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Industrial output value of Hangzhou Bay New Zone rises by 17%

For the first three quarters of 2016, the industrial output value of the Hangzhou Bay New Zone stands at 94 billion yuan, up by 17% over the same period of last year. Among others, the six leading advanced manufacturing industries, including automobile and high-end equipment manufacturing, achieved a total output value of 62.26 billion yuan, up by 20.1%, accounting for 78,9% of the total by the large-scale industry.

The automobile industry maintained a strong developing trend. To be specific, the Ningbo Branch of Shanghai Volkswagen achieved an output value of 29.44 billion yuan, up by 16%. And the Hangzhou Bay Base of the Geely Auto achieved an output value of 5.89 billion yuan, up by 32%.

The "internet +" strategy has helped to promote the smart manufacturing, improving both quality and quantity. At the engine factory of the Geely Auto, the technicians can have access to the production, sales, repair and problems of every engine through the APP platform for real-time monitoring and management. With this system, the qualified rate of engines has risen to 99.9%. In the first three quarters this year, the factory produced four times as many engines as in the same period of last year.

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Zhenhai to expand the overseas markets

2016-10-26 12:54:05

The 2016 Ningbo Tourism Promotion Meeting in Osaka and the 2016 Korean Modetour Tourism Expo were recently held.

At the meeting and expo, Zhenhai District attracted the attention of a large group of tourist agencies, media and tourist of Japan and South Korea, with its long history and glorious culture, picturesque landscape, rich tourist resources and good tourist environment.

In recent years, an increasing number of tourists from Japan and South Korea have been attracted to the district for sightseeing. In the first nine months of this year, the district received 40,728 inbound tourists, up by 15.95% over the same period of last year. The blooming inbound tours have promoted the development of trade and tourism in the district and laid a good foundation for cooperation with cities of the two countries.

Meanwhile, the district tourism bureau has conducted a series of on-the-spot exchange and promotion in such areas as Japan, South Korea and Europe. Currently, Japan and South Korea have become the major tourist source markets for Zhenhai District.

As one of the largest tour operators in South Korea, the Modetour Group has launched the Modetour Expo since 2012 at the SETEC. This year, the expo was held in three exhibiting halls with 360 booths. Ningbo ranked No.3 in terms of on-the-field sales volume, only next to Beijing and Shanghai

Ninghai develops talent ecological chain

As a province-level featured demonstration town, the Ninghai Smart Vehicle Town attracted the the headquarters of Geely ZD. Recently, the settlement of a group of about 500 auto talents to Ninghai has proved to be a kind of intellectual support for the improvement of the local auto industry and its industrial transformation and upgrading.

This is just one result of the effects of the talent ecological chain built in Ninghai County. Statistics show that at present there are about 142,000 talents in the county, up by 52% over the end of 2011. Among others, there are 15 experts from the national or provincial "1000-talents Plan", 76 introduced overseas engineers. There are 34,000 high-technology talents, including about 5000 with a master's degree or a vice-senior title.

By focusing on such major stages as talent introduction and cultivation, use and assessment, circulation and configuration, achievement transfer and carrier construction, Ninghai County has developed a relatively complete policy chain in recent years. The newly launched talent policies, with the talent categories and the full coverage of various kinds of talents, has established the supporting mechanism for the dynamic upgrading of ventures and broken the inherent threshold, becoming the county's talent policies with largest innovation, most practical contents and widest range of integration.

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Xikou entitled "best investment leisure destination"

It is learned from the "2016 China (International) Leisure Forum" held in Hangzhou that the Xikou Town of Fenghua County has been awarded the prize of "best investment leisure destination of the year".

Since the beginning of this year, with the opportunities brought about by the "internet plus" industrial innovation, the opening of the Disneyland of Shanghai and the expansion of the online tourism, Xikou Town has established a new platform for tourism marketing and cooperation and opened the Republic of China-style hotel, the Wuling temple opera project and the "recreational vehicle town" central camp. The strategic cooperation project of the Disneyland and fitness tourism has been signed and the Zhejiang Labor Fitness Tourism Base has been built. The construction of the Buddhism mountain is well under way and the movie and Republic of China-style TV base has been launched.

The "China (International) Leisure Forum" has been held for eight sessions since 2007, and it has been said to be the "weathervane of the China leisure industry".

This year's session was sponsored by the "Well-off" Magazine and Hangzhou Municipal Government. The "best investment leisure destination" award aims to honor the leisure areas with high investment value, high satisfaction rate for the current life by the local citizens, and a good combination of historical cultural elements and modern humanitarian elements

Cross-border e-business in Beilun cooperates with Shunfeng Express

At the promotion meeting for the Beilun branch and the development zone branch of Ningbo cross-border e-business comprehensive pilot area held in Beilun District, the Administrative Committee of the development zone, Mascube and the Cross-border E-business College of Ningbo Polytechnic signed a cooperative agreement with the Shunfeng Express, showing that Beilun District will cooperate with the SF Express in such businesses as cross-border e-business park construction and online sales.  

Reportedly, the SF Express has started its first overseas e-business platform this year, only oriented to the Russian market, covering such items as clothes, shoes and bags, electronic products and sports & outdoor products.

So far, there are such cross-border e-business platforms as Ningbo Bonded Zone, Meishan Bonded Port, Xiapu International Logistics Park and Beilun Cross-border E-business Park, involving over 500 enterprises, with a total trade volume of over five billion yuan

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