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Ningbo Women's Half Marathon starts on April 18

It is learned from the Haishu District Sports Department that the "Yong Shi Cup" 2021 China Ningbo Women's Half Marathon will start in Zhangshui Town in the district on April 18. Registration for the event has been officially launched and citizens can register by clicking on the relevant links of the "Yong Shi Cup" 2021 Ningbo China Women's Half Marathon on public accounts such as "Ningbo Women's Marathon" and "Millennium Haishu".

This competition is divided into women’s half marathon group, with 600 participants; warm men’s half marathon escort group, with 100 participants; women’s happy run group, with 200 participants; warm men’s happy run escort group, with 100 participants. The distance of the half-marathon

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Ningbo North accelerates the rise of "digital highland"

Recently, when I walked into the Ningbo E-commerce Economic Innovation Park in Qianyang, Jiangbei, I saw the booming of the cross-border export orders and online traffic of Ningbo Melishion E-commerce Co., Ltd.  This year's turnover is expected to exceed 100 million yuan. As a rapidly emerging industry, Ningbo E-commerce Economic Innovation Park is seizing the opportunity and striving to make cross-border trade a new member of the "multi-billion industrial clusters".

Distinctive development and differentiated competition. When the Ningbo E-commerce Economic Innovation Park opened in 2016, it was based on Ningbo's advantageous industries such as manufacturing, ports, and foreign trade, and through technology empowerment, it vigorously developed the B2B industrial Internet economy and built a top ten multi-billion industrial clusters. By the end of 2020, the output value of the six major industrial clusters in the parks including building materials, metals, plastics, energy, fresh food, fashion, etc. has exceeded 10 billion yuan; the sales of goods above limited scale has amounted to 130 billion yuan, an increase of more than 200 times over 2016; services above limited scale grew out of nothing, reaching 9.65 billion yuan.

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2020 Ningbo Internet Annual Billboard announced

On March 20, 2020 Ningbo Internet Annual Billboard Award Ceremony was held in Fenghua. More than 120 people from the city, including representatives of Internet companies, network social organizations, and self-media, gathered together to talk about the achievements of Ningbo's Internet development.

The selection of 2020 Ningbo Internet Annual Billboard, organized by the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee’s Cyberspace Administration Office, is one of the key activities of the 13th Ningbo Internet Culture Festival. It aims to fully demonstrate the development achievements of Ningbo in the Internet field in the past year and promote the innovative development of the Internet industry and content through the role of benchmarking.

Ten enterprises including Ningbo Haishangxian Information Technology Co., Ltd. were rated as "Top Ten Most InfluentialInternet Information and Software Services Enterprises"; and 10 entrepreneurs including Lv Rui, President of Ningbo Juphoon System Software Co., Ltd. were rated as "Top Ten Pioneers of Ningbo NetworksEntrepreneurship; 10 stories including "General Secretary's Visit to Ningbo Zhoushan Port” were rated as "Top Ten Good Network Stories in Ningbo"; 10 cases including industrial operating system supposed were rated as "Top Ten Ningbo Network Cultural and Creative Products"; 10 self-media companies including DS Beifeng were awarded "Ningbo Top Ten Self-Media".

On the event site, the 2021 "NB Honghong" short video contest and the prelude to the "Fenghua time" short video contest also kicked off. This year’s “NB Honghong” short video contest will seek out Ningbo’s “cultural core”, recommend Ningbo “Internet celebrity landmarks”, collect short video works with healthy and active themes and Ningbo’s characteristics to show a beautiful civilized, and happy image of Ningbo.

It is reported that the "NB Hong Hong" short video contest has received more than 3,800 entries since its inception in 2019, with a total network broadcast volume of nearly 300 million, and won the 2020 Zhejiang Network Positive Energy Communication·Network Culture Innovation Project

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