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Being a team of German and Chinese professionals with years of experience as a comprehensive human resources and business consulting service provider, we provide clients with unique and multiple service projects which are time tested and humanized. As the first service provider in Ningbo who focus on clients of foreign expats and foreign enterprises we believe our services will bring clients with great convenience and additional value. Many of our service standards become the industry standards through the years.

We speak German, English and Chinese as mother language and on a high level.

We understand our corporate clients pay extremely high attention to work efficiency and staff’s benefits. With the development of global economic integration, we all have to focus our resources to core business to win the market. It’s why we work diligently to create new service products, to develop more efficient service flow. We have only one goal: to save client’s resources with our service.

Our faith to service clients is strongly supported by our distinctive service team. In our HR outsourcing service team, we have senior consultants who are constantly committed to HR outsourcing service for over ten years. As in our business consulting team, most of our experts have engaged in company& Rep office registration and immigration service for more than 12 years. Over 90% of our clients become our long-term clients after enjoying our first time service. Our clients include many renowned enterprises such as IBM, John Deere, Borg Warner and others.

  • Ningbo Pylon Co Ltd,
  • Haishu, Gulou Pedestrian Zone,
  • 121 Gong Yuan Lu, Zhongshan Business Building,
  • Office 330-331. 0574-87281106   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Services by Ningbo Expat provider Ningbo Pylon Co Ltd & Associates
Service Items Service Charge(RMB)
Employment Permit Cancellation外国人就业证注销 500
Rep Office Annual Inspection办事处工商年审 500
Rep office resident term and code certificate renewal办事处驻在期限延期+代码证延期 1500
Rep office address changing办事处地址变更 3000
Translation of Documents (per document)文件翻译 According to different languages, 60-320RMB per page 按照文件字数及语种,在每张60320不等
Temporary Register Form外国人临时居住证明办理 300
Lost report of all kinds of licenses各种证件的登报遗失 300
Working permit renewal就业证延期或变更 500
Resident Permit Renewal外国人居留许可签证延期 海曙区,江东区,江北区:800,鄞州区,北仑区,镇海区: 1200   Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei District: 800, Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai district: 1200
F visa application外国人商务签证延期 海曙区,江东区,江北区:800,鄞州区,北仑区,镇海区: 1200 Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei District: 800, Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai district: 1200
Tai Bao Zheng renewal- Taiwan people MTPs extension 台湾人台胞证延期 500
Employment Permit and working permit initial application就业证及居留许可首次申请 海曙区,江东区,江北区: 2500 鄞州区,北仑区,镇海区: 3500   Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei District: 2500, Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai district: 3500
Family Member Resident Permit Application家属居留许可申请 海曙区,江东区,江北区,鄞州区:1000  镇海区,北仑区: 1500    Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei district, Yinzhou district: 1000, Zhenhai, Beilun district: 1500
Official visa Invitation Letter application外国人签证邀请函 500
Health Check acompany外国人体检陪同 500
Rep office registration代表处注册 9000
Trading WFOE registration外商独资贸易公司注册 9000
Export and import rights application外商独资公司进出口权申请  3500
Joint Venture registration中外合资公司的注册 9000
Visa for Chinese people visiting other countries中国人出国签证(涵盖多数中国人常见的目的国签证申请) According to different countries and visa types, 900-1800 根据国家及签证类型不同,一般在900-1800之间
Legal advise Business and Family affairs Charges depending on the complexity of the process and governmental charges
Business Coaching for professionals 500 / hour / individual
Language training for professionals Charges depending on the complexity of the process
Seminars and Events organizing Charges depending on the complexity of the process
Other services not listed here, upon individual request. Charges depending on the complexity of the process and governmental charges
Overseas business registration Germany 80000

Staff sourcing, Accounting work etc just talk to us

Battery export affected by foreign policies

Since the beginning of this year, the major economies have carried out a series of new technology and safety regulations for batteries and related products, which has had a great impact on the battery export of Ningbo

New education brand settles down in Jiangbei District

Recently, the Ningbo Shanghai World Foreign Languages School and the Jiangbei Foreign Languages Art School have started their new fall semester.

In August 2015, Jiangbei District introduced the education brand of Shanghai World Foreign Languages School in its cooperation with the Junyao Group of Shanghai, resulting in an agreement to open a private school (Ningbo Shanghai World Foreign Languages School) which will also manage a public school (Jiangbei Foreign Languages Art School). This is the first case of public school trusted by private school in Ningbo as well as a high-quality transplant of Shanghai's education resources to Ningbo.

