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Chinese Chess Open Held in Ningbo

(Picture of the competition)

The 2017 7th “Baixue Cup” Chinese Chess Open is being held in Ningbo. Over 460 chess players from all over China took part in different classes of the tournament. Among them, the oldest was 71 years old while the youngest was 8.

It is reported that the open class this year is the first open held in Ningbo that will take international rating into consideration

Ningbo Sports Dance Championship kicks off

The 22nd Ningbo Sports Dance Championship was held at the Huamao Stadium on May 6, attracting over 1400 participants. As the largest ever in scale, this championship has the three groups of middle-aged and above, adult, and youth for different types of dances. It is worth noting that this is the first time for the college student teams to participate in such a contest, with the participants from Ningbo University of Technology and Ningbo No.2 Technician College.

The team of Ningbo University of Technology consists of Sun Aiqi, Ling Zihan and Yang Tianzhi, all being members of the Latin Dance Club of the university. "It is not until I entered the university that I began to know something about the sports dance. After two years' practice in the Latin Dance Club, I have benefited a lot in body shaping and it has also boosted my self-confidence." said Sun Aiqi

Ningbo Internet Cultural Festival Draws the Attention of Millions of Netizens

On May 4th, the annual Ningbo Internet Cultural Festival was unveiled, marking the 10th year since the event started.

Ningbo Internet Cultural Festival has been upholding the principle of creating a wholesome and benign Internet culture since its initiation with an activity to gather articles on the topic of “A Good Internet Environment Requires Your Contribution”. This year, an activity was launched to publicize Green Internet in school, which was carried out in such forms as lecturing, discussion and extra-curricular activities. Students were taught to surf the Internet in a green way and stay away from online games and nasty info. 

The online project of displaying the works of Ningbo celebrities glorified 15 renowned artists in Ningbo with retweets exceeding 800 thousand times

"Haixin Cup" Chess Open ended

The 6th "Haixin Cup" Chess Open of Ningbo was held at the Cultural Center of Gulin Town of Yinzhou District on May 6, attracting about 70 players of Chinese chess from the chess clubs of the districts or counties and some chess teams from Gulin Town and Baiyun Street. After a day's competition, Qiu Dong, a national chess master, won the first place with an all-win result, and the second and third places went to Yu Weilong and Li Ding respectively.

"I'm quite fond of playing chess, the chess playing online is not my cup of tea. I just like playing face to face." said Wang Haichao, who have founded and financed the competition for the past six years. He hopes to provide a platform for the chess players to communicate with each other.  "I take part in the competition each year, and I even entered the top eight last year. It is now part of my life, and I'm quite content with my state." he added

Four Artists Listed in “New Talents Plan”

According to the Municipal Folk Artists Association, four young artists were selected into the Xinfeng (“New Talents” )Plan” (arts and crafts) of 2017 on May 2nd, including Wen Guoli (ST color porcelain), Wang Huaner(hair embroidery), Xu Minjie (wheat straw patchwork) and Xu Jie (bamboo-rooting carving).

Since it started in 2013, the “New Talents Plan” has been aiming at bringing up young artistic talents in painting, calligraphy, photography and folk art. By professional training, field trips, artwork promotion, holding exhibitions, publishing painting albums, participating in national important training plans and other ways, the plan develops the young artistic talents and forms the artistic reserve force of Zhejiang. Since the “New Talents Plan” of 2017 started in the second half of last year, about hundred artists from 10 cities have entered the activity, whose works involve celadon porcelain, sword, stone carving, wood carving, shadow puppet, paper cutting, illumination and many other categories. Finally, 30 young talents, including 12 young talents, were selected by judges


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