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Ningbo's annual goal of “Ease Consumptive City” launched

It is learned from Ningbo Market Superintend Management Bureau that focusing on the aim of building “Ease Consumptive City”, Ningbo carries out the 2020 Quality Supermarkets of Food Security Demonstration Action. Ningbo plans to newly build more than 3 provincial “Meat and Vegetable Security Demonstration Supermarkets", more than 5 “Ningbo Food Security Demonstration Supermarkets” and more than 60 ‘Ningbo Food Security Standard Supermarkets”. Ningbo will also conduct follow-up evaluations of 12 provincial “Meat and Vegetable Security Demonstration Supermarkets” and 32 “Ningbo Food Security Demonstration Supermarkets”. By the end of the year, the total number of "Security Supermarkets" will reach 100.

According to the task released by the provincial government, Ningbo will cultivate 30,000 ease consumptive companies, 10,000 no-hassle return companies, 4000 security plants and 13 security blocks.

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RMB 240 million made from Ningbo Tourism during May Day holiday

During the May Day holiday in 2020, shopping, eating and playing emerge as the indispensable trend, and the flow of people and sales in Ningbo’s major shopping districts rebounded. According to preliminary statistics, during this period, most of the city’s sales and passenger traffic increased by more than 50%, back to 80% in the same period in 2019.

Tian Yi Plaza, Wanda Plaza, Raffles City and other shopping districts took efforts to induce consumption, with different forms of festive activities and promotional offers, such as bazaar activities, handicraft DIY, live raffle and stream with goods. Yinzhou Wanda and Jiangbei Wanda issued 600 full discount coupons worth RMB 50 every day for 5 days; Sugai Outlet Plaza selected a consumer who spent RMB 3,000 or more per day for every day and gave away a Sugai Outlet stored value card worth RMB 3,000; Raffles City streamed the black technology and tasty snacks tucked in the Ningbo supermarket via Douyin.

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Ningbo Export Commodities Global Online Exhibition held

The Ningbo Export Commodities Global Online Exhibition 2020 was officially launched at 4pm, April 28.

Currently, as the global business activities impacted by the epidemic, a lot of offline exhibitions and trade shows have been cancelled, and there is a greater risk of the breaking of the international supply chain. In order to better implement the national, provincial and municipal decisions for stabilizing the foreign trade and helping the foreign trade enterprises to go through the difficult period, Ningbo has actively encouraged the enterprise to explore the international market through the online platforms. With the preliminary preparation and the two testing online fairs, Ningbo has accumulated a lot of resources in “cloud docking”.  

Within only 20 days, the online exhibitions of Ningbo have developed to the version 3.0. At present, Ningbo is cooperating with the international station of, a well-known cross-border B2B platform. Upon inspection of 12,771 registered

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Young agricultural entrepreneurs in Ningbo boost rural revitalization

Chen Zhong, a young agricultural entrepreneur, the creator of “Xie Da Ren”, has not stopped working during May Day holiday. He has tried Taobao livestreaming, Offline camping and short video launch…

“The patterns of consumption and selling goods have been changed. The consumer group has also been changed. After six to seven years’ effort, we have built a good platform traffic base and our online sales was around 20 million yuan in 2019.” The Chen family has been in the green crab business for 40 years for three generations. Finally, the young generation make“Xie Da Ren” out of Ninghai and roll out nationwide.

Thousands of young entrepreneurs in Ningbo have taken the plunge of rural innovation and entrepreneurship. They are well-educated and visionary. They know how to take advantage of the internet and marketing. They have become new types of professional farmers, the new emerging force of rural revitalization.

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22 venues of Ningbo included in provincial list of historical and cultural towns, villages and streets

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Government issued the list of the 6th group of provincial historical and cultural towns, villages and streets. 22 candidate towns, villages and streets of Ningbo are included in the list, including 15 towns and villages like the Simen Town of Yuyao County and the Shiqifang Village of Zhenhai District, and six streets like the Park Road along the Drum Tower area of Haishu District. So far, there have been five towns, 32 villages and 12 streets in Ningbo that have been included in the provincial lists of historical and cultural towns, villages and streets.

The application and approval of the 22 venues in Ningbo this time are of great significance in the full exploration and protection of the historical and cultural resources, the improvement of the protection system of the resources, and the inheritance and spreading of the distinctive history and culture of Ningbo.

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