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Ninghai to issue “discount packages for civilized travel”

To welcome the coming May Day holiday and promote the development of civilized travel habits, Ninghai County will deliver 1,000 “discount packages for civilized travel” to tourists, as a means of leading to the new trend of civilized travel.

It is reported that besides the publicity brochures for civilized travel, the discount packages will include the traveling coupons, like the half-price discount coupons for some scenic areas of Ninghai County and the coupons for food and accommodation of some major hotels, as well as various kinds of souvenirs.

According to an official from Ninghai County Civilization Office, a special stamp collecting activity for civilized travel has been designed for tourists.

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Ningbo ranks No.1 in Zhejiang in terms of assured consumption

On April 24, Ningbo Market Supervisory Bureau released the 2019 assured consumption indexes of Ningbo. Among others, the overall assured consumption index of Ningbo stood at 0.93, ranking No.1 among all the cities in Zhejiang Province.

The assured consumption index system is composed of the overall index and four specific indexes for the security of consumption environment, the integrity of business, the satisfaction of consumers and the consumption contribution, being 0.90, 0.93, 0.96 and 0.95 respectively in 2019.

With all the indexes standing above 0.9, the coordination rate of the assured consumption index system is 0.97, up by 3.49% over that of 2018. Among others, the business integrity index has witnessed the biggest growth, 16.98% over that of the previous year.

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Picking season for cherries and mulberries

On April 20, the cherry base in Wenxi Zhoucun, Qiaotouhu Street, Ninghai began its promotion in advance. It is learned that with the arrival of the “May Day” holiday, Ningbo ’s tourism market is gradually becoming more and more popular. Seasonal fruits such as cherries, mulberries, and colorful tomatoes are gaining more and more attention, and the “picking mode” has been opened.

Recently, many local early-ripening cherries have been on the market. “Yinzhou ’s orchards have been picked in mid-April. At present, early-ripening cherries have entered the peak picking season, and late-ripening cherries will also be on the market. The staff of Da’ao Cherry Base introduced.

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Holistic Tourism Festival of Jiulong Lake kicks off

The opening ceremony of the Holistic Tourism Festival of Jiulong Lake of Zhenhai District was held on April 25, attracting about 1,000 tourists to taste such local specialties as fruit tomatoes, cherries, loquats, mulberries, the glutinous rice rolls with brown sugar and green duck eggs. In the spring time, the various “agriculture + tourism” activities like fruit tasting, and sightseeing & picking, are very popular with the coming tourists

Rural land improvement achieves remarkable results

On April 22, 2020, the 51st was the World Earth Day, which was a worldwide environmental protection activity. Since the 1990s, China has held Earth Day on April 22 every year. The theme of World Earth Day in 2020 is "Treasure the Earth, Harmonious Coexistence of Man and Nature".

In recent years, Ningbo’s Natural Resources and Planning Bureau has cracked the “dilemma” of guaranteeing development and protecting resources, and has promoted the strategy of rural revitalization. At present, Ningbo has implemented 37 projects of comprehensive land consolidation and ecological restoration

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