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World's Largest Oil Tanker Completed Its "Marine Declaration" in Ningbo

On August 4th, the world's largest oil tanker "TI Europe" made a declaration to Ningbo Customs when 260,000 tons of Oman crude oil and 110,000 tons of Saudi intermediate oil were transported to Daxie port. The Ningbo Customs wasted no time to open the “Green Channel” and quickly completed customs procedures for the cargo.

"Marine declaration" refers to a facilitation measure for customs clearance in Ningbo customs. Enterprises can declare to the customs before the goods arrive at the port. Specifically, when import and export enterprises get the cargo lists or inventories and identified the name, specification and quantity of the goods, they can deal with the customs procedures within three days before the cargo arrives at the customs supervision zone or at the port. The goods can be released quickly by sending a tally report to the customs office after they are actually in port.

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Daxie Development Zone witnesses increase of crude oil imports

It is learned from the management committee of the Daxie Development Zone that in the first half of this year, the zone received a total load of 14.227 million tons of crude oil, including 8.38 million tons from the countries of the belt and road area, accounting for 59% of the total imports.

Reportedly, all the crude oil imports are unloaded by Shihua Wharf and Ningbo Daxie PetroChina Fuel Oil Terminal Co. Ltd. In recent years, with its unique geographical advantages and the ever-increasing unloading capacity, the zone has been receiving about one tenth of the total crude oil imports in China annually.

The Shihua Wharf has one 250,000-ton berth and a 20,000-ton berth. Since the launching of the Belt and Road Initiative, we have received more crude oil imports from the countries of the belt and road area year by year. said a person in charge from the company. The initiative has brought new opportunities for the company. Since the launching of the initiative, the target crude oil suppliers have been expanded to Asia, Africa and the South America, with the imports from the belt and road area growing steadily. The ESPO from Russia, the AXL from Saudi Arabia and the IH from Iran are imported for the first time. So far, the wharf has received and unloaded 20 kinds of crude oil imports, greatly ensuring the domestic needs

C-park to be built in Ningbo

At the 2017 Shenzhen-Ningbo Week Promotion Meeting for the Cultural and Creative Industrial Projects, the C-Park project, the first all-age-level and all-hour urban education complex in China, to be jointly built by Ningbo Daily Group and Wanke Group, attracted a lot of attention.

The park is a one-stop urban quality education base, where a series of educational industries will settle down, as well as various kinds of high-quality training agencies and the cultural and creative business that will become a special lifestyle. Meanwhile, the creative art shows and outdoor creative space project will be introduced to the park to provide the public with more colorful cultural and leisure life, making it an education-themed park integrating indoor and outdoor spaces.

C-park aims to be built as the most influential quality education platform in Ningbo.” said a person in charge of the project. To cater to the people of different ages, the park will introduce the best quality education brands and all kinds of training industries. As long as you are interested in learning, you can find something proper for you, including children, white-collar people, new parents and even the senior citizens.

So far, the project has been started, and the business attraction work is well under way. The park is projected to open officially to public in the spring of 2018

Amazon service station opens in Yinzhou

On the afternoon of July 25, the Amazon “global store” service station was officially open to public, which will provide the cross-border e-commerce service to Ningbo enterprises and promote their going out.

As the traditional cross-border e-commerce is confronted with such difficulties as high operation cost, lack of personnel, difficult team management and low product sales, the service station will build the cross-border sales channel for the enterprises, establish the talent incubation and cultivation system and provide one-stop solution for such core services as logistics, thus improving the export of over 100 Ningbo enterprises within a short time.

According to Xia Yong, who is in charge of the service station, the station will mainly serve for the cross-border e-commerce enterprises of such leading industries as auto parts, hardware tools and textile and garments. Besides the online services for the enterprises, it will organize the cross-border e-commerce talent training to accelerate the growth of the special talents for the enterprises in Yinzhou District.  

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Imports exceeds 4,000 tons at Ningbo Port in the First Half of 2017 Central and Eastern Europe food sells well in the Yangtze River Delta

Due to the three consecutive CHINA-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo in Ningbo, Ningbo Port now gradually became the first stop for Central and Eastern Europe food to enter Chinese market. Latest data from Ningbo Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau showed that the 4,012.29 tons of food imported from Central and Eastern Europe in the first half of 2017 was worth of 7.0688 million dollars with a year-on-year growth of 48.54% and 97.55% respectively.

It is learned that food imported from Central and Eastern Europe were mainly meat, wine, dairy products, vegetables and related products, beverage etc., most of which were shipped into Yangtze River Delta regions. To break it down, it included 2,083.59 tons of meat, 952.24 tons of wine, and 265.54 tons of dairy products. The food was imported from all the sixteen Central and Eastern Europe countries, of which Romania is the biggest importer of Ningbo with an import volume of 1,729.34 tons, accounting for 43.1% of the total value. Poland is the second largest importer after Romania with an import volume of 914.95 tons.

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