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Cixi strives to open up the "last mile" of technology services

As an intangible cultural heritage inheritor, Sun Wei, the person in charge of Cixi Yueyao Celadon Co., Ltd., has been committed to integrating modern technology into traditional celadon firing in recent years, leading the company to develop into a high-tech enterprise. However, he is not very clear about the application requirements for high-tech enterprises and the identification process. A few days ago, after learning his problems, the Cixi City Science and Technology SME Service Station sent someone to guide him and provide relevant services, which solved his urgent need.

In order to carry out in-depth "I solve problems for enterprises" activities and supplement grass-roots scientific and technological service forces, Cixi recently took the lead in setting up technology-based SME service stations in all districts and counties (cities) in Ningbo. During this period, Cixi Science and Technology Bureau cooperated with the "8718 Cixi Platform" to integrate various science and technology intermediaries in the area to form a science and technology service alliance, and set up service stations in towns (subdistricts) to provide full-cycle, trustee-based services and one-stop professional service for the upgrading of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises to high-tech enterprises. Up to now, the city's first batch of technology-based SME service stations have been listed in 6 towns (streets).

The establishment of a technology service alliance and the launch of a technology-based SME service station is an institutional innovation and exploration of Cixi's optimization of "high-end" cultivation services. "This move not only opens up the 'last mile' of Ningbo's science and technology services, but also alleviates the shortage of grass-roots science and technology workers and provides support for high-tech enterprises' counseling services." The person in charge of Cixi Science and Technology Bureau said that Cixi will use science and technology service alliance platform resources and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise service station network to accelerate the cultivation of "new force" of high-tech enterprises.

At present, the Cixi Science and Technology Service Alliance has absorbed more than 20 science and technology service intermediaries, and has provided "grouping" services for the transformation of science and technology SMEs into high-tech enterprises by deploying service stations for SME technological enterprises

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