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New economic engines to be built in Fenghua

The ground-breaking ceremony for some major projects in Fenghua County, including the "Ningbo Times" Town, Time Fun Mansion, the Huizheng Ancient Street and the International Center of Fenghua New Town, was held on the morning of October 10. Among others, the "Ningbo Times" Town is expected to become a new landmark for tourism and a new economic engine for the county.

The "Ningbo Times" Town is the first project of the Sunlight Bay Tourist Resort. With a total investment of three billion yuan, the project consists of the coastal holiday town and the Tianfei cultural resort, with such theme functions as literature & art creation block, film & TV base, coastal park, beach square, romantic flower world, wetland amusement park, water show stage and holiday community. With the local ecological advantages, the town aims to become the image window of the eastern Fenghua County, a demonstration for featured towns in Ningbo and a popular destination for coastal holidays in the Yangtze River Delta area, based on the coastal leisure industry and the film & TV culture, water tourism and community holiday pattern.

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Hangzhou Bay New Zone witnesses new peak of tourism

During the National Day holiday this year, the tourism economy of Hangzhou Bay New Zone hit a new record, with its ticket income taking the lead among all the scenic areas in Ningbo. Statistics show that during the seven-day holiday, the new zone received 250,200 visits, with a total tourism volume of 39.3748 million yuan, up by 97.63% and 239.73% respectively over the same period of last year. Among others, the four major scenic areas of the new zone, including the Fantawild Oriental Heritage, Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park, Haitian Yizhou Area and Happy Island, received 233,800 visits, with a total tourism volume of 35.1647 million yuan.

The Fantawild Oriental Heritage received about 150,000 visits for the first long holiday after its opening, realizing a total ticket volume of about 30 million yuan. A series of activities as well as the red decorations of the park attracted a large number of tourists. The romance-route theme tourist area of the Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park received 32,800 visits, with a tourism volume of 1.9 million yuan, up by 26.06% and 22.64% respectively over the same period of last year. The Hot Spring World of the Happy Island began to be open to public on October 1, with over 60 hot spring pools in different forms and with various functions

A Brand-new Phase in Restructuring Industries in Beilun

Against a backdrop of the new normal, Beilun has made conspicuous achievements in fostering new momentums and releasing vitality. As a result, the transformation from outdated momentums to arising ones is further advanced; the equipment manufacturing industry turns into the pillar industry; innovation-driven economies develop rapidly, backing up the progress of the industries; the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries have ushered in a new phase in the restructuring process.

A new highlight— the equipment manufacturing industry
Based on the existing industry infrastructure, Beilun has made headway in incubating equipment manufacturing industry like numerically-controlled machine tool, precision punch and industrial robot. The auto industry as well as auto part industry is further developed with a number of competent enterprises standing out such as Tuopu, Dongfang and Hongxun. According to the statistics, for the first time the equipment manufacturing industry has replaced the petrochemical industry to be the pillar industry. From Jan. to Aug., the output value of the equipment manufacturing industry registered 61.77 billion yuan, a rise of 27.6%, among which auto and auto part industries contributed 32.29 billion yuan, increasing by 93.8%. The figure accounted for 40.4% of the total output of industrial enterprises above a certain scale, 16.3 percentage points above petrochemical industry with respect to the proportion occupied. The increasing rate was 21 percentage points above that of other industries above a certain scale during the same period. In the first half year of 2016, Beilun successfully introduced the project of auto camera system by Minshi Group and the intelligent auto electronics project by Tuopu. Both the auto industry and intelligent manufacturing have reaped bountiful fruits while projects for establishing IC chip manufacturing bases are as well initiated , injecting more impetuses to rapid development of the intelligent manufacturing industry.
A new momentum— innovation-driven economies
Innovation-driven economies have taken a dominant role. From Jan. to Aug., the output value contributed by high-tech industries in Beilun reached 90.56 billion yuan, accounting for 59.2% among the total value of enterprises above a certain scale. The figure registered a year-on-year increase of 6.7%, 0.3 percentage points above the average in Beilun District. Enterprises sped up updating and upgrading. 48.24-billion-yuan-worth new products were rolled out, increasing by 28% from the same period last year. The increasing rate was 2.5 percentage points above that of the first half year, surpassing that of above-designated-scale industries by 21.6%. As for new products, the ratio of output value stood at 31.5%, nearly 5.2% above the average during the same period. 

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Enterprises in Yinzhou District bloom

At the promoting meeting for the "Made in China 2025" pilot city held on October 8, President Xie Shicai of Bowei Group delivered a speech on behalf of the local enterprises and proposed to strengthen the technological and manufacturing innovation for building the 4.0 intelligent enterprises and the R&D Base of China New Alloy Materials.  

Ningbo becomes the first "Made in China 2025" pilot city mainly thanks to its solid foundation of manufacturing industry, clear strategic positioning, in-depth integration of industrialization and information technology, distinctive brand enterprise cultivation, and unique strengths in developing new materials and core manufacturing parts. As the leading district in the transformation development of the manufacturing industry in Ningbo, Yinzhou District boasts a solid economic foundation. In the first eight months of this year, the total turnover of the large-scale enterprises in the district reached 157.57 billion yuan, up by 4.7% over the same period of last year, accounting for 17.2% of the industrial output value of the whole city.

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Innumerable Tourists Arrive in Ninghai

“I shared a picture of the guesthouse on Wechat Moments just now and received many likes. My friends are asking me where it is. ” Mr.Chen, who had been staying in Nanyushe Guesthouse in Sangzhou Township of Ninghai for two days told its owner on the morning of Oct.3rd.This year's National Day Holiday sees a significant rise of self-driving tourists in Ninghai. Spare rooms for the first five days of the holiday have all been reserved in more than 200 guesthouses since half a month ago. It is estimated that tourists to be served during the holiday will reach 15,000 with the revenue of 15 million yuan.
Innumerable tourists abound in local guesthouses in places like Huchen Township, Meishan Village as well as surrounding resorts, ranging from ecological villages, mountains for exploration and adventure to orchards with bountiful fruits. A series of parent-child interactive activities developed by Hu Chenxiang, “Autumn Harvest of Grandpa’s Paddy Field”, have attracted 500-odd urban families to indulge themselves in a quintessential farming culture. Other agriculturally experiential activities like digging sweet potatoes, picking up premature oranges and savoring special local food have rendered much fun and also boosted up the consumption for food and agricultural products. A responsible person from a guesthouse in Huchen Township said, “a great proportion of the food served is provided by special agricultural bases and livestock farms in local areas. Our customers are able to have wholesome food while the farmers gain considerable profits. The cause of promoting agricultural development with the backup of tourism is making strides.”

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