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Jiulong Lake Marathon Race starts

The 2017 Jiulong Lake International Half-marathon Race was held in Zhenhai District on the morning of April 23. The event is the largest half-marathon race in Ningbo, as well as one of the top eight Class A half-marathon races in China.

The race was initiated in 2015. The race route, from the Citizen Square of Zhenhai District to the Jiulong Lake, is a combination of urban elements and rural beauty. With its beautiful scenery, the route was entitled "the most beautiful marathon route" at the 2016 China Marathon Conference. Compared with the previous sessions, this year the race attracted more participants, with 5000 runners for the half-marathon race, 1000 for the short-marathon race, and 4000 for the mini-marathon race.

With the theme of "health, love and environmental protection", the marathon race has started a "running fund" since its beginning in 2015, to help the students in need in Zhejiang Province.

Haishu mobile youth palace provides fun while study

The playground of Zhangshui Town Central Elementary School was divided into about ten activity areas including virtual reality, 3-D printer pen and motion sensing games on the afternoon of April 19; that is Haishu mobile youth palace which had already been to Dongqiao Town Ningfeng Elementary School and Longguan Central School.

It is learnt that major activities are centered on science and technology; there are also DIY and group activities

Yue Kiln sites selected among "top ten new archeological discoveries"

The list of the "2016 top ten new archeological discoveries in China" was released by China Cultural Relics Press and China Archeological Association on the afternoon of April 12. The "secret color kiln site" of the Shanglin Lake of Cixi County was inscribed on the list. The selection of the top ten new archeological discoveries started in 1990, and it has since been regarded as the top event of the archeological circle in China. In 1998, the Silongkou Yue Kiln site of Cixi County was selected as one of the top ten new archeological discoveries of the year, and this year, and it is the second time for the Yue Kiln sites to be selected among the top ten, This is also the third item in Ningbo to be selected to the lists of the top ten

Ninghai establishes international sci-tech cooperation platform

 Ukraine is renowned for its aviation industry in the world since it is one of the nine countries in the world that can design and produce planes independently with 5.5% of global aviation experts serving for it. However, recently, the committee leader of Ninghai tech park said that “We have successfully brought in 16 Ukrainain experts in titanium alloy, four of whom are academicians.” 

 It is the Ukraine-China titanium alloy new material company that gratifies the committee leader. Today, the global capacity cooperation is much sought after. After analyzing over 60 countries along the route of “the Belt and Road”, Ninghai discovers that despite the industrial disparity among the counties, the advanced aerospace technologies in the industry upstream of the former Soviet Union countries, once introduced, will not only optimize the industry agglomeration, but also enhance industry transformation and economic restructure. Considering the long chain of titanium alloy, the company, by virtue of technologies and talents, conducted cooperation with Zhejiang Shenji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Shenfa Co., Ltd, Well Titanium Manufacturer Co., Ltd. and Tiangong International Co., LIMITED. Through reorganizing the manufacturing resources of titanium alloy, slab, tubular product, bar and powder metallurgy in the leading production companies, a complete technology team who can manage from research and development to production techniques, has emerged

First rural tourism complex of Jiangbei to be built at Yongjiang Street

Recently, the ground-breaking ceremony of the "happy village" project was held at Yongjiang Street, attracting a lot of citizens concerned with the future development of the block. Reportedly, the project, with an investment of 70 million yuan for the first phase, will cover a total area of 628 mu, involving Fanlitang Administrative Village and Waicao Administrative Village. As the first rural tourism complex, the project will be completed by the end of 2017 and will then serve as an excellent destination for Ningbo citizens.

The project will certainly benefic the local villagers. "I used to rent my houses to the local vegetable growers, and now I rent them to the village authority with a higher rent. We are now living a better life." said a Mr. Zhang from Jiangshen Village.

"Now, to develop the project, the enterprises concerned will rent the houses of over 30 rural households of Jiangshen Village (of Fanlitang Administrative Village) and Xiaoxujiang Village (of Waicao Administrative Village) as well as some previously vacant lots, and remove the illegally built houses. This will not only increase the renting for the villagers but also improve the whole environment of the village." said Li Genhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Waicao Administrative Village

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