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Investment Promotion Roadshow for the 3rd China International Fair held in Ningbo

On the morning of July 14, the Investment Promotion Roadshow for the 3rd China International Import Expo was held in Ningbo.

This investment promotion roadshow is held mainly for buyers of technical equipment, service trade and consumer products of the Expo. It introduced the basic situation of the Expo and the progress of the preparation work. "The exhibition area of the first session of the Expo is 270,000 square meters and the second session

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Digital Economy Helps Haishu Manufacturing's High-Quality Development

Not long ago, Ningbo Ali Center unveiled the mysterious veil in Haishu. According to the previous cooperation agreement signed between Alibaba and Ningbo, Ningbo Alibaba Center will deepen cooperation in the field around petrochemicals, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, textiles and garments, and build a nationwide leading "industrial Internet city" with Ningbo.  

By introducing and cultivating the "Internet+" project, Haishu is speeding up on the fast lane, striving to become a highland for the development of Ningbo's digital economy. In June 2020, “Aikucun”operation center was officially delivered. It plans to invest 500 million yuan to set up an international inventory trading platform in Haishu.  Aikucun will directly hit the pain point of high inventory of textile and apparel companies, empowering the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries; the number of "immediate" App users who have settled in Haishu has exceeded 55 million currently, medical AI and other commercial projects in cooperation with Sequoia Capital are being deployed, and a data center will be set up in Ningbo in the future... According to preliminary statistics, Haishu has introduced 188 "Internet+" projects in the first five months of 2020. The total investment is 606 million yuan

Bicycle companies in Cixi march into overseas markets

Recently, Cixi Boli Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. is very busy, braking systems produced one after another. The officer of the company said that since 2018, Boli has invested more than 8 million yuan per year for equipment and technology upgrading. In the first half of 2020, innovation dividends continued to be unleashed and exports grew by about 200% year-on-year.

 The popularity of Boli’s products is the epitome of the recent booming production and sales in Cixi’s bicycle industry. Since countries including France and the UK have launched polices to encourage to ride bicycles, the demand for bicycles in European market has increased significantly. The officer of Cixi Customs said, “Cixi is

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Ningbo-Xinjiang Kuqa route opened

The picture shows the maiden flight of Ningbo-Xi'an-Kuqa landing at Qiuci Airport. (Photo by Luo Shuangshuang)

At 3:50 p.m. on July 11, after a 6-and-a-half hour long-distance flight, the MU9049 flight from Ningbo, on the coast of East China Sea, successfully arrived at Qiuci Airport in Xinjiang Kuqa at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, completing the first flight of Ningbo-Xi'an-Kuqa route.

According to reports, Ningbo-Xi'an-Kuqa route uses Airbus A320, flying every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Among them, the outbound MU9049 flight departs from Ningbo at 7:35, arrives at Xi'an at 10:15, departs from Xi'an at 11:45, arrives at Kuqa at 16:00; the return flight MU9050, departs from Kuqa at 17:10, arrives at Xi'an at 8:40, takes off from Xi'an at 22:10, and arrives at Ningbo at 0:45 the next morning.

At present, tickets for this route have been sold online, with a one-way fare discount of 3.5% at the beginning of flight, with an economy class of 1,250 yuan and a business class of 2,550 yuan.

Kuqa is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, located in the southern foothills of Tianshan Mountains and the northern edge of the Tarim Basin. In 2010, the central government launched a new round of aid to Xinjiang, and Ningbo and Kuqa have since become "connected by mountains and seas". Relevant sources said that the opening of the Ningbo-Kuqa route will add to the chapter of Ningbo's aid to Xinjiang

Ningbo Software Industrial Park holds match-making meetings with unicorn start-ups

On July 3, Ningbo Software Industrial Park held an online match-making meeting for unicorn companies at Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone. Four unicorn enterprises, including eClick Worldwide and 4Paradigm, and six high-growth potential unicorn companies such as  IDRIVERPLUS, SoundAI and SensingTech participated in the matchmaking event, which focused on artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, AI + healthcare, smart governments, cloud offices.

 Business leaders have expressed their willingness to cooperate with Ningbo online. eClick Worldwide intends to set up its southern headquarter, cross-border

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