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Haishu speeds up emerging industry development

The automatic face mask machine independently developed by the City Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute has realized automatic statistics of mask production capacity and product quality tracing, and has functions such as automatic data collection and production management cloud platform access, which has enabled the production per minute of the traditional mask to double; the 5G garment intelligent manufacturing demonstration platform jointly created by Youngor and China Unicom relies on the new "central system" to connect production bases across the country, reducing the wired network cost of the workshop, and improving flexible manufacturing capabilities ...  

At present, Haishu has gathered a group of high-level scientific research institutes such as Shanghai Jiaotong University Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute, Ningbo Qingshuiwan Intelligent Technology Research Institute, Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, etc. Industrial Internet Platform construction, operation system and application software development has achieved outstanding results. The big health industry's revenue in 2019 is about 11 billion yuan, with about 6,000 employees. A number of leading companies such as Lihua Pharmaceutical,

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"Ningbo People Tour Ningbo" event begins

On March 28, the 2020 “Ningbo People Tour Ningbo” campaign for one million employees started, and Ningbo employees' recuperation products were released simultaneously. This marked the official kick-off of the "Ningbo People's Tour to Ningbo" event, and Ningbo's cultural tourism industry accelerated its recovery.  

This event is one of the major measures to implement the "Ten Actions to Raise Confidence and Promote Consumption" of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. It is jointly sponsored by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism Administration. And employees from key domestic source areas came to Ningbo for recuperation, promoted the recovery of Ningbo's cultural tourism market, and attracted tourists to stimulate cultural tourism consumption.

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Ningbo High-tech Zone strengthens R&D input

Ningbo National High-tech Zone has recently received a number of good news: the Yongxin Optics Co. Ltd. won the second prize of the 2019 National Technology and Invention Awards; the Self Electronics Co. Ltd. and the Exciton Technology Co. Ltd. were recently included in the list of the national enterprise technological centers; the Lingyun Industrial Park has been identified as a “national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base for small and micro enterprises”.

The intensity of the society’s research and development fund input is a “wind vane” of regional innovative development. On January 20, it was learned from the administrative committee of the High-tech Zone that in 2019, the actual research and development input of the zone exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, with an increase of 57% year-on-year, accounting for more than 7.1% of GDP, 2.5 times the average of the whole city, ranking first in the city.

“Over the past few years, our R&D investment has increased year by year

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Digital platform to help companies fight coronavirus

“This platform is good. Our company got messages form Mexican buyers at short notice after we uploaded our products. If the coronavirus doesn’t affect flights in June, we would meet 3 or 4 quality buyers by then”, praised by the people in charge of Ningbo Veken at the video conference for stabilizing foreign trade and investment held in Haishu District recently.

 Tradechina is the online foreign trade platform created by Meorient, the only listed exhibition company in China. It has attracted over 1m superior suppliers, connected online and off line supply-demand for years, and hosted exhibitions across the world. The Bureau of Commerce of Haishu District has made home over 100 foreign trade companies on the platform via cooperation with Tradechina, receiving many orders of intention in a mere one month.

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Innovation adds another engine for Yinzhou’s competitiveness

Innovation is the first driving force, and innovation support must be strengthened in order to realize the conversion from old driving powers to new ones. In recent years, Yinzhou District has actively integrated into national, provincial, and municipal strategies such as the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the Industrial Innovation Service Complex, and the construction of the Yongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. It has also established innovation platforms and grasped the main body of innovation and has made every effort to create a "tropical rainforest-type" innovation ecosystem, which constantly incubates and stimulates innovation vitality, and the scientific and technological innovation index ranks first in the top 100 districts in China.

So far, Yinzhou is home to 350 high-tech enterprises, with 48 of them included in the "2019 China Gazelle Enterprise Data Report". A total of 371 national technology-based SMEs have been included in the database, and 210 high-tech seedling

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