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A Graduating Class Establishes a Fund to Help Poor Students

On May 3rd, a class majoring in refrigeration in Ningbo Vocational Education School established a fund to help poor junior fellow students. Zhao Zhiwei, league secretary of the class, said that this was a graduation gift for the school.

Totaling 16,400 CNY, the money comes from three channels— surplus money of the class fee, students’ salary from part-time jobs and the headteacher’s donations.

The 25-student class mainly consists of children of migrant workers. They believe that small acts of kindness finally accumulate to great deed. In the first year of their study, they donated 20-plus backpacks to a school of migrant workers’ children while in the second year, they funded poor primary students. The classmates promised to enlarge the fund later to help more and more juniors. Their act received great support from the school

Charity complex to be built in Yinzhou

The foundation-laying ceremony was held for the "Charity Park", the first public charity complex building in China and a public welfare landscape of Ningbo, in Yinzhou new town area. "It is a charity platform funded by non-profit private foundations. It aims to cultivate and practice charity by using the internet technology to unite the social forces. it really is a pioneering work in China." said a person in charge from Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department.

With the theme of public charity culture, the "Charity Park" integrates such functions as collection and research, publicity and communication, education and training, and tours and activities. In addition to the traditional displays of museum words and items, the park focuses on the organization and operation of the public charity activities and projects. So far, it has received a total donation of over 10 million yuan from enterprises and people concerned.

Ningbo Red Cross initiates Spring Festival charity for needy

Staff members of Ningbo Red Cross Society visited two needy families in Haishu District Tuesday afternoon, offering blankets, rice, cooking oil and other daily necessities and relief fund. The visit put an end to the annual "Red Cross Charity Program", which planned to visit a total of 5,200 people with financial difficulties and donate to them money and materials worth 3.85 million yuan.

Two major fteasures highlight this year's charity program. First, it includes private rehabilitation centers for people with disabilities. Second, non-governmental charity organizations call for the public do donate New Year gifts for the needy people.

The first stop of this year's charity program is Mantianxing Child Development Center in Haishu District. The working staff gave pencils, pencil bags, and other school supplies to the children with autism, and encouraged their parents to go on with parent-child interactions and give the children a better growing environment.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross working staff paid nearly 30 visits to the underdeveloped mountainous areas and islands in 11 counties and districts, and gave new year gifts to  more than 2,200 needy households, the disabled and families of organ donors

City launches "Sunshine Action" to help the disabled

Ningbo Commission of Communist Youth League (CYL) and Ningbo Disabled Person Federation (NDPF) jointly launched a volunteer aid program named "Sunshine Action" on Monday. The program organized 30 volunteers, who will offer aids to 46 young people with disabilities in Cixi. More volunteers will be organized for long-term aid service for young people with disabilities in Ningbo’s rural areas in the next three years.

A major part of the program is to help these young people realize their hopes and wishes. Wang Xin (a pseudonym), an 18-year-old boy, is longing for a spring outing. Accompanied by the volunteers, he had a good afternoon in Dapengshan Amusement Park on Monday.

Fang Ke, a teacher in a special school for disabled children in Cixi, is one of the sign language volunteers in the program. She knows it is not an easy thing for young people with disabilities to go for sightseeing. "Like children in our school, except classes and extracurricular activities they had in the school, they hardly had any chances getting in touch with the outside world. Most of them have never been to an amusement park," said Fang Ke. For the

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Netizens mourn passing of dedicated volunteer

Zhu Zhiping, known as "the most dedicated volunteer", passed away on the morning of January 25. Working as a volunteer for nearly seven years in Beilun District, he left many touching stories in Ningbo. Never absent for seven consecutive years, he completed 2,000 hours of volunteer service. As an active volunteer blood donor, he donated a total of more than 18,000 ml blood. What he had done won high praise from Ningbo netizens, who are lamenting the loss of Zhu online.

"I remember meeting you in World X-CAT Powerboat Championship. We had a little chat that day. I was so shocked to hear the bad news. As a Ningbonese, I am grateful for what you had done!"

"He is a migrant worker. Just met him during the CPPCC. He is a dedicated volunteer and helped so many people. How sad he passed away at such a young age! We should go on his unfinished volunteer career. Zhu Zhiping, we will remember you forever.”

"I still cannot believe this is true since I learnt the news in the morning. I kept thinking of working with him in volunteer activities. He a good man, a good volunteer!"

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