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SF East China Innovation Industry Headquarters Base Settled in Haishu

Yesterday morning, SF East China Innovation Industry Headquarters Base laid the foundation in Haishu, focusing on building a new industry development platform with "smart technology + aviation multimodal transport + cross-border e-commerce + cold chain base" as its core competitiveness, and creating a new "smart logistics" business card.

It is reported that the base is located in Gulin Town, with a total area of about 136 acres, with Jishigang River in the east, Guanglin Road in the west, Yinxian Avenue in the south, and Qiantang River in the north. The total construction area is 110,000 square meters. The total planned investment is Over 1 billion yuan, with "smart" and "innovation" as the themes, is an important layout of SF Group's overall strategy based on supply chain technological innovation and smart logistics development.

SF Express, which has been rooted in the ancient forest for more than 10 years, has a deep affection for Haishu. "Haishu has a good location advantage, gathering airports, high-speed rails, postal ports, etc., and convenient transportation. The district committee and district government attaches great importance to the development of smart

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Ningbo releases its “nature notes” on biodiversity conservation

Ningbo has been devoted to biodiversity conservation. As of today, 51 of the 2183 species of wild plants in Ningbo and 79 of the 546 species of wild terrestrial vertebrates were listed as national priorities for protection, according to the authority.

"Protecting wildlife resources is the only way to leave a biological treasure trove for future generations," the relevant person in charge said that Ningbo boasted an exceptionally favorable natural environment, nurturing rich and unique biological and natural ecosystems. In recent years, the city has been studying Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization, integrating the construction of ecological civilization into the overall process of economic and social development, and vigorously implementing major projects for biodiversity conservation. Biodiversity conservation has become a bright name card of Ningbo.

According to the city's "nature notes" on biodiversity conservation, the city enjoys 6,650,100 mu of forest area, with a forest coverage rate of about 48%, and a wide variety of plants, including 2,183 species of wild plants, 51 species of them under state protection. That covers four species under the first-grade state protection: Chinese leeks,

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Ningbo's Loan Balance in the First Three Quarters Increased by 13.4% Year-on-Year

Since the beginning of this year, our city's banking financial institutions have fully implemented a prudent monetary and credit policy and increased the supply of credit funds for the real economy. According to statistics from the Ningbo Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China, in the first three quarters, the city's loan balance in domestic and foreign currencies was 284.932 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.4% and an increase of 304.15 billion yuan from the beginning of the year.

Based on the reality of the jurisdiction, the city’s pedestrian system unifies its thoughts and actions to serve the real economy, serve the reform and opening up, and serve Ningbo as an “important window” model student and the establishment of a common prosperous pioneer city. It is flexible and precise in accordance with the monetary policy. Reasonable and moderate requirements, guide small and medium-sized corporate institutions to rationally arrange the total amount, structure and pace of credit loans, increase support for private, small and micro, "three rural" and other fields; guide financial institutions to make reasonable profit and guide small and micro enterprises to raise funds Cost is stable at a low level; actively promote and apply debt financing tools such as carbon neutral bonds, innovation and entrepreneurship bonds, and private enterprise bonds to help companies raise funds.

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2021 Ningbo Fashion Festival rounded off

On October 24, the 2021 Ningbo Fashion Festival and the 25th Ningbo International Garment Festival ended successfully. Over the past four days, more than 30 activities have been held in Ningbo, a famous fashion city, including the fashion exhibition, economic and trade forums, fashion events, fashion release meetings, consumption experience activities, international cooperation and fashion sharing activities. 265 brands from 218 enterprises have made a brilliant debut to show the world the fashion from the Orient.

During the festival, over 25,000 domestic professional merchants and 28 trade delegations from more than 20 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions came to Ningbo for negotiation and procurement, and over 10,000 ordinary visitors participated in the interaction. The click times of the online cloud exhibitions and the cloud live exhibitions held by mainstream media in the same period exceeded four million.

The fashion industry in Ningbo orienting the source of its unique value with a new vision and opening up a new situation in the great changes

2021 National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Ningbo Branch kicks off

On October 19, the Ningbo branch of the 2021 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week kicked off in Beilun District.

The National Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Week has been held since 2015. This year’s National Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Week with the theme of “high-quality innovative creation, high-level entrepreneurship and employment”, based on the new development stage, implementing new development concepts, building a new development pattern, focus more on promoting the improvement of employment quantity and quality with entrepreneurship, and support technology self-reliance with entrepreneurship, stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship with reform, promote common prosperity for all with innovation and entrepreneurship, and improve the participation and sense of gain of entrepreneurs.

The Ningbo branch venue will incorporate the elements of "Science and Innovation China", holding a series of activities such as summit forums,

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