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Representatives of the Citizens Take the "Happiness Bus" to Enjoy the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Feast"

Yesterday was Cixi's sixth "Citizens' Happiness Experience Day". More than 400 representatives of the citizens, led by the "Happiness Recommendation Officer" and others, went to the happiness experience lines (points) of the city's towns (streets) to experience the

achievements of urban and rural development. "On this year's 'Citizens' Happiness Experience Day', Cixi carefully launched experience routes such as 'Happiness Class', 'Happiness Exhibition' and 'Happiness Market' to guide citizens to actively practice the 'Ten Rituals of Zhejiang Wind', carry forward excellent traditional culture, and decode 'Happiness Cixi' together." The person in charge of the Cixi Municipal Civilization Office introduced.

The interactive display of intangible cultural heritage experience is one of the highlights of this year's Cixi "Citizens' Happiness Experience Day". At the happiness experience line (point), representatives of new and old citizens clocked in the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Market" and "Intangible Cultural Heritage Classroom" to enjoy the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Feast". During this period, Zhou Lotus, a non-hereditary inheritor of straw weaving skills at the municipal level in Ningbo, opened a popular straw hat weaving class in Changhe. "In class, we experience the 'topping' part of weaving straw hats. Under the guidance of Teacher Zhou, I have slowly started to get started, hoping to continue to work hard and make up a 'happiness brand straw hat' for my family. When it comes to the first experience of weaving straw hats, Ms. Zhang, a citizen, is still unfinished.

This year, Cixi also invited 8 industry representatives to serve as "happiness introduction officers" to promote local happiness experience lines (points) and projects. At the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Happiness Market" held in Longshan yesterday, Cixi writer Xu Chunli made a cameo appearance as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage Promotion Ambassador", leading representatives of the public to taste traditional food and watch intangible cultural heritage performances. "We also admired the new paintings of Fan Qiubo, the representative inheritor of Ningbo's intangible cultural heritage (Ningbo peasant paintings), and painted peasant paintings under her guidance." Xu Chunli said that peasant paintings have brought her a lot of creative inspiration, and she hopes to create more literary works reflecting the construction of Ningbo's beautiful countryside in the future.

The "Citizens' Happiness Experience Day" activity allows Cixi citizens to feel the intrinsic, external and developmental beauty of Cixi, and stimulates their enthusiasm for participating in civilized practice and volunteer service. Up to now, the city has set up more than 390 happiness experience points in urban and rural areas and launched 28 special experience routes; More than 1,900 "happiness buses" were launched in a concentrated manner, benefiting about 900,000 people

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