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Two new innovation platforms settle down at Ningbo Mold Industrial Park

At the 2019 China (Ningbo) Mold Industry Development Forum on September 8, two innovation platforms, i.e. the industrial internet platform of the mold industry and the regional supply-demand coordination platform for auto parts and molds, both signed the agreement to settle down at Ningbo Mold Industrial Park.

Mold is an important foundation for the high-quality development of manufacturing. According to preliminary statistics, 75% of the world’s pretreating industrial product parts, 50% of finishing parts and the vast majority of plastic

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World Digital Economy Conference 2019 held

On the morning of September 6, the World Digital Economy Conference 2019 & The 9th China Smart City and Intelligent Economy Expo started its project signing. On the site, 43 projects were signed, including the strategic cooperation project of China Electronics Corporation, the project of 5G information infrastructure construction and application, and the R&D and production project of the semiconductor chip bearing basebands and semiconductor chips. And the total investment value reached 31 billion yuan, hitting a historical high in terms of both amount of signed projects and investment value.

As is known, the signed projects mainly cover such major digital economy fields as software, integrated circuit, intelligent manufacturing, smart city and 5G technology.

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6 companies reached a cooperation intention with Finnish experts

On September 4th, the 2019 Sino-Finnish Sensor Technology Achievement Promotion Conference was held in Ningbo Science and Technology Market, attracting representatives from 30 enterprises, research institutes and technology transfer agencies from the city to negotiate and dock.

It is learned that this is the first time that Ningbo has held a special promotion meeting in the field of foreign scientific and technological achievements.  At the promotion meeting, a series of “black technologies” brought by Finnish experts were eye-catching.

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Ningbo software industry is booming in Ningbo

In September 2018, the city blew the bulge call for the creation of a distinctive Chinese software city. The strong policy continued to release positive signals. A number of newly introduced and cultivated Ningbo software companies accelerated their rise and became the “software city”. pioneer".  

In the high-tech zone, with the continuous efforts of enterprises and platforms such as Hollysys, Defiance Robots, ChinaSoft International Cloud Software Park, the software business revenue of Ningbo Software Park in the first half of 2019 reached 10.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.5%; In the first half of the year, the software business revenue was 12.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of about 25%,

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