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Import and export trade brisk in Jiangbei District

In the first nine months this year, the import and export trade in Jiangbei District grew rapidly. The import and export volume increased by 5.3%, 11.8 percentage points higher than the average growth rate of the whole city, while the export volume increased by 3.5%, 10.5 percentage points higher than the average, and the approved outbound investment volume increased by 150.1%. The district ranks No.1 in Ningbo in terms of the above three aspects.

Trade and investment attraction is the focus of the rapid development of the foreign trade in Jiangbei District. In the first three quarters, the district attracted the settlement of 164 foreign trade enterprises, with a total import and export volume of US$197 million thanks to its No.1 project of business and investment introduction. In addition to the expansion of business scale, the district has improved the export commodity structure, with the high-tech products accounting for 13.2% of the total export.

In the domain of outbound investment, the district promoted the merger project of the Oriental Shenghao Investment Co. Ltd. with an approved outbound investment of US$250 million. Statistics show that the district has so far expanded its outbound investment to 65 foreign countries or regions.  

The rapid growth of the import and export volume is also attributed to innovation. In 2016, the foreign trade platform established by the Home-dollar Import and Export Co. Ltd. becomes the incubator for distinguished entrepreneurial teams and innovative projects with its high-quality products, reasonable price, rich channels and individualized practical guidance to help the college graduates to start their own businesses. So far, the platform has attracted the settlement of over 400 college graduates. With their innovative power, the enterprises concerned are expecting better performance. In the first three quarters, the company achieved an export volume of US$147 million, up by 32.2% over the same period of last year

International Award Goes to the Film Invested by an Enterprise in Yinzhou

“You know, the movie invested by our local company has got the International Award!” On Oct.28th, residents in Xiaying Subdistrict shared the exciting news with each other.
On Oct.16th, in Busan International Film Festival, the movie—Knife in Clean Water directed by Wang Xuebo became the winner of New Trend Award. Before, it had already been nominated in Tokyo, Vancouver and Hawaii International Film Festival as a relatively low-cost literary film.
It is known that the major investor of the film is Jiashang Media Co., Ltd, a private enterprise located in Xiaying Subdistrict, Yinzhou. This is the first time that a film invested by a private enterprise in Yinzhou is awarded in an international film festival.
The movie is adapted from the novel of the same name by Shi Shuqing, which has acquired Luxun Literature Prize. Why did Jiangshang Media invest in such a film? The president Chen Yaojun told our journalist, “We know that the film is supported by remarkable literary play. Besides, it’s the grand work of Director Wang. He has devoted all his efforts to the film for nearly a decade. We believe in his flair.”
Chen Yaojun seemed a bit surprised, “I used to think that it would be great enough if it got the nomination in international film festivals.” So far, the production company of the film has conducted negotiations with some renowned release groups. It is estimated that the film will make its debut in mainstream cinemas in the second half of next year

1st International Port Culture Forum held in Ningbo

ecently, as one of the series activities of the "Ningbo Year of East Asian Cultural Capital' and the 4th Ningbo Port Culture Festival, the 1st International Port Culture Forum as well as the 2016 International Navigation Forum was held in Chunxiao Town of Beilun District, jointly sponsored by the Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection Center of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Ningbo Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, TV, Press and Publication, and Beilun District Government, and hosted by Ningbo China Port Museum and the Ningbo Base of the Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection Center

Industrial output value of Hangzhou Bay New Zone rises by 17%

For the first three quarters of 2016, the industrial output value of the Hangzhou Bay New Zone stands at 94 billion yuan, up by 17% over the same period of last year. Among others, the six leading advanced manufacturing industries, including automobile and high-end equipment manufacturing, achieved a total output value of 62.26 billion yuan, up by 20.1%, accounting for 78,9% of the total by the large-scale industry.

The automobile industry maintained a strong developing trend. To be specific, the Ningbo Branch of Shanghai Volkswagen achieved an output value of 29.44 billion yuan, up by 16%. And the Hangzhou Bay Base of the Geely Auto achieved an output value of 5.89 billion yuan, up by 32%.

The "internet +" strategy has helped to promote the smart manufacturing, improving both quality and quantity. At the engine factory of the Geely Auto, the technicians can have access to the production, sales, repair and problems of every engine through the APP platform for real-time monitoring and management. With this system, the qualified rate of engines has risen to 99.9%. In the first three quarters this year, the factory produced four times as many engines as in the same period of last year.

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