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2016 Internet Financial Planning Submit Held in Ningbo

Recently, 2016 Internet Financial Planning Submit convened in Ningbo with a series of events. Renowned financial commentators including Ye Tan made through discussion over the issues such as “Innovation and Revolution in Internet Finance Stimulate Inclusive Finance”, “Current Supervision and Future Trends of Internet Finance” and “Internet Finance Innovation and Customer Finance”, etc. 

The submit focused on the theme of “New Financial Investment Orientation of Medium, Small and Micro-sized Enterprises”. In Ye’s speech, she analyzed the overall tendency and the current situation of Internet finance, and suggested that when choosing investment platforms, investors should take into account the information like fund custody and fund flow, the platforms’ backgrounds, and their risk-control capacity in particular.

The submit and related events were jointly hosted by Tongxiaoseng Mobil Financial Planning Platform and Tencent.

Six major projects start construction

On the morning of August 10, the construction-starting ceremony of six major projects in Xiangshan County was held at the construction site of Ningbo Jinhui Precision Manufacturing project. Besides Jinhui Precision Manufacturing, the six projects also include the Shenling Complex, Xiangshan Financial Center (Xiangshan Rural Credit Cooperative Building), the comprehensive treatment project of the coastal belt of Shipu Port, the polar energy project of Zhiluoao Village of Gaotang Island Township, and Pusituo Metal Technology. The total investment reaches 1.792 billion yuan. 
Reportedly, in the first half of 2016, with the aim of building an "exquisite coastal city", Xiangshan County has implemented the "double driving" strategy with the focus on scientific development and transformation and upgrading, and by strengthening the project construction, it has launched the campaign of "large investment, large development, and large construction". In the first half of this year, the county completed an investment of 7.61 billion yuan for fixed assets, up by 14.7%, including an industrial investment of 2.27 billion yuan, up by 33.1%

Ningbo to become a national music industrial base

Jiangbei District and Beida Jade Bird Cultural Industry Group signed the cooperative agreement on the construction of the national music industrial base in Ningbo, to build the Ningbo Music Port, a music culture and tourism zone integrating music, tourism and fashion industry. According to the agreement, the headquarter base of the national movie theatre chain, Ningbo Music Park and Chinese Music Industry Business Center will settle down in Jiangbei District. 
As is reported, the official signing of the agreement is a major step of transforming the Ningbo Music Port from the planning to the reality. 
According to Xu Xiaofeng, a prominent musician and Chairman of the Board of the Beida Jade Bird Cultural Industry Group, the national music industrial base has long been planned by the group and now it will settle down in Ningbo. In the future, the headquarter of the "youth entertainment group", which aims to go public, will be built in Jiangbei District, and the Xiaofeng Music Society will hold high-end concerts at the Ningbo Music Port regularly. 
The "original music tribute ceremony", a state-level music event held every two years, will also settle down in Ningbo Grand Theatre, according to Xiang Lei, President of the Beida Jade Bird Group. As the only industry-oriented awarding event, the ceremony is held to award the music producers, composers, singers, singing bands, music enterprises, music festivals, music performance, music programs and music media that have made great contribution to the music field. 
As a major part of the national music industrial base construction, Ningbo Music Park will be built at the Sunhu Tourist Resort. The outdoor music festival square will be built at the park, where outdoor music shows will be held regularly. Besides, the Chinese Music Industrial Exchange Center will be introduced to the national music industrial base to combine the online and offline business, thus building Jiangbei District as a music-centered cultural industrial cluster platform

3rd Tianyi Pavilion Sinology Summer Camp rounded off

The third Tianyi Pavilion Sinology Summer Camp came to a successful end on August 7. Since its beginning in 2014, the summer camp has attracted an increasing attention from parents and children, as it provides a chance for the local children to touch and learn sinology by establishing a platform to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture.
The summer camp was divided into two periods. The first period in July mainly focused on the traditional etiquette and classics reading. The etiquette part, consisting of the apprentice ceremony, the coming-of-age ceremony, the social etiquette and the dressing etiquette, aims to activate the inherent etiquette elements in the children. Meanwhile, the teachers also led the children to read some basic sinology classics, like the Three-character Classic, Standards for Students, the Book of Songs, and the Analects of Confucius, to learn about the traditional virtues reflected in the classics. The second period in August mainly aimed to teach special traditional skills. So far, the ancient classics printing repair, the calligraphy practice and the chess skill courses have been conducted. The teachers are mainly college students with the related majors from Ningbo University, and they take part in the activity as volunteers

3rd August Mixer Time

On 3rd August, Wednesday, once again we will meet to our monthly Mixer. All are welcome to mingle and enjoy to be with old and new friends.

We will have again 2 drinks for rmb 80 and some special buffet. The place will be in Shang Palace Restaurant in 2nd floor. We have a special arrangement.

Please come with friends and enjoy again a special evening.


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