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Construction starts for Hangzhou Bay Coastal New City

The ground-breaking ceremony of the five major projects, including the headquarters of Fotile and the Binhai Primary School, with a total investment of 4.3 billion yuan, was held on the morning of October 12 at the Hangzhou Bay area, marking the start of the construction of the Coastal New City of Hangzhou Bay New Zone.

The new city is located to the two sides of the southern bank of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge. With a total planned area of 78 square kilometers and a first-phase construction area of 12.8 square kilometers, and with the concept of "walking distance, international ideas, urban production and accessible implementation", the new city will include three theme towns, three theme lakes and three theme forests, integrating such facilities as enterprise headquarters, R&D centers, cultural parks, business complexes, business buildings, high-end education, high-end housing and cultural entertainment.

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Private enterprises in Ningbo seek docking with Fortune Global 500 companies

It is learned from Ningbo Business Commission that the "2016 dialogues between private enterprises and Fortune Global 500 companies" activity will be held on October 12 and 13 in Ningbo. So far, 33 Fortune Global 500 companies, including Rockwell, Bosch, Software, ABB, GE and Schneider Electric, and 18 prominent consultancies, such as Roland Berger, BLG, PwC and DTZ, have all confirmed their attendance to the activity.

The dialogue activity is an effective carrier for building the high-quality business and investment attracting platforms, docking with the resources of the Fortune Global 500 companies and leading enterprises and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the private economy. This year's session, jointly hosted by the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Business and Ningbo Municipal Government, with the theme of "intelligent manufacturing in Ningbo", will focus on the smart manufacturing and related industries and discuss the smart upgrading of various industries and enterprises, building a high-end platform for the whole-industry chain cooperation between Chinese private enterprises and the large multi-national corporations in the field of smart manufacturing.  

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The Revenue of Admission Tickets Surpasses 90 million yuan in Ningbo

According to news from Municipal Tourist Administration, from Oct.1st to the 4th, a total of 4.23 million tourists have been served by tourist attractions in Ningbo with the revenue of admission tickets reaching 90.25 million yuan, well above the records of 2015 during the same period.
In the first four days of the National Day Holiday, tours to renowned mountains, temples and seashores have witnessed a tremendous rise. The statistics show that till Oct.4th, 4A and 5A-class scenic spots have received 2.27-million tourists, gaining 55-million-yuan-worth revenue, among which 474,500 tourists have visited Xikou while 280,000 people gone to Dongqian Lake. Tourist attractions such as Xiangshan Studio City, Songlan Mountain Resorts, etc. have served more than 100,000 travelers while recreational streets such as Nantang Old Street and Gulouyan witnesses the arrival of more than 50,000 people every day. Places like Fanta Oriental Heritage, Qiantong Ancient Town and Ningbo Botanic Garden receive over 10,000 tourists per day.
It is known that the occupancy rate of accommodation facilities in Ningbo have reached 74%, among which starred commercial hotels have been fully reserved and booking a room in resort hotels and exquisite guesthouses adjacent to tourist attractions is nearly impossible. Travel agencies in Ningbo have formed altogether 1178 tourist groups which involve 30,041 people. The groups served have amounted to 1178 with a total of 23,811 tourists, increasing by almost 10% year on year

Intelligent manufacturing cross-border integration innovation center to be built in Ningbo

The project of intelligent manufacturing cross-border integration innovation center, to be jointly built by Ningbo Government, the Phoenix Satellite TV, the Haier Group, the Alibaba Group and Ningbo Institute of Information Technology Application, CAS, was launched on October 8. By giving full play to the advantages of the Haier Group, the Alibaba Group and the Phoenix Satellite TV, the center aims to provide new technologies, channels and brand support for the development and industrialization of the intelligent economy-related innovative products in Ningbo, and bring new thoughts, experience and resources for Ningbo's intelligent economy

A Rapid Development of Foreign Trade in Meishan

According to news from Meishan Customs recently, the total value of imports and exports in Meishan bonded port areas have registered 3.04 billion yuan till August, a year-on-year increase of 39.6%, among which the revenue of imports stand at 1.71 billion, showcasing a rapid rise of 120%. 
The statistics show that in three major trading markets, namely, the EU, the US and South Korea, the revenue of trade till August respectively stands at 860 million, 560 million and 410 million, increasing separately by 110 %, 140% and 91.8%. In terms of products, principal imports consist of electromechanical products, vehicles, textile and clothing.
The import of vehicles advances significantly. Since 2016, a steady growth has been witnessed in the number of imported vehicles, reaching 321 per month with the total value over 100 million yuan. Till the end of August, imported vehicles have totaled 2,575, the figure being 1.3 times that of the same period last year and a rise of 13.79% compared to the annual figure of 2015. The trade value have stood at 1.113 billion, a year-on-year increase of 223% and rise of 46.95% compared to its counterpart of 2015. 266 vehicles were imported in August, which involved 115 million yuan, the two figures respectively registering a year-on-year increase of 220% and 237%.

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