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2023 Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum to be held

The 2023 Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum will be held in Hong Kong on June 27. The event will surely reflect the bright light of Ningbo, the "Oriental port", and the romantic style of Hong Kong, the "Oriental pearl", and serve as a wonderful chapter of the story between the two cities.

Ningbo and Hong Kong are both international port cities, with close blood ties, cultural connections, commercial connections, and a long history of communication. Since the first Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum was held in 2002, the two cities have utilized local sentiment as a link and the forum as a medium to attract investment, talents, and social exchanges, with complementary advantages and mutual benefit.

The achievements of the previous sessions of the forum can be shown by the following statistics: 259 cooperation projects were signed at previous forums,

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Who is the "Yangmei King" in Ningbo?

More than 60 Yangmei samples from the city participated in the competition

On June 20th, the 2023 Ningbo Boutique Yangmei Selection, hosted by Ningbo Agricultural Technology Promotion Station, was held in Cicheng, Jiangbei District. At the selection, 64 samples of Yangmei

from all over the city competed for the Gold and Silver Award through comprehensive evaluation of appearance, taste, and other factors.

At 9:30 am on the same day, participating Yangmei from various farms were successively delivered to the venue, and the staff numbered and placed the samples one by one.

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Gloomy external demands bring out Ningbo's resilience in foreign trade

Faced with the challenges brought by weak external demands, Ningbo's foreign trade continues to show its great tenacity.

According to data released by Ningbo Customs on June 12, Ningbo achieved an import and export volume of 111.37 billion yuan in May this year, an increase of 1.7% compared with the same period of last year, reaching the level of 100 billion yuan for three consecutive months. Among others, the export value exceeded 70 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.8%; and the import volume exceeded 40 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.3%.

In the first five months, the total import and export volume of foreign trade in Ningbo was 514.19 billion yuan, a slight decrease of 0.2% compared to the previous four months. To be specific, the export value was 334.33 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.4%; and the import volume was 179.86 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1.2%.

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First China Aviation Manufacturing Equipment Expo will come to Ningbo in October

On the afternoon of June 20th, it was learned from the Municipal Service Industry Development Bureau that the first China Aviation Manufacturing Equipment Expo will be held in our city in October this year.

It is reported that this Expo is the first exhibition project created by Aviation Industry Corporation of China. It will bring together the resources and wisdom in the global aviation manufacturing field, with a total of six exhibition areas, aiming to build the Expo into a communication and cooperation platform for domestic aviation manufacturing equipment exhibitions.

“As the flower of modern technology and industry, the aviation industry can enhance its independent innovation ability and drive the rapid development of high-tech industrial clusters. "Bao Zhaoxin, Director of the Exhibition and Logistics Development Department of the Municipal Service Industry Development Bureau, informed us that the aviation industry has a strong fit with the layout of Ningbo's leading industries and strategic emerging industries.

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Tea Industry Tea Technology tea culture

Our city coordinates the integration of "three teas"

Ningbo, adhering to the high-quality development orientation and based on the advantages, has made overall plans to integrate tea industry, tea technology and tea culture to promote the steady and healthy development of the tea industry. Tea leaves play an active role in promoting rural industry revitalization and common prosperity.

Ningbo is a famous tea producing area in China. After years of development, its tea industry has shown three characteristics: regionalization of industrial layout, specialization of production and operation, and branding of high-quality green tea. The production areas of over 10000 mu in the city are mainly concentrated in Yuyao, Ninghai, Fenghua, Xiangshan, Yinzhou, and Haishu. There are 94000 mu of clonal tea gardens suitable for high value-added tea production, accounting for 44% of the total tea garden area, and it has become the main

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