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Ningbo International Marathon race to be held in October

It is learned from the organizing committee of the Hangzhou Bay New Zone that the 2018 Ningbo International Marathon race will be held at the new zone in late October.

This is the second time for the event to be held at the new zone since the first race was held on October 24, 2015. According to the scheme, the event this year will include the full marathon race (42.195 kilometers), the half marathon race (21.0975 kilometers), and the mini marathon race (about five kilometers), attracting 10000 participants. The race route will start from the Sports Park and then goes through the ecological wetland area, the business new town area and the industrial functional area, linking such major scenic spots, urban functional zones and enterprise platforms as the Sports Park, the Oriental Heritage, the Happy Island, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the Financial Square, the coastal new town and the makers' park.

The runners may have a good opportunity to enjoy the natural and humanity landscapes feathering wetland, culture and hot spring and witness the responsibilities of the zone in building the symbolic and strategic platforms for reform and opening-up

Across-Yaojiang-River Swimming Race to be held

The 2017 Across-Yaojiang-River Swimming Race as well as the opening ceremony of the 5th Sports Meeting of Jiangbei District, jointly hosted by Ningbo Sports Bureau and Jiangbei District Government, will be held on the bank of the Yaojiang River at the Shuanggudu Park of Zhuangqiao Town of Jiangbei District on August 6.

Reportedly, over 500 people in 15 teams will take part in the swimming race in two groups, one for the amateurs and one for the professionals. The swimming associations and organizations can apply to take part in the race. And the “competition rules for the open water sports” newly issued by the International Swimming Federation will be adopted by the race

Notable successes attained for Ningbo's industrial supply-front reform

It is learned from Ningbo Commission of Economy and Information Technology that for the first three quarters this year, the industrial production has restored the steady growth with the notable successes attained by the supply-front reform in industry. Both the emerging industries and the traditional strong industries have developed well, with their added values both increasing by over 8%.

Industrial transformation and upgrading has been the main battlefield for the supply-front reform. Since the beginning of this year, Ningbo has taken a variety of measures with great achievements. In the first eight months, the major business cost and the financial cost of the large-scale enterprises have been in the decline, and the ratio between cost and income has continued to decrease. The stock and capital leverage pressures have been alleviated.

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Appreciating cherry blossom at Siming Mountain

The 3rd "cherry blossom trip" hiking meeting was held in Dalan Town of Yuyao County on April 8, attracting over 1000 hikers to travel along the ancient pathways to enjoy the cherry blossoms

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Being a team of German and Chinese professionals with years of experience as a comprehensive human resources and business consulting service provider, we provide clients with unique and multiple service projects which are time tested and humanized. As the first service provider in Ningbo who focus on clients of foreign expats and foreign enterprises we believe our services will bring clients with great convenience and additional value. Many of our service standards become the industry standards through the years.

We speak German, English and Chinese as mother language and on a high level.

We understand our corporate clients pay extremely high attention to work efficiency and staff’s benefits. With the development of global economic integration, we all have to focus our resources to core business to win the market. It’s why we work diligently to create new service products, to develop more efficient service flow. We have only one goal: to save client’s resources with our service.

Our faith to service clients is strongly supported by our distinctive service team. In our HR outsourcing service team, we have senior consultants who are constantly committed to HR outsourcing service for over ten years. As in our business consulting team, most of our experts have engaged in company& Rep office registration and immigration service for more than 12 years. Over 90% of our clients become our long-term clients after enjoying our first time service. Our clients include many renowned enterprises such as IBM, John Deere, Borg Warner and others.

Services by Ningbo Expat provider Ningbo Pylon Co Ltd & Associates
Service Items Service Charge(RMB)
Employment Permit Cancellation外国人就业证注销 500
Rep Office Annual Inspection办事处工商年审 500
Rep office resident term and code certificate renewal办事处驻在期限延期+代码证延期 1500
Rep office address changing办事处地址变更 3000
Translation of Documents (per document)文件翻译 According to different languages, 60-320RMB per page 按照文件字数及语种,在每张60320不等
Temporary Register Form外国人临时居住证明办理 300
Lost report of all kinds of licenses各种证件的登报遗失 300
Working permit renewal就业证延期或变更 500
Resident Permit Renewal外国人居留许可签证延期 海曙区,江东区,江北区:800,鄞州区,北仑区,镇海区: 1200   Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei District: 800, Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai district: 1200
F visa application外国人商务签证延期 海曙区,江东区,江北区:800,鄞州区,北仑区,镇海区: 1200 Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei District: 800, Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai district: 1200
Tai Bao Zheng renewal- Taiwan people MTPs extension 台湾人台胞证延期 500
Employment Permit and working permit initial application就业证及居留许可首次申请 海曙区,江东区,江北区: 2500 鄞州区,北仑区,镇海区: 3500   Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei District: 2500, Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai district: 3500
Family Member Resident Permit Application家属居留许可申请 海曙区,江东区,江北区,鄞州区:1000  镇海区,北仑区: 1500    Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei district, Yinzhou district: 1000, Zhenhai, Beilun district: 1500
Official visa Invitation Letter application外国人签证邀请函 500
Health Check acompany外国人体检陪同 500
Rep office registration代表处注册 9000
Trading WFOE registration外商独资贸易公司注册 9000
Export and import rights application外商独资公司进出口权申请  3500
Joint Venture registration中外合资公司的注册 9000
Visa for Chinese people visiting other countries中国人出国签证(涵盖多数中国人常见的目的国签证申请) According to different countries and visa types, 900-1800 根据国家及签证类型不同,一般在900-1800之间
Legal advise Business and Family affairs Charges depending on the complexity of the process and governmental charges
Business Coaching for professionals 500 / hour / individual
Language training for professionals Charges depending on the complexity of the process
Seminars and Events organizing Charges depending on the complexity of the process
Other services not listed here, upon individual request. Charges depending on the complexity of the process and governmental charges
Overseas business registration Germany 80000
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