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Revised general plan of Tiantong National Forest Park released

On September 14, the Yinzhou Branch of Ningbo Natural Resources and Planning Bureau released the “Overall Planning of Tiantong National Forest Park (Revised) (2023-2032, a draft for soliciting opinions)”.

Tiantong National Forest Park is a well-known forest park in Ningbo, known for its forest, temple, strange rocks, grotesque caves, sea of clouds, and magnificent sunset. It is characterized by the ancient temple and the forest. The park is rich in plant resources, forming a unique tall and dense vegetation community and forest landscape in the area of lower reaches of Yangtze River. Among others, the evergreen broad-leaved forest community of katus and the deciduous broad-leaved forest community of wild jujube are the best preserved typical zonal communities in the northern subtropical region, and are referred to by the International Vegetation Society as the rare “Plant Gene Treasure House of Zhejiang Province”.

According to this draft of the plan, the planned area of Tiantong National Forest Park includes the Tiantong Forest Area and Yuwang Forest Area of Tiantong Forest Farm. The orientation of Tiantong National Forest Park is determined to be a suburban national forest park that emphasizes both forest landscape and cultural landscape, centered on forest ecosystem protection and restoration, focusing on scientific research monitoring and ecological science popularization and education, with ecological sightseeing, leisure vacation, forest health, religious pilgrimage and scientific research and education as its growth poles. The planning period is from 2023 to 2032

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