairing, the participants opened the script clues along Baokui Lane, Shui Zebei, Drum Tower, Tianyi Pavilion, and Yongfeng Library, building a communication bridge for young people.

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Zhenhai's carbon dioxide emission intensity has achieved

"seven consecutive reductions" in 10 years.

At the 2023 National Eco-Day Ningbo themed publicity event held on the afternoon of August 15, Zhenhai District released a national-level pilot work framework for pollution reduction and carbon reduction, striving to create a national-level collaborative innovation zone for pollution and carbon reduction.

In the past, when Zhenhai was mentioned, everyone thought that it was the "vanguard" in the petrochemical industry, and with it, citizens were worried about air and environmental pollution.

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