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Ningbo White-collar Workers Get Rmb6,812 on Average for Year-end Bonus

With less than half a month until the Spring Festival, year-end bonus naturally became the top concern of “nine-to-fivers”. A survey into the annual bonus of white-collar workers was derived from the Ningbo website of Zhaopin, a Chinese employment agency, in Jan. 12th. According to it, the average amount white-collar workers in Ningbo received is Rmb6,812. Of all the respondents, 46.2% said that they could get a bonus while another 15.4% were told their bonus had been delayed until after the New Year holiday.

Payouts also varied substantially with 19.8% getting less than Rmb1,000. Workers whose bonuses were between Rmb5,001 and Rmb10,000 occupied the largest proportion, reaching 31.6%. Besides, those with a bonus of Rmb1,001- 5,000 and Rmb10,001- 20,000 accounted for 28.9% and 15.5% respectively. And there were 4.2% claiming over Rmb20,000 income.

A high-tech firm in the High-tech Zone of Ningbo offered a huge bonus to its employers. “The company has showed excellent performance in 2017, totaling 0.5 billion in revenue. So the fruit of its development should be shared by all.” However, in another foreign trade company, employee Liu Pingping voiced her concern about her year-end bonus: “The general situation of the company in 2017 is quite stern. I suppose even though there were bonuses, they would be symbolic, without carrying much value.”

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Ningbo Promotion Meeting for Cultural and Creative Industry held in Beijing

As a major event of the 2016 Ningbo (Beijing) Investment & Cooperation Fair, the 2016 Ningbo Promotion Meeting for Cultural and Creative Industry was held in Beijing on the morning of December 16. Wan Yawei, member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Director of Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, and Liang Qun, member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hangzhou Bay New Zone, attended the meeting. 
The promotion attracted a lot of attention from financial funds and investment organizations, and led to the signing of 18 cultural and creative projects, with the contract volume of 23.85 billion yuan. Among others, Poly Culture Group signed the agreement with the city to conduct the overall cooperation in such fields as art management and auction, film and TV production, performance and stage management, cultural tourism and cultural assets operation and management. Ningbo Daily Group signed an agreement with Ningbo Wanke Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. to build the "C-park", an urban education complex. 
According to the Publicity Department, in recent years, Ningbo Party Committee and Ningbo Government have attached great importance to cultural industry and have made strengthening the cultural industry a strategic task for the city, leading to the promising trend with growing speed, enlarging scale, optimized structure and improving clustering level. In 2015, there were 25856 cultural legal person units in Ningbo, with an added value for cultural and creative industry of 56.514 billion yuan, accounting for 7.1% of the total GDP of the city. Ningbo ranked No.2 in terms of the cultural and creative industry output, and its cultural manufacturing industry output ranked No.1 in Zhejiang Province. 

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Ningbo-Beijing Investment and Cooperation Fair held

The 2016 Ningbo-Beijing Investment and Cooperation Fair was held in Beijing on the afternoon of December 16. Tang Yijun, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor of Ningbo, attended the fair and delivered an important speech. Also present at the fair are Huang Shuhe, Former Deputy Director of SASAC, Wang Liheng, Former General Manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jin Xiaoming, Director of Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Li Wei, Senior Engineer of CISRI and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yu Mengsun, Honorary Director of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as such municipal leaders as Wang Jianbo, Fang Yawei, Liang Qun, Hu Jun, Li Guanding and Wang Jianshe. 
With the theme of "innovation + demonstration + cooperation", the fair will organize negotiations and agreement signing for investment and cooperation with Ningbo by state-owned enterprises, scientific research institutes, innovation enterprises, financial agencies and prominent businessmen of Zhejiang origin. 

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Ningbo Agricultural Products Fair held

The 2016 Ningbo Production & Sales Fair for Agricultural Products, sponsored by Ningbo Commission of Commerce and hosted by Yinzhou District Business Bureau, was held at the Universe Intime City on the afternoon of December 16. A total of 72 agricultural product suppliers attended the fair to promote the local agricultural products, bringing about great benefits for such food purchasers as supermarkets, vegetable distribution companies, agricultural products e-commerce platforms and catering businesses as well as the ordinary residents. 
Reportedly, the air covers an area of about 5500 square meters with 100 standard exhibition booths. To the convenience of the consumers, the fair is divided into four exhibition blocks, respectively for eggs, husbandry, aquatic products, and vegetables & fruits. 
According to a person in charge from Ningbo Commission of Commerce, the fair aims to resolve the conflicts between production and purchase and realize the tripartite wins. Purchasers can choose the suitable procurement channels in line with their own needs and greatly reduce the procurement costs, suppliers can get timely market feedback and optimize their production structure to promote the O2O sales, while consumers can purchase the quality agricultural products at a more reasonable price for the coming Spring Festival.

Air Cargo Volume Surpasses Last Year

With the rapid development of the airline route network expansion, Ningbo air cargo industry is increasingly prosperous. According to Ningbo Customs, Ningbo’s total import and export value of air cargo from January to November 2016 reached 2.25 billion US dollars, surpassing the last year’s total by 10.2% and the total import and export volume reached 25,159 tons with a year-on-year increase of 3.9%.

Compared with ocean shipping, air shipping is more fast and convenient. From the beginning of 2016, along with the expansion of International express delivery services and the increasingly rapid development of cross-boarder e-commerce, Ningbo Lishe International Airport have added more airline routes and opened 3 air cargo routes. Many foreign trade companies choose the airfreight transportation. All these contributed to the increase of export volume of air cargo.

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