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Cixi: Welcome to the ancient village

In the first three days of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the ancient village of Fangjiahetou, Longshan Town, Cixi City was full of tourists, with an average daily tourist volume of nearly 10,000. Wandering in the village, people can not only enjoy the quaint rural scenery, but also taste many special delicacies.

Fangjiahetou is the only historic and cultural ancient village in Cixi. Since 2012, the village has invested a total of more than 60 million yuan to carry out protective repairs and comprehensive environmental remediation of the ancient village, making it one of the province’s "top destinations in the Internet". "Every National Day holiday, I will bring my family to stay for a few days." Hangzhou tourist Mr. Chen said, Fangjiahetou in autumn has a special charm. "Under the ancient ginkgo tree whose leaves are turning yellow, it’s so nice to chat

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Seeking cultural flavor in "Stone Village"

The hanging flower baskets are woven with the most common cotton ropes, and some common mountain flowers and dog's tail grass are used to decorate the flower baskets, which not only retains the rustic beauty, but also exhibits wild interest. This long holiday, the handmade work of Zhu Leilei, a villager of Ninghai Tea House, was officially launched, hung on the stone wall of Xumin Village, a crowded "Stone Village", quietly welcoming tourists coming and going.  

Opera, embroidery, rope weaving, flower arranging... This long holiday, the first batch of "grass-rooted students" from Chayuan Township, the pilot site of Ninghai Rural Cultural Gene Cultivation Project, ushered in the stage for the first time. Three months ago, they invited the village's specially-appointed tutors, famous cultural craftsmen and cultural talents from Ninghai County, to teach them skills; now, they exhibit their talents to decorate the village and welcome visitors from all directions. In the new era of comprehensive revitalization of rural tourism, rural culture is more than just homesickness. When culture and art are deeply cultivated in the soil of the countryside, when modernity and tradition merge, new sparks can also be burst.

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Six Themed Tours to Appear in Ningbo Metropolitan Area

Follow the scent of books to wander on the ‘road of Tang poetry’, come to Mount Putuo, Xuedou Temple and Guoqing temple to pray for the heavenly Buddhist land on the sea, enjoy a spacious view of the blue bay intersperse with islands…… At the opening ceremony of 2020 Yangtze River Delta Travel Agent Conference, Ningbo, Taizhou and Zhoushan, three cities included in Ningbo Metropolitan Area jointly launched six themed tours in autumn and winter. The six themed tours include traveling with Tang poetry, traveling for praying, traveling for refreshment, traveling for business, traveling for delicacy, and traveling around islands, which makes more choices for people traveling around picturesque Zhejiang’.

It is learned that the conference was co-hosted by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Cultural and Tourism and Ningbo Municipal People’s Government, organized by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism. As an important supporting activity for

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Cixi Issued a New Deal for Talents Recruitment

Preferential treatments such as up to 100-million-yuan subsidy, reward of talent apartment for major investment and brightness attraction projects, “no threshold” for young talents to settle down are provided to top talents (teams) who work or start up business in Cixi. At the opening ceremony of “Shanglin Summit” 2020 held on September 26th, Cixi issued a new deal for recruiting talents internationally, intending to make the Yangtze River Delta region a talent cluster.

According to the new deal, up to four “10 million yuan” will be given to talents (teams) selected for “Shanglin talents” program, including program grants of up to 10 million yuan, venture and innovation investment fund of up to 10 million yuan, subsidized loan of up to 10 million yuan and individual rewards of up to 10 million for company listing. “We are presented with a series of major historic opportunities brought by high-speed rail, Qianwan scheme and the integration of Yangtze River Delta. We are to develop a group of listed companies spearheaded by qualified personnel and businesses competent in a single field, as a way to inject new momentum into high-quality development”, said by head of Cixi party committee’s talent office.

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Haishu breaks the last barrier of scientific and technological achievements transformation

"With the support of the ‘vein recognition authentication technology', the added value and market competitiveness of enterprise products will be further enhanced." Recently, it has been learned from Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Industrial Technology) that the vein recognition safe jointly developed and produced by the institute and Ningbo enterprises has been officially put into production. With this technological achievement, the Industrial Technology Research Institute has reached cooperation intentions with more than 10 enterprises in and outside the city.  

This is the epitome of the transformation and upgrading of Haishu enterprises relying on the "high-end intelligence" of the Industrial Technology Research Institute. At present, Haishu has gathered the Industrial Technology Research Institute and Ningbo Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University. With the platform as the link, enterprises in the zone have achieved cooperation with more than 50 domestic universities, scientific research institutes and 14 countries like Finland in achievement docking. In the first half of 2020, Haishu achieved a technology transaction volume of 830 million yuan, and the district's investment in high-tech industries was nearly 600 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 75.9%.

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