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Cixi green soybean enters its peak production period

Changhe farmer Fu Weiquan displays the green soybeans. (Photo by Chen Zhangsheng and Cai Hanchi

During the scorching summer, the fragrant and glutinous green soybeans are many citizens’ favorite. Recently, as local green soybeans enter their peak production period, related specialty dishes have also become the focus of attention. By stirring, frying, and boiling, "chefs" showcase their cooking skills online, making plain soybeans a popular delicacy.

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The "Mythical Bird" guardianship action was launched in Xiangshan

On July 3, the "Mythical Bird" Chinese Crested Tern Guardianship Action with the theme of "Saving Flagship Species and Protecting Biodiversity" was officially launched in Xiangshan. Experts, scholars and volunteers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait and other places gathered together to provide suggestions for the protection of "mythical birds" and discuss and exchange biodiversity conservation work.

The Chinese crested tern is a national first-class key protected wild animal, listed as a "critically endangered" species in the IUCN Red List, and is a "mythical bird" that was once considered extinct and rediscovered.

Since the discovery of Chinese crested terns in 2004, Xiangshan County has been committed to the protection of Chinese crested terns, and in 2013, an artificial attraction project was implemented in Leeshan Islands-Tiedun Island, which effectively promoted the recovery growth of the tern population and successfully hatched 179 Chinese crested tern chicks.

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