Ningbo Shanghai World Foreign Languages School will introduce the "DREAM" courses of its Shanghai counterpart, with the small-class teaching model, the integration of Chinese and foreign teaching and second foreign language courses. By combining the quality textbooks of the two cities, the school will break up the traditional disciplinary fields and adopt the combining model of subjects and theme courses. Besides, the school will have such sports societies as martial arts, basketball and water polo for students and organize the students to participate in the related intern-school competition with schools in Shanghai and some foreign areas to promote the overall development of its students. The school aims to build itself a long-lasting brand school and help the students to become the elite with good manners, bravery, knowledge, sports skills and cooperative spirit. Meanwhile, the administration of the Jiangbei Foreign Languages Art School will be entrusted to Ningbo Shanghai World Foreign Languages School

Forum for smart equipment application and innovation held

Jointly sponsored by Ningbo Smart Manufacturing Association, Ningbo Administration and Service Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Ningbo Siasun Robots Technology Co. Ltd., Ningbo Smart Equipment Application and Innovation Forum was held recently at Ningbo National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. The scholars, experts and enterprise representatives had a comprehensive discussion on the theme of smart equipment innovation, with the aim of promoting the in-depth docking and cooperation between production and research.

At the forum, six experts and scholars delivered theme lectures on such topics as "smart equipment development and digitalized manufacturing" and "robot-driven manufacturing model reforms". According to them, the robot manufacturing field in China currently suffers from the surplus of low-end industries and shortage of high-end research & development. "The manufacturing industry in Ningbo is in great need of smart transformation. To avoid the downward trend of the high-end industries, Ningbo should pay more attention to the demand of the manufacturing industry, make good use of the local R&D resources and realize the smart transformation." said Li Zhenggang, General Manager of Hangzhou Siasun Robot Automation Co. Ltd.

Also at the forum, seven institutions, including Ningbo Administration and Service Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ningbo Siasun Robot Technology Co. Ltd. and Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology, CAS, signed the demonstration cooperative projects to promote the smart transformation standard of Ningbo

Over 8000 overseas talents start up in Ningbo

 231 enterprises, 140 of which realized sales of 2.88 billion yuan last year with profit and tax totaled 490 million yuan, having 1171 patents for invention and creating 582 new produces above the municipal level. It was achieved by Ningbo overseas high-level talents of “3315 plan”(a plan for attracting enterprising and innovative talents from abroad ) and also by more than 8000 overseas high-level talents who start up their business in Ningbo. 
“I’m attracted by its sincerity and kindness when I first come to Ningbo!” said by Dr. Dou from pharmaceutics fields of London Institute, UK in the promotion meeting under the policy of overseas talents innovation and entrepreneurship on the afternoon of Sept. 23rd . Dr. Dou, originally from Shanxi Province, heard of Ningbo in an overseas promotion meeting by accident and was moved by its sincerity for introducing talents home and abroad. This time, his instructor asked him to bring advanced technology in pharmaceutics fields into Ningbo with his team to see if they can fit here well.
“The competition of cities is that of talents in nature. Ningbo has more strongly craved for talents than ever before and than his brother cities.” In the promotion meeting, Zhang Liangcai, the Deputy Minister of Ningbo Municipal Organizational Department and Director of Municipal Talents Office, focused on introducing Ningbo’s entrepreneurship environment and talents policy: Ningbo once made “3315 plan” and the like specially which cover serial preferntial policies of aspects like overseas talents starting up, work, like and so on; they created a multilevel innovative and venture carrier based on colleges, scientific research institutions, enterprises, etc; they adopted the diverse ways of attracting talents from home and abroad and combining on-the-spot recruitment and online negotiation; they also established entrepreneurship and innovation service alliance consist of 25 functional departments, offering high-level talents professional service all the way and all the time with cooperation of departments and that of the city and its counties. The new policy for talents published last year has created 25 policies in 5 aspects, providing strong support for the talents from every aspect.
    With such policy and support, lots of overseas talents are excited and wanted to try. Many of them from different places imply their willingness of staying in Ningbo to pursue their dreams. It is known that 9 of them displayed their innovative programs to every park and enterprises in Ningbo through live presentation on Sept, 23rd , which was sought after by several companies.

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