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Bus fee payable by mobile phones

News came from the Ningbo branch of China UnionPay that from April 26 on, the "quick-pass payment with mobile phones" will be available on the 2576 buses of the 228 public traffic lines in the urban area. That is, when taking a bus, the citizens can pay the fee very conveniently with their mobile phones or their Unionpay cards with quick-pass service.

Reportedly, any mobile phone with the quick-pass function or any UnionPay card with the "quick pass" sign can be used to pay the fee when pressed to the induction area of the POS device on the buses.

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Passengers Violating Aviation Regulations May be Disqualified for Air Trave

The Ningbo Lishe International Airport issued an announcement on April 18th. From May 1st, Opinion on Proper Restrictions on Certain Dishonest Persons in a Certain Period of Time to Promote the Construction of Social Credit System will be formally implemented. The following 10 malicious violations of aviation regulations in the airport or aircraft will lead to disqualification of air traveling for one year:

Deliberately fabricating and disseminating false terrorist information concerning civil aviation security;

Forging or fabricating identities or flight certificates or using others’ identities or flight certificates

Congesting, illegally occupying or crashing check-in counters, security channels and gates (channels);

Carrying or consigning hazardous objects, contraband goods or other illegal articles regulated by state laws and regulations.

Intentionally carrying, hiding or consigning in luggage restricted objects which are not regulated in state laws bur are prohibited or restricted by civil aviation.

Holding or intercepting aircrafts, intruding in or crushing aircraft cockpit, runways and ramps.

Hindering or inciting others to hinder the obligation performing of crew members, security guards and check-in personnel; launching or threatening to launch personal attacks;

Occupying other’s seats, luggage rack, fighting and brawling, seeking a quarrel, deliberately damaging, stealing or opening equipment of aircrafts or aviation facilities.

Using fire, smoking or using forbidden electronic equipment on the aircraft; refusing corrections after persuasion.

Stealing others’ belongings.

According to Ningbo airport staff members, the ten violations mentioned above will receive administrative penalties or be investigated for criminal responsibility apart from air traveling restriction. In addition, passengers who have bad credit behaviors in economic activities such as securities, taxation, social security and finance will also be included in the ranks of restricted air travelers. It is learned that on the first working day of each month, disqualified passenger list and contact information of dissent processing departments will be issued on the designated civil airline website and the "Credit China" website. The public notice period is 7 working days from the date of publicity. After 7 days, disqualification will be carried out given no dissents or verification support.


Overall construction of Rail Transit No.4 starts

With the booming noise of the tunnel boring machine at the Lijiang Road Station of the Rail Transit No.4 on April 23, the section of the line between the Zhuangqiao Station to the Lijiang Road Station was completed smoothly. The completion of this first TBM section of the Rail Transit No.4 represents the successful resolution of the biggest risk spot of the line.

So far, the construction of all the 25 stations of the lien has been started, with that of the Dongqian Lake section and three other TBM sections well under way.

The TBM section between the Zhuangqiao Station to the Lijiang Road Station is 1208.1 meters long on its right line and 1342.3 meters on its left line. With such risk sources as the Xiaoshan-Ningbo Railroad, the Hangzhou-Shenzhen High-speed Railroad, the Baisha Branch of the railroad and ground source heat pumps, this section regarded as the part of the line with highest concentration of security risks. Reportedly, the Zhuangqiao Station of the railroad above the line receives 264 trains each day, posing great difficulty to the construction process. 

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Ningbo Municipal Library to Build Tianyi Chinese Traditional Orchestra

Ningbo Municipal Library is going to build a national orchestra! It is learned from Ningbo Library that a national orchestra, with traditional Chinese music as its focus, is under construction now. The orchestra, which fuses traditional Chinese music with western elements, is a non-profit organization, aiming at inheriting and developing the traditional Chinese music as well as spreading Ningbo Haisi culture.


In January 2015, Ningbo Library set up a special music hall —— Tianyi Music Hall, which serves as a public music space for citizens. Up to now, it has held more than 400 activities and has received warm response from the citizens. In the 2016 Annual Meeting of Chinese Library,  Ningbo Librarys successful experience of holding these activities was shared. Xu Yibo, the chief librarian of Ningbo Library, said that many domestic public libraries also build music halls inside the library. However, these music halls focus on training courses and the appreciation of the music. Few would emphasize their own brand building as Tianyi Music Hall does.

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