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“Twilight Children’s Heart” 2020 Children’s Theatre Festival Season kicks off

Sponsored by Haishu District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports and Haishu District Civilization Office, the 2020 Children’s Theatre Exhibition and Performance Season organized by Ningbo Drama Troupe (Haishu District Drama Center) was officially launched in Baiyun Experimental Theatre on July 25.

The “Twilight  Children’s Heart” children’s drama exhibition and performance is a summer entertainment activity specially designed for children by Ningbo Drama Troupe (Haishu District Drama Center), which has accompanied the children through two happy summer holidays. The theme of this season is “Small Hands Hold Big Hands, Civilization I take the Lead”, hoping that through the form of big hands holding small hands, the quality of civilization and the degree of social civilization of the citizens, and strive to build a high level of civilization of the whole city, and help Ningbo high scores in the national civilized city “six consecutive championship. “It’s a good idea to have a showcase for children’s theatre.

It is understood that the “dawn of children’s heart” 2020 children’s theatre exhibition season will end on August 22

New freight area of Ningbo Airport put into use

In early July, with the closing of the old freight area of Ningbo Lishe International Airport, the new freight area was put into official use. The new freight area is another main part of the infrastructure construction of the 3rd-phase enlargement project of the airport in addition to the No.2 terminal which was put into use at the end of 2019.

The new freight area, located to the southwest of the No.1 runway, to the west of the No.2 Terminal, to the east of the South Qiushi Road, and to the north of the extending section of the rail transit line, covers a total area of about 67,000 square meters and consists of the express delivery center and international freight

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Coastal tourism and leisure zone of Ningbo to be built

The area to the southeast of Fenghua  District and against the semi-closed Xiangshan Port is a tranquil and beautiful  place. News came from the administration committee of Ningbo Coastal Tourism  and Leisure Zone on July 20 that the overall construction of the zone will be  launched in the area and Fenghua District will make great efforts to build it  the “coastal living room” of Ningbo.

The Tianfei Lake, with an investment of  two billion yuan and an area of six square kilometers, has taken shape. And  the coastal tourism and leisure zone will focus

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Xiangshan holds 1st fishermen's sports meeting

On the morning of July 15, the first fishermen's sports meeting in Xiangshan County was held at Ningbo Ocean Vocational and Technical School in Shipu. 14 teams composed of 168 fishermen and fisherwomen from the whole county competed in fishery production and safety skills.

The competition will last for 3 days and is divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Fishermen and athletes will compete in 7 items including fishing vessel safety hazard investigation, fishing vessel manipulation and emergency, weaving nets, tug-of-war, etc., inspecting their comprehensive qualities. On

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