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Imports exceeds 4,000 tons at Ningbo Port in the First Half of 2017 Central and Eastern Europe food sells well in the Yangtze River Delta

Due to the three consecutive CHINA-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo in Ningbo, Ningbo Port now gradually became the first stop for Central and Eastern Europe food to enter Chinese market. Latest data from Ningbo Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau showed that the 4,012.29 tons of food imported from Central and Eastern Europe in the first half of 2017 was worth of 7.0688 million dollars with a year-on-year growth of 48.54% and 97.55% respectively.

It is learned that food imported from Central and Eastern Europe were mainly meat, wine, dairy products, vegetables and related products, beverage etc., most of which were shipped into Yangtze River Delta regions. To break it down, it included 2,083.59 tons of meat, 952.24 tons of wine, and 265.54 tons of dairy products. The food was imported from all the sixteen Central and Eastern Europe countries, of which Romania is the biggest importer of Ningbo with an import volume of 1,729.34 tons, accounting for 43.1% of the total value. Poland is the second largest importer after Romania with an import volume of 914.95 tons.

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23 projects of Ningbo to be signed on the upcoming three trade events

A special meeting was held to promote the signing of investment contract in the upcoming 3 expositions, whose names are “The 3rd Expo of Central and Eastern Europe”, “The 19th ZJITS”, and “The 16th CICGF” in respective. According to this meeting, the government and some companies of Ningbo are going to sign 23 important investment agreements this year, with a total amount of 4.482 billion dollars, which is 94.9% more than that of last year.

Compared with former ones, these project contracts have some new features. Firstly, foreign investors from different countries have increased a lot. Originally, investors only come from several countries, including the United States, France, Japan and so on, but this year, some investors from Israel, Norway and the Czech Republic etc. will also participate. 

Secondly, the percentage of high level projects also shows an upward trend. To be specific, as many as 43% of the 23 projects are high-level manufacture projects, among which there are mergers and acquisitions of companies in Ningbo by some of the world’s top 500 enterprises, production lines with the productivity of 6 million air purifying equipment per year, as well as manufacturing of

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US department store giant comes to Ningbo

A batch of cross-border commodity packages from the Macy's were received and cleared by the inspection and quarantine departments of Ningbo Airport, marking the official settlement of the department store giant at the airport, which means that the Ningbo citizens can have access to the globally prominent brands of the department store in the form of direct mail.

Macy's Inc., founded in 1858, is one of the largest retail department stores in the US. With about 800 stores throughout the country, it is one of the World's Top 500 Enterprises of the Fortune Magazine in 2016. The official website of Macy's will soon be launched to provide more brands to the Chinese consumers. As is reported, the department store expects to bring about 40,000 categories of registered commodities on the cross-border e-commerce system of Ningbo Airport, mainly including the prominent brands in such fields as clothes and shoes, high-end cosmetics, jewelry items and household goods. 

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Ningbo and Zhejiang business people back for city development

Each generation has something valuable to offer. Over recent years, hosts of Ningbo and Zhejiang business people come back for the transformation and upgrade of Ningbo economy in projects at an extended scale ranging from investment and trade to public welfare. Their return injects new spirit into the “Famous city” construction.

The data shows, over the last 5 years, the total projects reached 1,663 with an actual capital of 218.06 billion yuan, up by 26.1% than last year, coming the first in Zhejiang Province, which also promoted an investment growth of 89.34 billion yuan from other resources, taking up 24.6% of the total investment in Ningbo. Their return boosted the tax revenue; the total tax revenue reached 44.92 billion yuan.

Ningbo and Zhejiang businesspeople always play a significant role in Ningbo’s development. There is a growing number of them coming to and settling in Ningbo because of the enhancement of major project promotion mechanism, of the investment environment and of the upgrade of government services. Government has participated in 800 projects over the last 5 years and customer satisfaction of the government administrative approval services reached 100%

Haining Economic Promotion Association established in Ningbo

The Ningbo branch of Haining Economic Promotion Association was established on May 6, with the aim of promoting the economic, social and cultural exchanges between Ningbo and Haining. 56 enterprises of Haining origin became the first members of the association and Fu Mingde was elected director of the association.

As both are cities at the Yangtze River Delta area, Ningbo and Haining have similar geographical conditions and humanity traditions. Since the beginning of the reform and opening-up policy, an increasing number of entrepreneurs of Haining origin have started their own businesses in Ningbo. So far, there are several thousand entrepreneurs of Haining origin in Ningbo, who have started or co-founded over 70 enterprises in such fields as real estate, logistics, business and trade, import and export, cultural media and printing. Some prominent brands are developed by such enterprises, including the Kaiyao Electronics, Sugar Report, Doctor Miao Nationality, and Qilai Pet Clinic.

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