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Ningbo Rice Wins Provincial Golden Prizes

The most eye catching sight in the Zhejiang Agricultural Fair was the Zhejiang Best Rice Competition on November 25. Ten kinds of Zhejiang rice were cooked and tasted on the spot.

This year's best rice competition is distinguished from the former ones because of its special judging system--the only criteria is whether or not the rice is tasteful, which is decided by 100 citizens randomly selected. After tasting all the 10 kinds of rice, the citizens (i.e., judges) would give the ping-pong ball to the one they thinks the best.

The ten kinds of rice that took part in the competition have been awarded golden prizes of 2016 Zhejiang Good Rice by the Department of Agriculture of Zhejiang Province. Three of them were Ningbo high quality rice: Huaxigu rice, Yudong rice and Lanju Changshou Organic Rice; they all got high ratings. Besides, three other kinds of rice produced by main agricultural production sectors are awarded excellence prizes

Seafood Festival kicks off in Xiangshan County

On the morning of November 19, over 70 seafood dishes from 16 catering businesses and the featured seafood cuisine from all the towns and townships of Xiangshan County were displayed at the People's Square of the county, marking the beginning of the one-month 14th Xiangshan Seafood Festival.

Surrounded by the sea on the three sides, Xiangshan County has a large coastal area and is rich in seafood resources. There are over 440 kinds of sea fish, over 80 kinds of crab or shrimp, and over 100 kinds of shells. Various cooking ways lead to the unique characteristics of the seafood in Xiangshan County. The Seafood Festival, jointly sponsored by Xiangshan County Government and the Fishing Culture Branch of China Fishery Association, has become a symbol of Xianghsan County for its special seafood resources, marine culture and marine tourism

Electric buses to be launched in Fenghua

Recently, as 82 charging points were completed and put into use by Fenghua Power Supply Company, West Fenghua Bus Station has become the largest electric bus charging station in Zhejiang Province. As is reported, by 2020, there will be 250 public charging points and 4000 private user charging points in Fenghua District.

As there are two charging terminals for each charging point, the 82 charging points can satisfy the needs of 164 electric buses at the same time, and the charging process can be completed within two or three hours. The users can scan the QR code on the point and then download the APP to pay for the charging. This year, Fenghua District will put into use 180 electric buses and in the future there will be 500 electric buses

Three featured towns in Yuyao to be further developed

It is learned from Ningbo Development and Reform Bureau that the "smart robot town" and the "smart photo-electricity town" of Yuyao County were listed among the first batch of featured towns for construction in Ningbo, and the "O2O plastic household appliance town" was listed among the first batch of featured towns for cultivation. Together with the "mold town", which was included in the second group of featured towns in Zhejiang Province at the beginning of this year, there have been four featured towns in Yuyao County that have been chosen as featured towns at the provincial or municipal level.

With a planned area of three square kilometers and a total investment of five billion yuan, the smart robot town is based on the "1000-talent plan" industrial park and will be built as the first-class featured town integrating smart equipment research and development, design, manufacturing and application in China based on the smart manufacturing institute of Ningbo and the "1000-talent plan" expert teams. So far, 38 projects have been signed for the town, including the "3D printing architecture dream factory" and the smart economic projects led by Gan Zhongxue and Sun Yunquan, and 22 experts have settled down in the town. The 18,000-square meter comprehensive service center has started construction since the end of October.

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Import and export trade brisk in Jiangbei District

In the first nine months this year, the import and export trade in Jiangbei District grew rapidly. The import and export volume increased by 5.3%, 11.8 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of the whole city, while the export volume increased by 3.5%, 10.5 percentage points higher than the average, and the approved outbound investment volume increased by 150.1%. The district ranks No.1 in Ningbo in terms of the above three aspects.

Trade and investment attraction is the focus of the rapid development of the foreign trade in Jiangbei District. In the first three quarters, the district attracted the settlement of 164 foreign trade enterprises, with a total import and export volume of US$197 million thanks to its No.1 project of business and investment introduction. In addition to the expansion of business scale, the district has improved the export commodity structure, with the high-tech products accounting for 13.2% of the total export.

In the domain of outbound investment, the district promoted the merger project of the Oriental Shenghao Investment Co. Ltd. with an approved outbound investment of US$250 million. Statistics show that the district has so far expanded its outbound investment to 65 foreign countries or regions.  

The rapid growth of the import and export volume is also attributed to innovation. In 2016, the foreign trade platform established by the Home-dollar Import and Export Co. Ltd. becomes the incubator for distinguished entrepreneurial teams and innovative projects with its high-quality products, reasonable price, rich channels and individualized practical guidance to help the college graduates to start their own businesses. So far, the platform has attracted the settlement of over 400 college graduates. With their innovative power, the enterprises concerned are expecting better performance. In the first three quarters, the company achieved an export volume of US$147 million, up by 32.2% over the same period of last year

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