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Cixi: Investment Promotion Enjoys a Good Start to Help High-quality Development

Yesterday, the Administrative Committee of Cixi Intelligent Home Appliance High-tech Industrial Park and Zhejiang Venture Capital Co., Ltd. signed a framework cooperation agreement on the Cixi Specialized and Special New Industry Linkage Fund, which will build a "Cixi Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Venture Capital Specialized and Special New Industrial Park (Base)" with a planning plan of no less than 500 mu and a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan.

In the next five years, the industrial park (base) will focus on emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, life and health and electronic information, and through the "fund + base + investment" model, it will become a well-known domestic specialized and special new demonstration base, a demonstration area for the transformation of production, education and research achievements and a landmark new innovative industrial platform in the Yangtze River Delta region. The park strives to achieve a total output value of 10 billion yuan, achieve tax revenue of 250 million yuan, and list more than 10 enterprises.

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Five Ningbo enterprises included in Top 100 in Yangtze River Delta area

Recently, the 2022 list of Top 100 Enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta area (hereinafter referred to as the “list”) was jointly released by the Enterprise Confederations and Entrepreneur Confederations of Anhui Province, Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province. The list shows that the revenue of the top 100 enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta area reached 18.95 trillion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 17.48%, making significant contributions to economic development.

It is noted that there are five enterprises from Ningbo, namely Youngor Group Co., Ltd. (No.42), Ningbo Jintian Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (No.53), Zhongji Ningbo Group Co., Ltd. (No.60), Yuanda Property Group Co., Ltd. (No.89), and Aux Group Co., Ltd. (No.97).

Youngor ranking No.1

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Digital twin technology empowers digital intelligence development in Qianwan New Area

Over the past few days, various highly intelligent and automated production lines are at full capacity to catch up with orders at the smart factory located in the Fanta high-end kitchen appliance smart manufacturing innovation industrial park. "This year, digital twin technology has been gradually applied in the factory, empowering the efficient production." The staff said.

 "The digital twin technology can effectively solve the problem of not being able to grasp the production situation in real time during the traditional production process." The person in charge of the factory opened the enterprise's intelligent production management platform and introduced that the digital twin technology application had "moved" the factories around Fangtai to his eyes, with information on quality, equipment status, scheduling and delivery, personnel location and other information at a glance, which can more effectively achieve the penetration of information between the horizontal system modules and the vertical factories, and enhance the the overall collaborative manufacturing capability and intelligent manufacturing level of the enterprise.

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Cixi greets the “double railway” era

Following the construction of the Xincheng Avenue Station of Ningbo-Cixi Railway this month, the Cixi citizens will witness the construction of the Zhejiang Section of Nantong-Suzhou-Jiaxing-Ningbo High-speed Railway, another historical event in the county’s transportation history. As the leading county in terms of economy in Zhejiang Province and an important pole in the economic development of Ningbo, Cixi County will enter the era of “double railways” (high-speed railways and county-level railways), and the history of having no high-speed railways will end.

“The advancement of transportation projects will bring new opportunities for Cixi’s urban construction, economic development, talent introduction and rural revitalization, and inject new momentum into its high-quality development.” according to a relevant person in charge from Cixi County Government. The two railways, like the “artery” of vitality, redefining time with speed and constantly rewriting space with connectivity, will promote the county’s full integration into the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta area

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