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Revised general plan of Tiantong National Forest Park released

On September 14, the Yinzhou Branch of Ningbo Natural Resources and Planning Bureau released the “Overall Planning of Tiantong National Forest Park (Revised) (2023-2032, a draft for soliciting opinions)”.

Tiantong National Forest Park is a well-known forest park in Ningbo, known for its forest, temple, strange rocks, grotesque caves, sea of clouds, and magnificent sunset. It is characterized by the ancient temple and the forest. The park is rich in plant resources, forming a unique tall and dense vegetation community and forest landscape in the area of lower reaches of Yangtze River. Among others, the evergreen broad-leaved forest community of katus and the deciduous broad-leaved forest community of wild jujube are the best preserved typical zonal communities in the northern subtropical region, and are referred to by the International Vegetation Society as the rare “Plant Gene Treasure House of Zhejiang Province”.

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Fenghua’s sceneries are connected to improve the quality of new life

Recently “2023DS Nature Exploration Competition Ningbo” was held in Fenghua Ningbo Bay. As the venue of this event, Fenghua Ningbo Bay is known as “West Lake on the Sea and Sanya in Zhejiang”. In the event, more than 1000 young athletes and parents from across the country experienced the charm of Fenghua's green mountains and blue sea in an immersive manner.

In the Tianfei Lake Scenic Area of Ningbo Bay, boats are parked on the blue surface of the lake, and a large lawn camping site is on the shore. Tourists are busy building a canopy. The campsite is adjacent to a spacious avenue, and the "small train" in the scenic area carrying tourists is slowly moving. The renovated "car style café" in the carriage sends out fragrant smell. Ms. Xu, a nearby villager, informed us that this is the only perennial clear water area in the coastal waters of the East China Sea. The landscape there is like a "wallpaper". Recently it has become a popular spot for "City Walk" (city stroll).

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Cixi Agricultural Cooperation Federation weaves a dense agricultural service network

Early yesterday morning, Hu Jingjin, the person in charge of the Yulan Fruit and Vegetable Farm in Cixi Kandun, opened his mobile phone, and a reminder message about farming came into view: "In the past two days, you can use azoxystrobin, spermatonitrile and other agents to spray strawberry rhizomes and the surrounding soil surface to prevent anthrax and red column root rot, promote the root growth of strawberry seedlings, and improve the survival rate of plants."

The message came from the "Kandun Strawberry Tomato Group" and was sent by local agricultural technician Wang Xuqiang. "Now is the critical period for strawberry seedling colonization, and Teacher Wang's message comes in time." Hu Jingjin said that since the opening of the Kandun Street Agricultural Service Center, Wang Xuqiang has often introduced new varieties of vegetables and fruits to them, promoted new planting techniques, and issued precautions before the high incidence of diseases and pests.

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Harvest rainfall index insurance for commercial rice implemented in Ningbo

In the past, farmers were very afraid of continuous rain during the rice harvest season. In humid environment, rice that is not harvested in time is prone to sprouting, moldy, and spoilage, resulting in huge losses. Nowadays, farmers can apply for compensation for such losses from insurance companies.

In recent days, Mr. Zhang, a grain farmer in Lushansi Village, Hemudu Town, Yuyao City, spent over 1000 yuan to insure his 50 acre rice field. “After paying this money, I no longer have to worry about rain during the rice harvest,” Mr. Zhang said. It is learned that this is the first commercial rice harvest rainfall index insurance to be implemented in Ningbo.

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The Construction of the First 500 kV Substation in

Qianwan New Area Began

Recently, it was learned from the State Grid Ningbo Hangwan Power Supply Company that the first pile of the Hangwan 500 kV transmission and transformation line project was drilled, and the first 500 kV substation in Qianwan New Area was started.

The 500 kV substation and its transmission lines are the "arteries" of cross-regional power transmission and the basis for ensuring the stable supply of electricity.

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