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Exhibition of calligraphy works of Lin Bangde held

The exhibition of the calligraphy works of Lin Bangde was started at the Yunzai Building of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum on the afternoon of September 10, exhibiting 50 calligraphy masterpieces of Li Bangde.

According to Lin, this exhibition is a special one exhibiting the calligraphy works with the theme of the Haishu District, as a part of the bigger "Calligraphy in Ningbo" exhibition. Besides the masterpieces that have once been exhibited at the National Art Museum of China, there are still over 20 newly composed calligraphy works depicting the natural scenes, the history, the culture and the sceneries of Haishu District. The works demonstrate the

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Rehearsal of new original modern Ningbo opera play starts

On the morning of September 10, the rehearsal of the original modern Ningbo opera play named “Red Azalea” was officially started in Ningbo Performing Arts Group for its premiere in late October. "Red Azalea" is a new play created by Ningbo Yong Opera Troupe, which has been included in the key supporting projects of the 2019 Ningbo Cultural Promotion Program and the key projects of stage art creation in Zhejiang Province.

Since it was proposed in 2016, the script of the play has been repeatedly polished for three years and has gone through seven drafts. The play tells the story of Zheng Yuanzheng, the KMT general commander and the police

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Global Cloud Computing Conference released "C30 Ningbo Consensus"

On the afternoon of September 3, a closed meeting of 30 leaders of the C30-Cloud Net World, jointly sponsored by Ningbo Big Data Development Administration, Ningbo Service Industry Development Bureau and Information Exhibition Group, was held at Pan Pacific Hotel in Ningbo. Thirty representatives from government departments, enterprises and academic research institutions attended the meeting and conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions on artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing.  The delegates spoke freely and finally reached the "C30 Ningbo Consensus."

2nd Zhejiang Dance Show held in Ningbo

The 2nd Zhejiang Dance Show was held at Ningbo Cultural Poly Grand Theater on the evening of September 9, presenting a wonderful dancing feast to the audience.

The dance show is jointly sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Dancers Association and Ningbo Literary Federation, and undertaken by Ningbo Dancers Association. The show will last for two days, and the 38 dancing works are selected out of the 64 works signed up for the show. Participating in the show are such professional literary and artistic groups as Zhejiang Song & Dance Theatre, Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theatre, and Ningbo Song & Dance

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36 games of 1st People’s Games to sign up

The first People’s Games of Ningbo officially opened recently. On September 3, it was learned from the sports department that 36 games will be held, and eligible citizens can sign up for the competition.  

Among them, 14 games will be held in September: 3-person basketball, dragon dance, square dance, kayak ball, international checkers, directional, squash, sports paddle board, bocce ball, dragon boat, mountaineering, Taiji (Mulan Boxing) , Health Qigong, water rescue; 13 games will be held in October: darts, five-a-side football, pulleys (cross-country skiing),

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