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New night life in the countryside features cold drinks and camping

As night falls in the scorching summer, with the evening breeze blowing and the cicadas chirping, the yellow lights are lit up under the white tents like stars in the night, and people are drinking and talking inside. The Meihao Agricultural Park in Sunjia Village, Shangtian Street, Fenghua District combines special cold drinks with camping to create a comprehensive leisure base that integrates camping, cold drinks, gardening and socializing. In the future, it will also launch other activities like theme parties, band concert, bubble battles, fireworks, and bonfire to provide citizens with more cool experience in the hot summer

11 villages in Ningbo chosen as “future village” pilots

It is learned from the Ningbo Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and Zhejiang Provincial Office of the Improvement of Urban and Rural Landscape has jointly issued the list of the first pilot villages for “future village” construction in the province recently, in which a total of 11 villages in Ningbo were included.

The 11 villages are as follows: the Maoxin Village of Gulin Town of Haishu District, the Waicao Village of Yongjiang Sub-district of Jiangbei District, the Yongwang Village of Zhuangshi Sub-district of Zhenhai District, the Jiufeng Mountain area of Daqi Sub-district of Beilun District, the Wandi Village of Xiaying Sub-district of Yinzhou District, the Tengtou Village of Xiaowangmiao Sub-district of Fenghua District, the Xiejialu Village of Simen Town of Yuyao County, the Hengkantou Village of Liangnong Town of Yuyao County, the Wan’anzhuang Village of Zhouxiang Town of Cixi County, the Haitou Village of Liyang Town of Ninghai County, and the Gaoni Village of Huangbi’ao Township of Xiangshan County.

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Two berths in Chuanshan and Meishan port areas will be opened, and the annual container throughput will increase by 1 million TEUs

Ningbo Zhoushan Port has two more open berths! It is learned from the Ningbo Port Office that the No. 1 berth of the container terminal in the Chuanshan port area of Ningbo Zhoushan Port and the No. 8 container berth of the Meishan port area have recently been approved by the Ministry of Transport and the Provincial Port Office respectively for the temporary entry and exit of ships on international voyages.

Chuanshan port area and Meishan port area are the main port areas for container operations in Ningbo Zhoushan Port. Since 2017, the container throughput of Chuanshan Port has exceeded 10 million TEUs for five consecutive years, and Meishan Port has been the main growth point of Ningbo Zhoushan Port's container business. Last year, Chuanshan Port and Meishan Port completed a container throughput of 10.87 million TEUs and 6.68 million TEUs respectively, accounting for 35% and 21% of the annual container throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan Port, respectively.

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Cixi strives to open up the "last mile" of technology services

As an intangible cultural heritage inheritor, Sun Wei, the person in charge of Cixi Yueyao Celadon Co., Ltd., has been committed to integrating modern technology into traditional celadon firing in recent years, leading the company to develop into a high-tech enterprise. However, he is not very clear about the application requirements for high-tech enterprises and the identification process. A few days ago, after learning his problems, the Cixi City Science and Technology SME Service Station sent someone to guide him and provide relevant services, which solved his urgent need.

In order to carry out in-depth "I solve problems for enterprises" activities and supplement grass-roots scientific and technological service forces, Cixi recently took the lead in setting up technology-based SME service stations in all districts and counties (cities) in Ningbo. During this period, Cixi Science and Technology Bureau cooperated with the "8718 Cixi Platform" to integrate various science and technology intermediaries in the area to form a science and technology service alliance, and set up service stations in towns (subdistricts) to provide full-cycle, trustee-based services and one-stop professional service for the upgrading of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises to high-tech enterprises. Up to now, the city's first batch of technology-based SME service stations have been listed in 6 towns (streets).

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Rural Festival for Chinese New Year held at Dayan Town

The first-day activities for the 5th Rural Festival for Chinese New Year were started on the morning of January 15 at Dayan Town of Fenghua District, attracting villagers and tourists with such activities as selling pork and goods from mountains, writing Spring Festival couplets and making glutinous Spring Festival cakes at the Spring Festival fairs. A large number of tourists enjoyed their tours to the villages surrounded by the strong festive atmosphere. Other celebration activities will be held on January 16, 22 and 23 respectively.

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