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Two exhibitions of Ningbo selected into initial review of National Top 10 Exhibitions

On April 13, it is learned from Chinese Museums Association that Ningbo Museum’s “Years As Songs --- The Exhibition of Articles That has Witnessed Social and Economic Development in Ningbo Since 1949” and China Port Museum’s “Portus: The Sea of the Ancient Romans” have been selected into the initial review of “National Top 10 Exhibitions”.

The exhibition “Years as Songs --- The Exhibition of Articles That has Witnessed Social and Economic Development in Ningbo Since 1949”, launched in May, 2018, is a special exhibition of Ningbo Museum to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the liberation of Ningbo.

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CNITECH at Hangzhou Bay Area offers quick test services

“Previously we had to send out materials to a test service provider in Suzhou and it would take a month to get the result. Now with this test center nearby, the report will be done in just a few days”, said Shao Yexi,project manager of Ningbo Dichuang Medical Technology, who just had the company’s materials tested.

In the past month, six companies including Dichuang Medical Technology, Xingye Shengtai, Enerol Nanotechnologies, and SCSW have received free testing services initiated by CNITECH, CAS. "In the early stage, we communicated closely with the Ningbo Materials Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and finally finalized this free test service to reduce the burden for enterprises that resumed production under the impact of the epidemic." The relevant person in charge of Hangzhou

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High-level talent introduction platform built

On April 1, it was learned from the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs that, as an important platform for the introduction and cultivation of high-quality talents, the construction of post-doctoral workstations in our city has achieved remarkable results.

It is learned that the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security recently issued a notice that in 2019, there were 28 new postdoctoral workstations in Ningbo and 30 licenses, accounting for 20.5% and 25.2% of the total number of the province, ranking first in the province and surpassing Hangzhou for the first time. As of now, there are 189 post-doctoral (mobile) stations in Ningbo. In 2019, there were 1017 new doctors and post-doctoral students in the city, with a total of 7893.

The coming of these highly-skilled talents has also brought about rapid development opportunities for enterprises.

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Cross-border e-commerce imports of Ningbo Bonded Zone continue to grow

Since the beginning of 2020, the cross-border imports of Ningbo Bonded Zone have maintained a rapid growth. According to the statistics from the customs of the zone, in the first quarter of this year, the bonded zone approved 20.954 million orders of cross-border e-commerce declarations with a total value of 4.4 billion yuan, up by 30.9% and 49.2%, despite the weak market situation.

Statistics show that in the first quarter, the cross-border imports of the products related to people’s livelihood witnessed an obvious increase. The major imports

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Haishu speeds up emerging industry development

The automatic face mask machine independently developed by the City Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute has realized automatic statistics of mask production capacity and product quality tracing, and has functions such as automatic data collection and production management cloud platform access, which has enabled the production per minute of the traditional mask to double; the 5G garment intelligent manufacturing demonstration platform jointly created by Youngor and China Unicom relies on the new "central system" to connect production bases across the country, reducing the wired network cost of the workshop, and improving flexible manufacturing capabilities ...  

At present, Haishu has gathered a group of high-level scientific research institutes such as Shanghai Jiaotong University Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute, Ningbo Qingshuiwan Intelligent Technology Research Institute, Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, etc. Industrial Internet Platform construction, operation system and application software development has achieved outstanding results. The big health industry's revenue in 2019 is about 11 billion yuan, with about 6,000 employees. A number of leading companies such as Lihua Pharmaceutical,

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