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Two berths in Chuanshan and Meishan port areas will be opened, and the annual container throughput will increase by 1 million TEUs

Ningbo Zhoushan Port has two more open berths! It is learned from the Ningbo Port Office that the No. 1 berth of the container terminal in the Chuanshan port area of Ningbo Zhoushan Port and the No. 8 container berth of the Meishan port area have recently been approved by the Ministry of Transport and the Provincial Port Office respectively for the temporary entry and exit of ships on international voyages.

Chuanshan port area and Meishan port area are the main port areas for container operations in Ningbo Zhoushan Port. Since 2017, the container throughput of Chuanshan Port has exceeded 10 million TEUs for five consecutive years, and Meishan Port has been the main growth point of Ningbo Zhoushan Port's container business. Last year, Chuanshan Port and Meishan Port completed a container throughput of 10.87 million TEUs and 6.68 million TEUs respectively, accounting for 35% and 21% of the annual container throughput of Ningbo Zhoushan Port, respectively.

According to reports, the construction scale of No. 1 berth in Chuanshan Port Area is a 70,000-ton professional container berth. The hydraulic structure is designed for berthing 150,000-ton container ships. The total length of the berth is 330 meters. The total investment of the project is about 500 million yuan. Berth No. 8 in Meishan Port has a total length of 375 meters. The construction scale is a 150,000-ton container ship berth. The hydraulic structure takes into account the 200,000-ton ships. The designed throughput is 700,000 TEUs. The total investment of the project is about 1.2 billion yuan.

The person in charge of the relevant department said that after these two berths are approved for temporary entry and exit of international ships, it is expected that the annual container throughput will increase by 1 million TEUs, which will greatly improve the structural tension of large container berths in Ningbo Zhoushan Port and effectively improve Ningbo’s level of opening to the outside world and the level of serving the economic development of foreign trade.

In order to give full play to the "hard core" strength of Ningbo Zhoushan Port and accelerate the release of large-scale berth production capacity,   Chuanshan No. 1 berth and Meishan No. 8 berth started temporary berthing operation of inner feeder ships. By the end of last year, Chuanshan No. 1 berth had docked 1,173 vessels on the inner feeder line, with a working volume of 517,500 TEUs; Meishan No. 8 berth had berthed a total of 539 inner feeder vessels, with a working container volume of 235,000 TEUs.

The temporary berthing operation of the two berths has greatly relieved the pressure of the lack of berths in Ningbo Zhoushan Port and the long waiting time of the inner feeder ships since last year, and also accumulated rich experience for berthing ships on international voyages

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