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Turnover of nearly 300 million yuan was made in the three-day expo

Around 60,000 visitors attended the Maritime Silk Road Cultural and Travel Expo, held 25-27 September in Ningbo. The expo was a remarkable success as a turnover of 293 million yuan was made and letters of intent worth 782 million yuan was reached, according to the statistics released by the organizing committee on September 28.

Through the integration of culture and tourism, Ningbo introduced a range of cultural and creative products as well as cultural tourist attractions in the exhibition. Whether it is the relics from Jingtou Mountains Site, the model of Baoguo Temple (built in Northern Song Dynasty), the display of Yue Kiln, Alabear (a mascot of Doingqian Lake’s LOHAS) or the Maitreya Buddha (the spokesperson of Xuedou Mountain), all allows visitors to better understand and have a crush on the city; the public made a panic purchase of small handicrafts made with intangible heritage techniques such as lacquer, homespun, bamboo weaving, and bone wood inlays.

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Creativity Lights up Cultural Tourism Fair of Maritime Silk Road

Around the topic of “cradle of Maritime Silk Road”, Yingzhou District rolled out urban tourism, rural tourism, intangible cultural heritage tourism and other special routes, attracting more than 50000 visitors in three days, and making more than 600,000 yuan on-site sales. Yingzhou district won the Best Popularity Award at this fair.

 To create special route products representing Maritime Silk Road culture, such as offshore atmosphere, Buddhism, seafood, porcelain, tea and yacht, Ningbo deepened cultural and tourism integration and significantly improved the tourism theme of "smiling Ningbo, an ancient port for Maritime Silk Road" and market appeal of its related products.

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3rd Ningbo Biennial Comprehensive Material Painting Exhibition to be held

The 3rd National (Ningbo) Biennial Comprehensive Material Painting Exhibition will be held inNingbothree years after the last session. From the afternoon of September 20 to the morning of 21, Ningbo Art Society organized the works reviewing for the exhibition at the Jiujiu Art Gallery of Ninghai County, inviting over 100 artists to discuss and share ideas for mutual improvement.

Six years ago, under the guidance of the Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Ningbo Art Gallery and Ningbo Art Society boldly innovated the mechanism to introduce the top experts and large-scale exhibitions in the field of comprehensive material painting from all over the country, and held the first and second National Biennial Comprehensive Material Painting Exhibitions in 2015 and 2017. In 2019, the 13th National Exhibition of Comprehensive Material Paintings was successfully held. After years of efforts,Ningbohas become an important venue for the country’s comprehensive material paintings. At the 12th national exhibition held in 2014, only two works from Ningbo were selected for the comprehensive material

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Culture and Tourism Expo of Marine Silk Road held

The press conference for the 2020 Ningbo Culture and Tourism Expo of Marine Silk Road was held on September 22, presenting the latest preparation and the top ten features and strengths of the expo.

The expo will be held at Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center from September 25 to 27, in five exhibition halls with a total area of 30,000 square meters. With the six themes of “deep integration between culture and tourism”, “cultural exchange”, “cultural Ningbo construction”, “cooperation between culture and finance”, “culture in life” and “recovery of tourist consumption”, the expo will launch the “cloud exhibition hall” for the real-time display and will carry out the “evening exhibition for culture and tourism” for the first time.

This year’s culture and tourism expo boasts of many international elements with strong atmosphere. As the main guest country, Russia will exhibit the “works by Tolstoy & translation manuscripts by Cao Ying”, the Russian oil paintings, as well as Russian artists’ handmade

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2020 China Ningbo Tea Industry Expo ends

2020 China Ningbo Tea Industry Expo ended on August 3 at Ningbo  International Convention and Exhibition Center. The on-site transaction  volume was more than 40 million yuan, and 5790 agreements of intent were  signed, involving an amount of about 85 million yuan.

As the first offline tea expo in Zhejiang Province in 2020, this year's  tea expo has an exhibition area of 14,370 square meters and more than 700  booths, attracting 215 companies from 69 famous tea producing areas across  the country.

A related person from the Planting and Seed Management Office of the  Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau said that the tea expo is set up by  the government and led by enterprises. It not only builds a one-stop tea  industry promotion, display and procurement platform, but also provides  consumers with exchanges, procurement, trade and other full-service  platforms. During the exhibition, the organizing committee will arrange  different types of activities every day, such as Korean tea ceremony

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