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Cixi Agricultural Cooperation Federation weaves a dense agricultural service network

Early yesterday morning, Hu Jingjin, the person in charge of the Yulan Fruit and Vegetable Farm in Cixi Kandun, opened his mobile phone, and a reminder message about farming came into view: "In the past two days, you can use azoxystrobin, spermatonitrile and other agents to spray strawberry rhizomes and the surrounding soil surface to prevent anthrax and red column root rot, promote the root growth of strawberry seedlings, and improve the survival rate of plants."

The message came from the "Kandun Strawberry Tomato Group" and was sent by local agricultural technician Wang Xuqiang. "Now is the critical period for strawberry seedling colonization, and Teacher Wang's message comes in time." Hu Jingjin said that since the opening of the Kandun Street Agricultural Service Center, Wang Xuqiang has often introduced new varieties of vegetables and fruits to them, promoted new planting techniques, and issued precautions before the high incidence of diseases and pests.

Cixi is one of the first regions in the province to lead agricultural socialization services, and has built 14 town-level agriculture-related comprehensive service platforms. In recent years, Cixi has promoted the reform of the agricultural cooperation federation of production, supply and marketing, and credit, and formed an agricultural socialized service model with Cixi characteristics. "Cixi has accelerated the improvement of the agricultural socialization service system, cultivated 13 provincial-level agricultural service centers and 18 provincial-level village-level comprehensive service cooperatives, and built a 'network' of new crop hospitals at the city, town and village levels." The person in charge of the executive committee of the Cixi Agricultural Cooperation Federation said.

The train runs fast, all thanks to the headband. In recent years, the Cixi Agricultural Cooperation Federation has strengthened the guidance of party building, explored the organization of joint construction, resource joint sharing and service linkage, carried out a series of activities of "party building leading brand to help farmers", and established industrial party building joint construction organizations such as "beans" and "thousands of purples and thousands of reds" (grapes). "Party organizations matched, agricultural cooperation federations set up platforms, experts solved problems, new varieties of grapes 'took root' in the village, and the income of fruit farmers increased steadily." Talking about the positive changes brought about by the industrial party building and joint construction organization, Ye Jiang, secretary of the general branch of the party in Liutang South Village, felt a lot.

To allow Cixi farmers to enjoy "five-star" agricultural services, there is also the Industrial Agricultural Cooperation Federation. At present, 11 industrial agricultural cooperation federations have been established in the city's leading agricultural industries, driving more than 30,000 rural households to increase their income. "With the 'Cinong Preferred' agricultural product brand and the 'Online Agricultural Bo' platform, the sales channels of Cixi bayberry have been further expanded." Qi Difeng, president of Difeng Yangmei Professional Cooperative, introduced that under the promotion of the Cixi Agricultural Cooperation Federation Yangmei Industry Branch, Meinong has developed in a group, optimizing the allocation of resources in the planting, storage and sales of bayberry, so that the "old industry" has new vitality.

Cixi has deepened credit cooperation, with finance, banking, insurance and funds working together to continuously improve rural financial services. Up to now, the city's Agricultural Cooperation Federation and Cixi Rural Commercial Bank have developed more than 10 special loans, granting a total of 5 billion yuan in credit, issuing 2.23 billion yuan of small guaranteed loans to farmers, and launching new agricultural insurance products such as bayberry precipitation meteorological index insurance and broccoli order price index insurance

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