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Ningbo's first batch of municipal-level farm complexes released

It is learned from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that Ningbo's first batch of municipal-level farm complex pilot units Hengkantou Village Farm Complex in Yuyao and Ningbo Tengtou Farm Complex have completed construction and passed the acceptance. Both were recognized as the first batch of Ningbo municipal-level farm complexes.

Hengkantou Village Farm Complex is located in Lianglang Town, and the construction area includes three established villages, Hengkantou Village, Wangxiang Village and Ganxuan Village, with a total area of about 12.14 square kilometers. The project, based on the unique red gene, agricultural foundation, landscape and ecological background and relying on the agricultural tourism industry foundation of New Hope Group, aims to gradually build a farm complex with beautiful environment, beautiful industry, rich farmers, excellent ecology and integration of three industries through regional coordination, industrial empowerment, functional improvement and new farmer training. A total of 29 projects in 4 categories have been completed with a total investment of about 423 million yuan.

At present, the effect of the farm complex has been gradually highlighted, the development of small fruit industry has been upgraded, the quality of the beautiful countryside has been improved, the innovation mechanism system has been optimized, and a new way of common prosperity and modernization of agriculture and rural areas in the old revolutionary area has been developed.

Ningbo Tengtou farm complex is located in Fenghua Xiaowangmiao Subdistrict, which consists of Tengtou village as the core and other 7 villages including Qingyun, Chenjia’ao, Fujiaao, Linjia, and Xiaoqiaotou, with a total investment of 249 million yuan and 16 construction projects including 1 main cultivation project, 7 projects of the first, second and tertiary industrial development, 7 infrastructure upgrading projects, and one public service projects. It will be built into a suburban farm complex  which integrates agricultural production, tourism and leisure, senior healthcare, ecological life and other functions. After the completion of the project, it will provide villagers in the region with entrepreneurial employment opportunities in agricultural production, tourism business, leisure services and infrastructure maintenance. It will also promote the deep integration of regional agriculture with tourism and leisure, farming experience, cultural heritage, health and wellness, ecological protection, and promote the adjustment and optimization of regional rural industrial structure

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