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The "Welcome to the Asian Games,

Meet Haishu 10,000 Tours" activity was launched

On August 15th, the series of activities of "Welcome the Asian Games, Meet Haishu 10,000 People's Tour" micro-tour Mingzhou Luocheng was launched. In the next three months, a series of activities in Mingzhou Luocheng will be held in Yuehu, Tianyi Pavilion and other places.

The combination of the "Luocheng Covenant Yueshun Moon" micro-tour product with the traditional Chinese festival "Qixi" has become a major highlight. Through the fate pairing, the participants opened the script clues along Baokui Lane, Shui Zebei, Drum Tower, Tianyi Pavilion, and Yongfeng Library, building a communication bridge for young people.

"Migratory Bird's Eye View Luocheng Xiangyo in Yongcheng" is a research activity launched for "Little Migratory Birds", connecting the Wangjingmen City Wall Site Museum, Zhang Cangshui's Former Residence, Futaru Room, Tu Youyou's Former Residence, etc., to "walk" Mingzhou Luocheng.

"Tour Siming Blessed Land, Watching the Wind of Yaluo City" is based on the Jiujiu Chongyang Festival as the background, and designs a micro-tour experience route for elderly tourists that condenses Chinese medicine culture and opera art.

"Mingzhou Luocheng is a museum without walls, which is a unique cultural heritage of our country and a window for tourists to understand the history of Ningbo." Bi Jianhong, chairman of Ningbo China Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd., said.

The Asian Games is imminent, in order to make the micro-tour Mingzhou Luocheng route known to more people, the first batch of cultural tourism promotion officials of Haishu made a collective appearance. Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Vocational and Technical College and Ningbo City Vocational and Technical College were awarded the title of "Weiyou Mingzhou Luocheng" University Training Base

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