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“Art in Village” upgraded in Ninghai County

“With the Maoyang wedding theme art village as the starting point, and the love theme slow walking trail as the main line, we can link up the whole Shimen Love Art Valley.” On the morning of August 1, at the wedding industry docking meeting at Maoyang Village, Dajiahe Town, Ninghai County, Liu Dongfeng, a resident artist and professor of the School of Fine Arts of Shandong Normal University, expressed his creative ideas about the “Art in Village” program, and the participating wedding companies scrambled for orders.

“Professor Liu’s design concept is very in line with the needs of new couples at present. Our company looks forward to greater cooperation with him.” said Chen Shixue, the planner of Ninghai Yin-time Wedding Planning Hall. Meanwhile, she suggested designing and making a card like "map" of love experience, a traditional wedding with a sense of solemn ceremony and other experience links to attract more new couples’ attention. Xue Jianjie, the person in charge of Ninghai Xiongze Film and TV Media Co., Ltd., also put forward his own views. He hoped to cooperate with Maoyang Village and Professor Liu’s team to excavate the cultural heritage of “red dowry”, develop various industrial elements related to love, build Maoyang Village into a famous location online for wedding shooting, and bring visible passenger flows to increase the income of local villagers.

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Ningbo rural creative competition held

On the afternoon of July 30, the “Yongnong Cup” Ningbo Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition announced the results. After intense competition, the expansion and sales project of self-bred amaryllis won the first prize, the labor research and learning of small farmers and the one-stop marine (fishery) service platform project won the second prize, and the whole industrial chain project of the high-quality yellow croaker, the Mingzhou Tianyu Eco-agricultural Park and the rural industrial integration development demonstration park project won the third prize. The winners also won the special financial services of pre-credit loans provided by the Agricultural Bank of China.

With the theme of “cultivating the world and innovating the future”, this competition aims to select excellent projects, publicize entrepreneurial models and set a successful example. A total of 31 agricultural makers in the city signed up for the competition with 31 different projects. After the preliminary and semi-finals, 10 of them stood out and entered the final.

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Xiangshan City Brand Logo Unveiled Yesterday

On the morning of July 29, the 24th China (Xiangshan) Fishing Festival and the Xiangshan City Brand Logo Launch Conference was held. At the meeting, the Xiangshan city brand logo was released, and the new era "Yuguangqu" was solicited from the world. At the same time, the 16th China Ocean Forum and the "Sailing Asian Games Dynamic Sand Row-Asian Games Xiangshan" were introduced.

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More than 600 "Little Talents" in Science and Technology Compete in Intelligence

On July 29, the 2021APAR Asia-Pacific Youth Technology Innovation Conference was held in Fenghua. More than 600 "little talents" from all over the country competed for intelligence and exchanged skills in science and technology innovation.

The APAR Asia-Pacific Youth Science and Technology Innovation Conference is a comprehensive activity platform for science and technology innovation education open to young people in the Asia-Pacific region. So far, it has been successfully held for nine sessions.

This year’s conference is divided into two groups: the toddler group and the school-age group. With "artificial intelligence" as the core driving force, with the theme of "New Journey to the Future", it has set up construction, creativity, robotics, programming, and artificial intelligence. The five categories of competition awards, including intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, are aimed at stimulating the innovative and creative spirit of young people, improving their hands-on ability, and applying the learned artificial intelligence theory to various scenarios

The construction land for the Liuheng Highway Bridge (Ningbo Section) of Ningbo Zhoushan Port was approved

On July 26, it was learned from the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning that the construction land for the Liuheng Highway Bridge (Ningbo Section) of Ningbo Zhoushan Port was recently approved by the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, laying a solid foundation for the overall construction of the entire project.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port Liuheng Highway Bridge is listed as a major project of the National Development and Reform Commission’s river-sea combined transportation. It is a major construction project in the "13th Five-Year Plan for Comprehensive Transportation Development in Zhejiang Province" and also an important part of "Ningbo Expressway Plan (2013-2030) )".

The project is a two-way six-lane expressway, with a design speed of 100 km/h expressway standard, a total investment of RMB17.64928 billion, a land scale of 978.7485 mu, and a total length of 10.81 kilometers.

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