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Race against ' Khanun'!

93.2% of the early rice has been harvested as of July 31st

According to the Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Ningbo has invested a large amount of manpower and materials in recent days to ensure rice harvesting and planting in advance. On the afternoon of July 31st, I followed the staff of the Municipal Agricultural Machinery and Animal Husbandry Center to the field to check the harvest and planting.

In a rice field in Shenjiayang Village, Xianxiang Town, Xiangshan County, the sound of machines is rumbling and four harvesters at full power are fully engaged in early rice harvesting. Due to the impact of the last typhoon, the remaining early rice has collapsed. Fortunately, the weather has cleared up in the past few days. It’s a good time to finish the harvest as soon as possible.

According to the current harvest schedule, all harvests can be completed before the arrival of Typhoon 'Khanun'! Shi Yahua, a rice farmer said. He planted 90 acres of early rice, and had already harvested some of it before the last typhoon Doksuri arrived. However, the harvest isn’t fully completed. Now, taking advantage of the gap between the typhoons and with the help of the agricultural and rural departments, he mobilized agricultural machinery and equipment to finish the harvest.

According to the Ningbo Agriculture and Rural Bureau, as of July 31, a total of 314000 mu of early rice had been harvested in Ningbo, with a progress of 93.2%. Only a small amount of early rice in the Ninghai, Xiangshan, and Qianwan new areas are to be harvested. Continuous late rice cultivation has reached 221000 acres, with a planting progress of 87%. It is estimated that planting can be completed by early August

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