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Over 700 attend Meishan Bay Marathon Swimming Contest

2019 Ningbo Superman Meishan Bay Marathon Swimming Contest kicks off on June 23rd, with over 700 participants.

The contest, held by Ningbo Swimming Association, belongs to the series of activities Meishan Bay Tourist Zone organizes for the 2019 Meishan Young People Sports Season. With 35 swimming teams coming from more than ten countries and regions like China, Germany, France, Britain, Mexico, and Peru, the organizing committee divides all participants into four groups that swim from 3.5 kilometers to 13.5 kilometers.

The Meishan Bay Tourist Zone has been focusing on sports tourism recently to make itself a comprehensive destination to visit. Since 2017, the Ningbo Superman Marathon Swimming Contest has been successfully held twice, known as China’s longest distance public swimming contest. The Meishan Bay, dubbed as the Island of Sports and Leisure, is perfectly designed to hold swimming competitions for its beautiful beach and the over-ten-kilometer sea area

Ningbo Traditional Chinese Culture Park to be built in Hangzhou Bay New Zone

In the afternoon of July 8th, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone signed the contract with Fantawild Holdings Inc. to build a park in Ningbo that centers on traditional Chinese culture. This marks Ningbo’s fifth cooperation with Fantawild to make it an international tourist city that combines culture and tourism. Previous efforts include the amusement park Oriental Heritage, the patriotic education base—The Road of Revival, the culture- and technology-oriented science park—Future China, and the Boonie Bears Tourist Town.

With an investment of 3.2 billion yuan, Ningbo Traditional Chinese Culture Park will look at the long-standing and well-established Chinese culture and its development process, centering on the core concepts selected from Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Displaying classic books, stories, and works of art, the park is to use modern technology to present traditional Chinese culture to the public, making it a new theme park that combines education and entertainment. When finished, the park is expected to be a first-rate and international one, with annual tourists reaching 3 million.

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Yinzhou District implements landscape upgrading for China-CEEC Expo

As the main holding place of the first China-CEEC Expo, Yinzhou District has launched the urban environment treatment and upgrading month activity since the end of April, with the aim of greeting the expo with the beautified urban environment. 
The Century Avenue is the only way leading directly to the exhibition halls. To greet the guests, the related gardening departments have conducted the overall landscape upgrading project on the avenue. According to the plan, the green landscape upgrading area is about 55,000 square meters. Since late April, the environmental maintenance teams attached to Yinzhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, with over 70 workers, have been working on the landscape upgrading of the green-lands of the avenue. 
"We have sown the seeds of a dozen of varieties of flowers and grass, such as the maidenhair, the impatiens walleriana, the vinca, the petunia, the sage, the garden verbena and the Chinese rose. The whole landscape upgrading project of the

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Venues for CEEC EXPO Established by Dongqian Lake

Ningbo Dongqian Lake CORDIS Hotel, the venue for CEEC EXPO, was put into trial operation on May 28th as part of the commercial support for Dongqian Lake tourism development, and part of the venue project of CEEC EXPO&International Consumer Goods Fair which will make its debut in Ningbo from July 8th to July 12th.

With the Expo at the core, the city has set up underpinning platforms including “two parks, two assembly halls, and two centers”, among which the project is a key one in Ningbo “17 Plus 1” Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone.

The venue harbors picturesque landscapes as it is located by the Mashan Wetland at the lake side, adjacent to Southern Song Stone Inscription Park and Fuquan Mountain Tea Garden.

Here, every participant country of the Expo is allocated with one independent house which harbors 5 to 6 guest rooms, living rooms, kitchens, meeting rooms with 700 square meters of usable floor areas. These houses are also equipped with

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China’s 1st 3G photo-voltaic power station established in Zhejiang

China’s first third-generation photovoltaic power station established in Hong Village of East Zhejiang

June 3rd marks China's establishment of the first household 200KW copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS) distributed photovoltaic power station and its connection to the grid in Zhejiang Hong Village, where rows of photovoltaic panels lie on the roof of the cultural auditorium of Henkantou Village Liangnong Town of Yuyao, and transfer light to electricity.

The power station, China’s first such station set in a village, is built by Ningbo Guoneng Guangnian NewEnergy Co., Ltd with photovoltaic products provided by Shenhua (Beijing) Photovoltaic Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd.

What is CIGS? A new solar cell

CIGS thin-film solar cell refers to a crystalline thin film solar cell whose absorption layer is composed of four elements including copper (Cu), indium (In), gallium (Ga) and selenium (Se) in an optimal proportion. It is regarded as a new

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