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Reusable bags with plants rubbed in

On August 6th, in the Maker Center of Mingcheng Community, Fuming Street Yinzhou, a group of primary school students and their parents, under the guidance of culture volunteers, make reusable bags with real plant logos by putting the green plant on the bag and rubbing until the shape of the plant appears on the bag


High-energy platforms boost Cixi’s economy

In recent years, CixiCountyhas made great efforts to promote the construction of the high-energy industrial platforms and accelerate the replacement of old growth drivers by new ones. “The industrial platforms have become the powerful engines to the economic development, the important carrier for opening-up and the testing field for systematic reforms in Cixi county, which will promote the county’s economy to step on a high-quality development road.” said a person in charge from Cixi County Party Committee. Recently, the County-level Economy Research Center of the CCID Consulting released the 2019 research report on the high-quality development index of the county-level economy in China and the 2019 list of China’s Top 100 Counties, in which Cixi County ranks No.7, the only one from Zhejiang Province among the top ten.

Just as Ningbo is developing its “246” billion and trillion-level industrial clusters, Cixi County is building its “10,000 mu and 100 trillion” industrial platform at the coastal economic development zone, as well as accelerating the construction of such five 10 billion-level industrial platforms as the high-tech industrial development zone, the Hangzhou Bay Innovative Economic Zone, the modern agricultural development

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2019 Ningbo International Marathon Race to be held

According to the organizing committee of Ningbo International Marathon Race, the enrolling time of the 2019 session of the race has been finalized, and the potential runners can enroll for the race from 9 am of August 5 to 5 pm

of August 19.

The enrolling platforms include the official website of the race (, the official Wechat account of the race (nbim2015), zx-tour, 51sai, laipao8, PTB, Zhafsports, Iranshao, Paopao, Horizon, and Codoon. According to a person in charge from the organizing committee, upon completing the race, the runners can have the opportunity to get the permit to such marathon events in 2020 as Hangzhou Marathon Race, Taiyuan International Marathon Race and Chongqing Female Half-marathon Race.

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The reconstruction project of Beilun branch railway completed

Beilun branch railway. (Photo by Zhang Yan and He Yong)

On the evening of July 23, more than 230 workers completed the transition of the old track at two docking points in 240 minutes, including the broken track of the original track, the connection with the new track, ballast lining, and the acceptance and the passing of the train were completed. It indicates that the reconstruction project of the Beilun branch railway was completed.

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