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Xiangshan actively supports micro and small technological enterprises

To promote the healthy development of the micro and small technological enterprises, Xiangshan County has established and improved a diversified multi-layer and multi-channel technological investment and financing system, actively building a long-term docking platform for economic capital and intellectual capital.

Since May last year, Xiangshan County has cooperated with such financial institutions as the Bank of China, the Rural Credit Cooperatives and the People’s Insurance of China to provide the micro and small technological enterprises and the innovative start-up enterprises with technological loans with such loan projects as “technological finance risk pool” and “bank loans for technological enterprises” . By the end of this June, the two projects have offered a total loan volume of 49.3 million yuan, benefiting 26 enterprises.

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2nd phase of Ningbo Mould Industrial Park starts construction

The opening ceremony of the 1st phase of Ningbo Mould Industrial Park as well as the groundbreaking ceremony of the 2nd phase was held at Ningbo Southern Coastal New Zone on the morning of July 24. So far, the first phase of the park has been completed and put into use, with the business introduction rate of about 70%. The second phase covers an area of 385 mu, with a starting investment of 380 million yuan. Upon completion, the second phase will help to build the park a new highland of the industry by realizing the seamless connection of mould industry and new-energy vehicle industry.

As a specialized complex project for the transformation and upgrading of the mould industry, jointly built by Ningbo Industrial Investment Group and Ninghai County Government, the industrial park covers a planned area of about 1500 mu, with a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan. The first phase of the park covers 404 mu, with a construction area of 250,000 square meters and an investment of 850 million yuan. After three years’ construction, the first phase has been completed and 210 businesses have signed the agreement for settlement (with over 70 having settled down), including such prominent enterprises as Jianxin Mould, ZD Vehicles, Xianglu Auto Parts, Jiaxiang Mould and Doppler Cabling, demonstrating an industrial agglomeration effect

Juicy Peach Culture Festival held in Ninghai

The opening ceremony of the 10th Juicy Peach Culture Festival of Hucheng Township was held at the Hucheng Township Outdoors Sports Base on the morning of July 22. With the coming of the harvest season for the juicy peaches, the township is bathed in the sweet peach flavor again.

This years festival features a 15-day peach evening party. As a national ecological township, the Hucheng Township provides the tourists with the cool Zhongbao Stream and about 10,000-mu peach fields. When night falls, the tourists can enjoy the delicious food and beer at the sports base as well as the wonderful performance of the Great Stage of the PeopleAt the evening party, each evening there will be a peach king auction and all the money raised at the auction will be used to support the students in need of the township. In addition, there will be seven activities including the photography competition for the juicy peach culture festivaltraditional culture exchange meeting and juicy peach sales.

This is the 10th year for the Hucheng Township to hold the juicy peach culture festival, which has not only enhanced the fame of the juicy peach and increased the peach farmers income but also strengthened the farm-tourism integration and promoted the development of the rural tourism of the township.

Sino-Chile FTA helps Ningbo enterprises to enjoy preferable tariff

Thanks to the signing of the free trade agreement between China and Chile, Ningbos export trade to Chile has grown rapidly. According to the statistics from Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first half of this year, the bureau issued 9392 copies of Sino-Chile FTZ certificate of origin, with a total volume of US$280 million, up by 23.01% and 11.4% respectively. Estimated with the 5% reduction of tariff, the exporters of Ningbo received a total tariff reduction of about US$14 million.

Chile is the first South American country to establish diplomatic relations with China, and its also the first country in the world to give diplomatic recognition to Chinas market-oriented economy. Since the signing of the Sino-Chile FTA in October 2006, Ningbos Sino-Chile FTZ certificate of origin has witnessed steady increase. In the first half of this year, the amount of the Sino-Chile FTZ certificate of origin of Ningbo ranked No.3 among those of all the free trade zones with China. In terms of the export product structure, the major exports to Chile are in the traditionally strong industries, including textiles, electrical appliances, machinery, plastic products and furniture, with a total of 7024 copies of certificate of origin, accounting for 74.79% of the total

UNNC joins hands with Yuyao to boost electrification industry

May 15, a formal contract was signed between Nottingham University (including the British Campus and the Chinese Campus) and Yuyao Industrial Park which carries out a program involving thousands of people in Zhejiang province, agreeing on the establishment of Nottingham-Yuyao International Research Institution. Both sides hope to build a strategic platform of application and research, experiments and production, industrialization and international business services rolled in to one, in high energy-consuming electromechanical fields. They, according to the contract, will make full use of their favorable conditions of resources respectively, co-financing the first five-year period drive of the research institution by 165 million RMB. 

 On the one hand, the team of Nottingham University in fields of electricity and electronics disciplines and electrical machinery and its control is one of the world’s largest scientific research teams. With a good command of advanced knowledge and technology of studies and development of electrical machinery, many products of scientific researches are on the verge of industrialization. On the

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