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"618" Promotion Is Fully Opened, and the Sales of Some Ningbo Enterprises

This year's "618" mid-year promotion is regarded by the industry as a "key battle" for the concentrated release of consumption potential, and at 8 p.m. before the night, the promotion was fully opened, and the "tail payer" was launched again. What is the performance of Ningbo enterprises in this e-commerce "big test"? Yesterday, this reporter paid a visit to this end.

"In just 2 hours since 8 pm last night, our sales in online channels have exceeded 1 million yuan. Among them, the 0-coated non-stick series accounted for more than 50%. As of 3 pm today, the Sanhe 0-coated micro-nano non-stick wok has occupied the fifth place on the Tmall stainless steel wok list and ranked seventh on the Tmall uncoated wok list. Speaking of the opening battle of "618", the person in charge of the Sanhe kitchenware market said excitedly that in the absence of live broadcast promotion of talents, this year's new products can get such results, which has exceeded expectations, "Behind the good results is our black technology after tens of thousands of trial and error and improvement - bionic micro-nano non-stick technology, which can use hundreds of millions of micro-nano hole structures and micro-boiling oil film, and truly achieve 0 coating and non-stick."

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First intercontinental flight of 2023 takes off from Ningbo to Budapest

The first direct flight from Ningbo to Budapest takes off. (Photo by Fan Hong)

On the afternoon of May 29, Ningbo celebrated the inauguration of its first intercontinental flight this year with a direct passenger flight from Ningbo to Budapest. This significant milestone brings Ningbo closer to Central and Eastern Europe, fostering stronger ties between the two regions.

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24th Ningbo International Machine Tool & Equipment Exhibition held

The Busy merchants, dazzling intelligent robots, high-end equipment and new elements of intelligent manufacturing are everywhere at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the holding of the 24th Ningbo International Machine Tool & Equipment Exhibition, various equipment in the six exhibition halls are displaying the new trend of intelligent manufacturing in Ningbo.

As the first of its kind held after the epidemic, the exhibition has attracted a large number of participating enterprises with their main products. At the exhibition area of FLD (Ningbo) Robotics Co., Ltd., Zhu Qilin, who is in charge, was busy greeting and seeing off visitors. 

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Ningbo enterprises attend Food Expo Greece

The three-day Food Expo Greece was rounded off in Athens on the afternoon of March 20. The four enterprises from Ningbo attended the expo and snatched a total import order volume of US$150 million, with such products as olive oil, red wine, seafood and health products, leading to new achievements of Ningbo's import from central and eastern European countries. 

Since its start in 2006, the Food Expo Greece has developed into the largest specialized food and beverage exhibition in Southeast Europe, serving as an important platform for businesses to explore the European market. This year's session of the expo has an exhibition area of 45,000 square meters, attracting over 1000 exhibitors.

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Ningbo Airport Shore Run with "Acceleration", Helping Build an International Fresh Food Hub Port

In the context of consumption upgrading, the rich variety of imported fresh food is becoming a "delicacy on the tip of the tongue" for everyone. On March 16, a batch of live yellow eels weighing 15.5 tons arrived at Ningbo Lishe International Airport from Manila, Philippines, and will be on the tables of surrounding consumers through the seafood market in the Yangtze River Delta region.

"From landing to pick-up, it only took 3 hours." Hu Yongqiang, general manager of Ningbo Jiirong Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., the carrier of this shipment, said, "The efficient customs clearance efficiency of Ningbo Airport and Port and the intimate service of Ningbo Airport Customs and other government departments have strengthened our determination to base ourselves in Ningbo and radiate the whole country." ”

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