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Ningbo 2020 cultural performance tour for the public initiated

On the evening of July 8, the 2020 Ningbo cultural performance tour was launched at Zhenhai Grand Theatre. The event was hosted by the Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art CIRC, and organized by Ningbo Performance & Arts Group.

In order to strive for the national civilized city for six consecutive years and to create a sound social vibe of "I am Ningbo people, thumbs-up for Ningbo". From now

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Ningbo educational center of imported food safety established

On July 6, the Ningbo educational center of imported food safety established was set up in Ningbo Free Trade Zone. It is reported that the center is the first science educational base in the province with the theme of imported food safety.

After the establishment of the center, Ningbo Free Trade Zone will formally form the Imported Food Safety Popularization Experience Center. The “1+N” all-round, interactive experience base structure of food safety science popularization is set up by the government, promoted by enterprises and participated by consumers.

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Tourists abound in Ninghai county

Ninghai county, known as the “Quiet City”, was entitled National Tourism Demonstration Area in 2019. During this May Day holiday, many tourists came here to embrace the nature as Mr. Xu did.

Mrs. Wang, from Ningbo city, brought her children to play along the stream in the Shuangxiu Village, Hu Street, Ninghai County. “He is penned indoors for a long time and being outdoors was a overwhelming pleasure for him. Going sightseeing in the village improves my experience”, said Mrs Wang. It’s known that May 1 to May 3  tourists galore in Shuangxiu Village, parking lots were filled with private cars and many B&B were booked for 5 days.

Despite the striking scenery for tourists, many activities were held in tourist attractions in Ninghai county. The Tofo Cultural Festival in Qiantong Old Town lasted for 5-day, and other activities such as “Childhood Memory” Cultural Heritage Collection,

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“Reading Month” activity leads Cixi’s new trend of civilization

In 2001, Cixi launched the first "Reading Month" activity. The activity has been held once a year for twenty years, with growing social influence. The officer of the publicity department of Ningbo Municipal Committee said, “In recent years, Cixi has championed a culture of reading among our people to improve the happiness index and promote the image of urban civilization. Now, reading spaces has been spread across the city and the countryside, all kinds of reading organizations are emerging and reading brands are rising rapidly. Thousands of people has joined the reading activity, making people more knowledgeable and the city more tasteful.”

Emerging reading spaces have become important practice of civilization in a new era. People in Cixi can read books and think in more than 600 public reading spaces, such as town libraries, staff libraries and rural studies. The rural study of Maosantou Village, Qiaotou Town is Zhejiang's first rural mobile digital library. Relying on the online community service platform, villagers can read anytime anywhere. Cai Yuqing, a villager of Maosantou Village said, “More people reading, less playing cards. Reading makes people wealthy and wisdom, the relationship between neighborhoods more harmonious.”

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Ningbo Coastal Sports Carnival to be held in Xianxiang Town

As is reported, Ningbo Coastal Sports Carnival, an important part of the all-people fitness season series activities of Ningbo, will be held in Xianxiang Town of Yinzhou District.

The major events of the carnival include the beach kite flying, beach yoga, beach volleyball, coast futsal, beach wooden ball, beach tug-of-war, fun development activity, mini-marathon race and the coastal music festival. With one of two theme activities for each month, the carnival will last until November.

Reportedly, the beach kite flying meeting, the first theme activity of the event, will be held on May 9 and 10 in Xianxiang Town of Yinzhou District. Then May 16 will witness the start of the beach yoga display meeting

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