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Ningbo Cultural Fair will have " Literary Living Room"

On April 10th, it is learned from the City Cultural Center that “Art Living Room” will be unveiled at Ningbo International Cultural Fair in the form of the first urban art popularization space model in China.

According to reports, the art living room is located in Hall 3 of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, the main venue of the Cultural Fair.

The whole exhibition area is characterized by “literary art and youthfulness” and consists of three sections: experience zone, exhibition zone and meeting zone, including art meeting, cloud shelf, digital experience, skill interaction, and cultural creation derivative. 200 art league organizations and more than 30 space alliance members will be invited to participate in the exhibition. More than 500 pieces of art boutique will be exhibited. And over 160 online art and cultural products, and art training courses will be available for visitors to observe, experience or purchase.

What is even more exciting is that during the three-day exhibition, the art living room will hold 9 theme activities and two normal interactive activities.

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2019 Ningbo Characteristic Cultural Industry Fair to open on April 12

On April 9th, it was learned from the relevant press conference that the 4th China (Ningbo) Characteristic Cultural Industry Fair, which was jointly hosted by the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Municipal Government, will open on April 12 for a three-day extension.


The theme of the fair is “Building a Cultural Metropolitan Circle”. The main venue is located in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center with an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters. There are 6 theme pavilions, namely“International Cultural Creation” and “City Creation", "Traditional Culture and Modern Living Integration", "Cultural Bonded Trade and Art Design", "Cultural Science and Technology Finance Integration" and "Cultural Ningbo 2020". More than 160 groups and more than 1,000 companies will participate in the event, including 23 overseas delegations and more than 270 overseas enterprises, from 17 countries and regions around the world. The organizing committee has invited more than 50,000 Chinese and foreign businessmen, and it is estimated that more than 320,000 people will visit this fair.

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Ningbo Charity Shop - 宁波慈善商店由宁波市慈善总会




The Ningbo Charity Store is hosted by the Ningbo Charity Federation, the Ningbo Welfare Lottery Association, and the Haishu District Charity Federation. It mainly accepts donations from various sectors of the society and charitable sales of various donated items. The items raised are directly donated to various social welfare organizations. And the difficult groups, in addition to charity to raise funds for the help of children in distress and left-behind children. At the same time, the store places disabled people as shop assistants and cooperates with the disabled agencies to allow some disabled people to carry out logistics and warehousing. 

The charity store sincerely collects all kinds of new items, 90% of new products and books that you have spared from the community. It also welcomes enterprises, public institutions, and friends to shop and support charity. We solemnly promise you that the proceeds from the charity store charity sale will be used for public welfare projects. At the same time, the public number of the Ningbo Charity Store will promptly release all kinds of news and donations and donations and accept the supervision of the society.


Ningbo Symphony Orchestra invited to tour Poland

At 7:30 pm local time on April 4th, Ningbo Symphony Orchestra played "Yellow River Piano Concerto" at the Wroclaw Concert Hall in Poland, which was warmly welcomed by the local audience. It is learned that from April 1st, the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra was invited by the Organizing Committee of the Beethoven Easter Music Festival in Poland to tour Poland.


Beethoven Easter Music Festival in Poland was founded by the President of the Beethoven Association of Poland, Azbeta Penderecka, in 1997 to commemorate the 170th anniversary of the death of Beethoven. It was originally held in the Polish cultural city of Krakow. In 2004 it was moved to Warsaw. This concert is one of the most important musical events in Poland and even in Europe.

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Special concert for Elgar's works held by Ningbo Symphony Orchestra

The special concert for Edward Elgar’s works was held at Ningbo Grand Theatre on the evening of March 24, as an important part of the "music season" of Ningbo Symphony Orchestra. Xia Xiaotang, professor of the Conductor Department of the Central Conservatory of Music, and Qin Liwei, a famous cellist, led the high-level concert for the Ningbo audience.

As a world-class cello soloist and chamber music performer, Qin Liwei has conducted successful cooperation with a number of renowned orchestras and conductors in the world. "Qin's performance is the integration of the most beautiful tones, perfect intonation and steely skills", the New York Times once commented. Qin Liwei played at the concert the “Elgar Cello Concerto" and "Enigma Variations". Reportedly, Ningbo Symphony Orchestra will have its special concert for Brahms' works with the conducting of Ulrich Windfuhr, a famous German conductor, on April 20


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