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Five Ningbo enterprises included in Top 100 in Yangtze River Delta area

Recently, the 2022 list of Top 100 Enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta area (hereinafter referred to as the “list”) was jointly released by the Enterprise Confederations and Entrepreneur Confederations of Anhui Province, Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province. The list shows that the revenue of the top 100 enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta area reached 18.95 trillion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 17.48%, making significant contributions to economic development.

It is noted that there are five enterprises from Ningbo, namely Youngor Group Co., Ltd. (No.42), Ningbo Jintian Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (No.53), Zhongji Ningbo Group Co., Ltd. (No.60), Yuanda Property Group Co., Ltd. (No.89), and Aux Group Co., Ltd. (No.97).

Youngor ranking No.1

Among the five enterprises on the list, the well-known Youngor Group Co., Ltd. is the first, ranking No.42 among the top 100 enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta area with a revenue of 143.9 billion yuan in 2021. At present, Youngor is building a fashion industry group, and establishing a 5G intelligent factory at the production end. It has over 2000 stores nationwide, helping to realize the deep online-offline integration.

Growth despite the gloomy economic situation

The other Ningbo enterprises on the list, such as Jintian Holding, Zhongji Group and Yuanda Property, have also advanced with the changing trend of the international market in 2021. With the geographical advantage of Ningbo as a “gateway connecting the world”, they have made great efforts to be integrated into the domestic and international markets, and achieve the accelerated growth against the uncertain economic situation.

A long way to go

It is worth noting that despite the good performance of the five leading enterprises in Ningbo, this list shows that there is still large improvement space for Ningbo’s industrial structure. Compared with Shanghai and Hangzhou, Ningbo is relatively week in terms of headquarters economy, hence the number of enterprises on the list. Meanwhile, Ningbo still lags behind in such emerging industries as Internet and electronic information. As Ningbo cultivates the new industrial system, a group of leading enterprises with high-quality development momentum will seize the opportunity to advance

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