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Cultural brand activities performed in rural cultural halls

On September 1st, the Cultural Hall of Gezhu Village, Xikou Town, Fenghua District became a sea of joy. The Tianyihui Art Troupe sent a beautiful cultural feast to the villagers.


The performance kicked off in Li Xue’s performance of Peking Opera “Pear Blossoms” and “Drunken Concubine”. Zhu Yulan, the former chairman of Quyi Association of Fenghua District, performed the fascinating National Intangible Cultural Heritage walking story "Maitreya Planting Peach".  

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Ninghai strengthens industrial investment

On the morning of August 19, a group of major projects with the total investment of 11.8 billion yuan were started in Ninghai County. Nine projects among them, with the investment of 8.19 billion yuan, accounting for 69.4% of the total, attracted great attention.

This is the third time for Ninghai County to hold the focused launching ceremony in 2019, and the total investment of the three times exceeds 31.3 billion yuan, with the industrial investment accounting for over 63%. Different from the first two times, this time the projects are mainly industrial investment ones in such fields as industry and modern service industry covering the projects in economic development zone, science and technology park and the other parks and zones in its six townships and streets.

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Young people learning rush knitting techniques

With the skilled rush knitting techniques, the masters can make the “food covers” with the common rush. Recently, the “Silver Light” volunteer group of the Jishigang Town held a “intangible cultural heritage class” at the Xinhoutu Bridge Village, inviting some rush knitting masters to teach over 30 young volunteers the techniques of rush knitting.

As is known, rush is a kind of natural green plant fiber, and rush knitting is part of the traditional techniques in Ningbo. The rush products are popular for their moisture absorption ability and air permeability. The local people prefer to use such rush products as pillow mats, bed mats, rush cushions and rush fans. According to the knitting masters, this time, the volunteers can learn to make the “food cover”, a traditional product used in summer for keeping the mosquitoes and other insects at bay and maintain the freshness of the dishes.

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Pilot for “green bank” for waste sorting popular in Cicheng

Every Tuesday, the “green bank” for waste sorting greets a lot of citizens at the Wangjing Community of Cicheng Town of Jiangbei District, who comes to the bank to exchange for rewarding points with old clothes, waste cardboard and old newspapers.

Different from the usual urban communities, the Wangjing Community is composed of some scattered blocks. With the total community population being 3,485 people, the community has a senior citizen rate of over 60%. “Without property management and so many senior citizens, it is difficult to carry out the waste sorting.” said the Party Committee Secretary of the community. To improve the residents’ awareness of waste sorting

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Daren Village scenic area reopened after the disaster

On the morning of August 13, several staff members were carefully examining the damage of crops in the landscape farmland area of Daren Village in Jiangbei. After repairs, the affected area in the scenic area was basically restored and opened.

“During the typhoon, more than 300 acres of landscape farmland were damaged and flooded in the scenic area. They are mainly in agricultural boutique areas, rice fields and picking areas. Since these farmlands are mainly used for tourists to visit and pick, we are busy investigating these crops and replant crops on damaged farmland as soon as possible these days.” Gu Chaoqun, a staff member of Daren Village Scenic Area, said.

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