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First state-level fashion design agency introduced to Ningbo

The "national design R&D center for children's wear", the first state-level fashion design agency introduced to Ningbo, was inaugurated in Jiangbei District recently. In the meantime, the first fashion show of the center was held at the underground parking lot of the Baisha Park.

Reportedly, the center, as a direct industrial subsidiary of China Textile Engineering Society, has settled down in the Huayujinding Fashion Technology Co. Ltd. by taking advantage of the strong textile tradition of Ningbo, the center aims to broaden the design concepts of the children's wear and share the fashion trends of the children's clothes nationwide.

Clothes made in Ningbo have long been a brilliant icon of the city over the past century. The Huayujinding Fashion Technology was established in the Baisha Street area at the end of 2016. "

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B&B economy brisk in Ningbo

Ningbo issued the "plan to promoting the in-depth integration of agriculture, tourism and culture by accelerating B&B economy" in April this year.

According to the plan, Ningbo will build the B&B industry as a new kind of industrial chain economy. It proposes for the first time the "deeper and wider" definition of the B&B economy, which is the new industrial chain economy integrating such industries as sightseeing agriculture, cultural creativity, entertainment activities, healthy physical therapies, fitness and health care for the aged, rental and cooperation, information service, farm produce and products processing and marketing, and trade and catering, with the B&Bs as carriers and rural tourism and commercial activities as practical ties.

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Ningbo Chamber of Commerce Founded in Yanbian

Recently, Ningbo has established its chamber of commerce in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, the city’s partner in east-west poverty relief work. The first batch of members exceeds 300 people.

It is reported that Ningbo entrepreneurs have been persistently active in Yanbian. Since Ningbo has developed poverty relief partnership with Yanbian, a growing number of Ningbo businessmen start up businesses in the city, majorly covering such areas as finance, real estate, mining, trade, catering, water supply and heating installments and constitution materials. The chamber is established to provide a platform for entrepreneurs in the two city to exchange views and share information resources so as to achieve win-win poverty relief cooperation with better integrated existing resources and consorted efforts.

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Entity trade of Ningbo picking up

It is learned from Ningbo Commission of Commerce that for the first quarter of the year, Ningbo achieved a goods sales volume of 590.34 billion yuan, up by 16.5% over the same period of last year, with the retial volume of social consumers' goods reaching 91.19 billion yuan, up by 10.6%.

In the first three months, the 15 department stores under the supervision of Ningbo Commission of Commerce achieved a total retail volume of 1.63 billion yuan, up by 13.1% over the same period of last year; that of the 10 convenient stores under supervision reached 120 million yuan, up by 0.1%; that of 372 specialty stores reached 10.05 billion yuan, up by 12.7%; while that of 260 exclusive shops stood at 8.33 billion yuan, up by 17.4%.

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Implementing plan for economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone released

Ningbo Municipal Government has recently released the "implementing plan for the construction of '16+1' economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone in Ningbo". (16 here refers to the 16 CEEC countries, and 1 refers to China)

According to the plan, in the following three years, Ningbo will aim to built it an ideal destination for introducing products from CEEC countries, and conducting the bilateral investment cooperation and cultural exchange between China and CEEC countries. Focus will be put on the construction of the three platforms of China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo, China-CEEC National Testing Zone for Trade Facilitation, and Sofia Chinese Cultural Center. The six demonstration projects will be launched, including trade promotion, investment cooperation, mechanism cooperation, interconnection and interworking, public services and cultural exchange. Meanwhile, the 20 major tasks for the program include the construction of the CEEC goods distribution and sales system, the construction of the mechanism for introducing and cultivating large-scale importers, the exploration of the cooperative mechanism in emerging fields, the cross-border e-commerce cooperation with CEEC countries, as well as the virtual or real public platforms for the "16+1" economic and trade cooperation.

Reportedly, in 2017, the import volume of Ningbo from the CEEC countries stood at 2.54 billion yuan, up by 78.4% over the previous year, while the export volume, 17.25 billion yuan, up by 21.6%.

According to the plan, by 2020, Ningbo will achieve a total import and export volume of US$4.5 billion with the CEEC countries, with the annual growth rate of 15%, accounting for 5% of the total of the country, ranking Ningbo among the top three of the domestic cities. And the import volume will double


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