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Netizens mourn passing of dedicated volunteer

Zhu Zhiping, known as "the most dedicated volunteer", passed away on the morning of January 25. Working as a volunteer for nearly seven years in Beilun District, he left many touching stories in Ningbo. Never absent for seven consecutive years, he completed 2,000 hours of volunteer service. As an active volunteer blood donor, he donated a total of more than 18,000 ml blood. What he had done won high praise from Ningbo netizens, who are lamenting the loss of Zhu online.

"I remember meeting you in World X-CAT Powerboat Championship. We had a little chat that day. I was so shocked to hear the bad news. As a Ningbonese, I am grateful for what you had done!"

"He is a migrant worker. Just met him during the CPPCC. He is a dedicated volunteer and helped so many people. How sad he passed away at such a young age! We should go on his unfinished volunteer career. Zhu Zhiping, we will remember you forever.”

"I still cannot believe this is true since I learnt the news in the morning. I kept thinking of working with him in volunteer activities. He a good man, a good volunteer!"

New high of charity donations in Ningbo

On January 20, Ningbo Charity Federation announced that Ningbo Charity Federation has raised money for charity as much as 51.3 million yuan, increased by 56.7% year on year. The charity federations of the city have raised money for charity as much as 546,612,000 yuan, up by 23.3% year on year.

In 2013, Ningbo Charity Federation has raised donations for the earthquake as much as 25.3791 million yuan, including 10,32 million yuan for the Ya'an earthquake and 15.471 million yuan on the disaster relief of the Fitow. The general charity federations of the city collected donations of 25.8 million yuan for the Ya'an earthquake relief and 30.445 million yuan on the disaster relief of the Fitow.

In 2013, the general charity federations of the city spent 35.76 million yuan on reliefs of various kind, and helped 14,300 poverty-stricken people, increased by 36.5%. The charity federations of the city have spent 430,676,000 yuan on the relief of 43,400 poverty-stricken people, increased by 19.9% year on year.

NBU students hold charity auction

A charity auction organized by the first-year MBA students in Ningbo University (NBU) was held on the evening of January 3.

The auction items included traditional items like paintings, accessories and jewelry as well as creative ideas. Freshmen in one MBA class auctioned a four-day trip to Korea's Jeju Island. Another special item from Chen Min, another freshman, was free legal aid service for one year, which was sold for more than 10,000 yuan ($1,065.2).

According to the organizers, the event raised a total of 33,850 yuan ($5,592.7), which will be donated to the needy students in the Business School of NBU.

Ningbo helps build new children's orphanage in Sichuan Province

Ningbo Charity Federation has recently signed an agreement with Ya'an, a city in the western part of Sichuan province, promising to build a new children’s orphanage for the city. After a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Ya'an city on April 20 last year, Ningbo Charity Federation receiving 25,897,473.49 yuan donated by local organizations and individuals.  According to the agreement, the orphanage has 150 beds and cover an area of 5,000 square meters, or a total construction area of 6,000 square meters. Facilities on medical, rehabilitation, education and skills training will be installed.

Ningbo Charity Federation has already sent the money to Sichuan Provincial Charity Federation, who is responsible for funding Ya'an Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau according to the progress of the project. Under the agreement, the construction of the children orphanage will start before April 20 this year, and completed in next April.

Time for good Samaritans to step forward

As I crossed a busy road in the sprawling center of Beijing the other day, yet another fast car came swerving around the bend - against the light, of course - just short of running over the tops of my boots. And as I instinctively froze on the tips of my toes, a skill which many people in this country seem to have involuntarily mastered, I felt my heart almost skip a beat. 

This was not long after a woman in Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang Province, who, several days ago, was not nearly as lucky in avoiding one of China's countless road collisions: She wound up knocked off her scooter and pinned beneath a car. 

Ever so fortunately for her, she was pulled out by the quick and selfless actions of more than 10 people, including motorists and pedestrians, who together managed to lift the vehicle trapping her and pulled her out to safety - an act of goodwill that she later graciously thanked them for. 

It was a scene starkly opposite to that witnessed just a day earlier in the province's city of Jinhua, west of Ningbo, where passersby responded to an old man who had toppled from his bicycle by forming a "safety island" around the motionless senior - stopping short of lending a hand. They worried that when he came to, he would sue those who had tried to help him. 

A police officer eventually arrived on scene, and the man was taken to hospital. Luckily for him, despite the lack of immediate care and attention he received from passersby, he was fine and doctors treated him only for minor injuries before releasing him. 

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