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Haishu Manufacturing Company and Ali "Spring Thunder Plan" join hands

Recently, the heads of nearly 200 companies  participated in the special matchmaking meeting between Haishu manufacturing  enterprises and Alibaba’s "Spring Thunder Plan", and many of them  said that they will conduct in-depth docking and exchanges with Alibaba on  live broadcast bases and C2M reverse customization.

Affected by the epidemic and changes in the  economic situation, manufacturing companies, especially export-oriented  companies, have been greatly impacted. The instability of foreign markets and  the uncertainty of foreign orders have brought certain effects to companies.  With the strong support from the district, Haishu manufacturing companies  have continued to break through the predicament. However, problems such as  lack of orders, difficulty in recruiting, and shortage of funds still plague  some companies.

"How to strengthen the linkage with the  e-commerce platform and help enterprises accelerate the construction of a new  pattern of mutual promotion of domestic and international dual cycles is the  bottleneck that needs to be broken." The relevant person in charge of  the Haishu District Economic and Information Bureau said that Alibaba has  signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ningbo. Last month, Ningbo Ali  Center officially settled in Haishu.

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Ningbo International Marathon race to be held in October

It is learned from the organizing committee of the Hangzhou Bay New Zone that the 2018 Ningbo International Marathon race will be held at the new zone in late October.

This is the second time for the event to be held at the new zone since the first race was held on October 24, 2015. According to the scheme, the event this year will include the full marathon race (42.195 kilometers), the half marathon race (21.0975 kilometers), and the mini marathon race (about five kilometers), attracting 10000 participants. The race route will start from the Sports Park and then goes through the ecological wetland area, the business new town area and the industrial functional area, linking such major scenic spots, urban functional zones and enterprise platforms as the Sports Park, the Oriental Heritage, the Happy Island, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the Financial Square, the coastal new town and the makers' park.

The runners may have a good opportunity to enjoy the natural and humanity landscapes feathering wetland, culture and hot spring and witness the responsibilities of the zone in building the symbolic and strategic platforms for reform and opening-up

Shenzhen (ninghai) was identified as a provincial sports and leisure town

Shenzhen town of Ninghai county, after years of efforts, has been officially recognized by the Provincial Sports Bureau as the second batch of sports and leisure towns in Zhejiang Province.

It is understood that the town has many national hiking fitness trails, of which there are dozens of main and auxiliary trails. The famous routes are as follows: Longgong - hot spring trail with a length of 13.9 kilometers, Sansheng - hot spring line with a length of 8 km, and Wusongkeng - hot spring line with a length of 11.5 km, etc.  

Ninghai also invested 150 million yuan to build a slow traffic lane from tea mountain to Hot spring, with a total length of 42.3 kilometers. It starts from Donglv Village, Qiaotouhu Street, Ninghai, and passes through Qiaotouhu, Meilin, and Shenzhen town, and ends at Ninghai Forest Hot Spring. The lane includes five main lines, using existing roadbeds, embankments, unsurfaced roads, and also adds overhead bridges, with a two-way driving width of 2.5 meters to 3.5 meters, one-way driving width of 2 meters, bicycle lane area of 115,060 square meters, driving speed of 15 kilometers one hour, about 8900 square

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Across-Yaojiang-River Swimming Race to be held

The 2017 Across-Yaojiang-River Swimming Race as well as the opening ceremony of the 5th Sports Meeting of Jiangbei District, jointly hosted by Ningbo Sports Bureau and Jiangbei District Government, will be held on the bank of the Yaojiang River at the Shuanggudu Park of Zhuangqiao Town of Jiangbei District on August 6.

Reportedly, over 500 people in 15 teams will take part in the swimming race in two groups, one for the amateurs and one for the professionals. The swimming associations and organizations can apply to take part in the race. And the “competition rules for the open water sports” newly issued by the International Swimming Federation will be adopted by the race

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