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Artificial breeding of Xikeng fish

Recently, Shi Xingjun, the head of Shengfeng Freshwater Fish Farm in Longguan Township, carefully selected grouper fry, and moved them to the pond for artificial breeding. “Two years ago, we succeeded in solving a series of technical problems such as artificial breeding of pond grouper and pond culture management through a step-by-step running water culture model.” Lao Shi said that when the fish fry grows to 50g after a year, it can be for sale. The price is about 120 yuan per kilogram and is very popular in the market.

For more than 10 years, with the rise of rural tourism and farmhouses, the delicious wild fish in the mountainous streams has been overhunted and resources have been seriously degraded. Wu Yongcheng, a senior engineer at the Municipal Institute of Ocean and Fisheries, said that in the mountainous areas of Ningbo, wild fish such as mackerel and freshwater grouper were previously common in the streams, but it is difficult to see them now. Only through artificial breeding, Xikeng fish can leave the stream to meet the market supply while protecting the mountainous ecological environment.

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5G+ microwave base station built in Ningbo

At noon on April 5, the first 5G+ microwave base station in China was officially launched by Ningbo Mobile on Qiliyu Island in the estuary of Yongjiang River in Zhenhai, the throat of Ningbo Port. The 5G signal covered the anchorage, routes of Ningbo Port and the surrounding area of Ningbo-Zhoushan express way.

This is not only the first time to realize 5G coverage of remote islands in the country, but also marks the official inauguration of 5G era in Yongjiang River Estuary.

"Whether it is a popular 4G network, or the upcoming 5G era, communication base station construction is the foundation and key." Chen Wenzhao, deputy manager of Ningbo Mobile Engineering Construction Department, said that according to field tests, the uplink rate reaches 90Mbps and the downlink rate reaches 800Mbps, 10 times the download speed of 4G network.

"The successful launch of the mobile 5G+ microwave base station, as a technological innovation, not only verified the innovative combination of mobile 5G + Huawei microwave transmission

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5G Pilot Demonstration Project Starts in Hangzhou Bay New Zone

Accelerate development via digitalization. In the afternoon of March 13th, the Management Committee of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone and China Mobile Ningbo Branch sign on the contract that aims to promote 5G construction and digital economy. According to the contract, China Mobile Ningbo Branch will choose the New Zone as a pilot demonstration area to build 5G network, information infrastructure, and to boost information sharing and communication between cities.

Following the new trends of technological revolution and industrial changes, the New Zone will pour its attention to key areas like intelligent city, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent government administration to propel the integration of physical economy, the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence for digital New Zone.

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Promotion for NBCIF held in Shanghai

The promotion meeting of the 2019 China (Ningbo) Cultural Industries Fair (NBCIF) was held at Shanghai International Conference and Exhibition Center on the afternoon of March 22.

The upgraded NBCIF will be held at Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center from April 12 to 14, jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government. With a total exhibition area of 40,000 square meters, this year's session will be held in six exhibition halls, with the themes of "international cultural and creative industries", "urban cultural and creative industries", "integration of traditional culture and modern life", "cultural bonded trade and artistic design", "integration of culture, technology and finance", and "cultural Ningbo 2020". The concept of "guest country of honor" is proposed for the first time for the fair, and Italy has

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Ningbo Listed in Top 20 Cities with Biggest Outbound Tourism Spending Power

Ningbo was listed in Top 20 Cities with Biggest Outbound Tourism Spending Power, coming to 15 in national rankings, according to the 2018 Chinese Tourists Outbound Travel Big Data Report issued on March 13th. Recent years have witnessed increasing outbound tourism among Chinese tourists.  

Jointly issued by China Tourism Research Institute and Ctrip Travel Big Data Joint Lab, the report gave a holistic monitoring of the outbound tourism market and reservation and consumption of tourists. The data were drew from 300 million Ctrip members and 7000-plus offline stores, as well as from the largest package tour and individual tour orders in the tourism industry.

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