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A Rapid Development of Foreign Trade in Meishan

According to news from Meishan Customs recently, the total value of imports and exports in Meishan bonded port areas have registered 3.04 billion yuan till August, a year-on-year increase of 39.6%, among which the revenue of imports stand at 1.71 billion, showcasing a rapid rise of 120%. 
The statistics show that in three major trading markets, namely, the EU, the US and South Korea, the revenue of trade till August respectively stands at 860 million, 560 million and 410 million, increasing separately by 110 %, 140% and 91.8%. In terms of products, principal imports consist of electromechanical products, vehicles, textile and clothing.
The import of vehicles advances significantly. Since 2016, a steady growth has been witnessed in the number of imported vehicles, reaching 321 per month with the total value over 100 million yuan. Till the end of August, imported vehicles have totaled 2,575, the figure being 1.3 times that of the same period last year and a rise of 13.79% compared to the annual figure of 2015. The trade value have stood at 1.113 billion, a year-on-year increase of 223% and rise of 46.95% compared to its counterpart of 2015. 266 vehicles were imported in August, which involved 115 million yuan, the two figures respectively registering a year-on-year increase of 220% and 237%.

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5 Enterprises in Cixi Paid an Insurance Indemnity of 3 Million Yuan

As a result of the abrupt bankruptcy of TERMOZETA, a renowned Italian purchaser, Export Credit Insurance Agency of Yuyao and Cixi (thereinafter referred to as the Agency) paid an indemnity of nearly 3 million yuan to 5 enterprises recently including Huayu, Yueli, Riwei, Keshuai and Huaguang Electric Appliance Company.
It is known that at the end of June, 2016, TERMOZETA applied for preliminary bankruptcy, which purchased household appliances long from related enterprises in Cixi. Owing to the suddenness and wide-ranged effects, many enterprises in Ningbo were hit by tremendous shock and at a loss, among which many were still producing and preparing to ship electric appliances. The Agency released a warning at first time, bringing 5 enterprises to lodge cases with 3 million yuan involved.  
Thereafter, a green and efficient indemnity mechanism was initiated to intensively address these cases. At present, the Agency has delivered unified notifications to the 5 enterprises while handing reparations separately to their representatives with the money totaled at nearly 3 million yuan.

Industrial Economy in Ningbo Witnesses Continuous Rebound

Since the beginning of 2016, the industrial economy in Ningbo has risen steadily, remaining to be a major force driving overall economic growth. From Jan. to Aug., industrial added value has registered 177.64 billion, a year-on-year increase of 8.1%. The performance of the enterprises has been improving while new momentums keep pooling in.

In terms of the industry, arising momentums like new industries, business modes and entities successfully replace old ones to become new engines for steady growth. From Jan. to Aug., the added value of strategic emerging industries has increased by 10 % compared with the same period last year. High-end equipment manufacturing and the new material industry that have been prioritized separately rise by 9.3% and 9.5%, overtaking the average increase of industries above a designated scale in Ningbo. Scientific and technological innovation further releases the potential for advancement. The expenditure on science and technology of above-scale industries has grown by 16.3%, marking a year-on-year increase of 11.4 percentage points. The output value of new products has risen by 14.9% from the same period in 2015, which thereby promotes that of above-scale industries by 4.2 percentage points. The ratio of output value of new products stands at 30.9%, increasing by 2.6 percentage points year on year.

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Highlights of Recreational Activities during the National Day Holiday Week

A lot of residents in Ningbo choose to stay at home during the National Day holiday considering the congestion in popular scenic spots. Let’s see what activities you can participate in for this holiday.   
Movies with distinct features
During the holiday, 17 movies have been released including I Belonged to You, Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (L.O.R.D), Operation Mekong, etc., all of which will compete with each other for box office with their distinct features.

The film—L.O.R.D is an adaptation of Guo Jingming’s novel published in 2010, renowned as the first magical fantasy movie combining CG and all real characters in Chinese film industry. But as for its performance and visual effects, spectators have the final say. Another film—Operation Mekong is an action movie about gangsters and police directed by Dante Lam and adapted from a real-life event. Based on the reflection from spectators across the country who have watched the film in advance, the movie is remarkable. The two movies are promising to be the winner in terms of box office.
There is also a special play targeted at children. A 3D interactive and creative child play from Spain— Hi, Big Whale was presented in Ningbo Cultural Square Theater on Oct.1st, being the first child play with 3D technique performed in China. It assists children in perceiving the relationship between humans and the nature in a subtle way. On the night of Oct.7th, the folk concert, namely, Beijing Symphony Orchestra Concert will also be displayed.

Cultural Activities to be appreciated and participated in

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Over 1000 overseas engineers introduced to Ningbo

It is learned from Ningbo Foreign Experts Bureau that by June this year, Ningbo have introduced 1216 overseas engineers, who have helped related enterprises to apply for 4055 patents and developed 13371 new products, leading to a direct added output value of over 26.4 billion yuan and a direct added tax revenue of 2.1 billion yuan.

What is important to note is that Ningbo has implemented a series of policies to attract the foreign experts. Since 2010, Ningbo has taken the lead in China to encourage enterprises to attract overseas engineers. An annual grant of up to 600,000 yuan has helped to accelerate the introduction of overseas experts. The CSMT Center, a new type of intelligence-introducing platform has been established to attract foreign expert teams on a large scale and realize the face-to-face docking of the regional industries. The Old Bund area has been built as the "international talent community", setting up a comfortable living environment for the foreign experts working in Ningbo.

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