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Quality Enhancement project of Xiangshan County well under way

At the beginning of this year, Xiangshan County started the six special quality enhancement in such fields as the core area construction, image quality, coastal cultural, infrastructure construction, livelihood service and ecological environment construction, aiming at the implementation of 58 projects with a planned investment volume of 6.365 billion yuan. By the end of June, the county has achieved an investment volume of 3.196 billion yuan, accounting for more than half of the annual task.

Since the beginning of this year, with the special quality enhancement project of the core urban area as the starting point, Xiangshan County has expanded opening-up construction and focused on the six major projects including the Damu Bay New Town, the Xiangshan Bonded Cooperation Zone, the Shenling Complex of Shipu Port, the High-tech Entrepreneurship Park of southern Xiangshan, and the infrastructure construction of the Renyitu Block.

The coastal culture enhancement action aims to explore the coastal tourism and culture resources and build the tourist resort area, leisure tourist base and slow-pace living experience zone. The landscape project of the Happy Ocean Nice Avenue has been completed for the Half Mountain Tourist Resort area. The East Sea City project has accomplished 80% of the construction. Some other projects, including the Xiangshan Film and TV Base for Zhejiang Provincial Radio, Film & Television Group and the Tashan Site Cultural Park, are well under way as planned.

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Zhejiang Youth Basketball Tournament ended

The 2017 Zhejiang Youth Basketball Tournament (Group A for male and female) came to a successful end at Fenghua Gymnasium on July 30. Over 380 young plays in 21 male or female teams attended the game. Finally, Jinhua male team and Ningbo female team won the championship.

The tournament is sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and Zhejiang Provincial Education Bureau. According to the rules, the players have to pass the physical quality and special skill tests before the tournament, and the primary and middle school students involved even have to sit a knowledge test. The final results of the tournament were decided by 72 games during the period of six days and seven evenings

Xiangshan actively supports micro and small technological enterprises

To promote the healthy development of the micro and small technological enterprises, Xiangshan County has established and improved a diversified multi-layer and multi-channel technological investment and financing system, actively building a long-term docking platform for economic capital and intellectual capital.

Since May last year, Xiangshan County has cooperated with such financial institutions as the Bank of China, the Rural Credit Cooperatives and the People’s Insurance of China to provide the micro and small technological enterprises and the innovative start-up enterprises with technological loans with such loan projects as “technological finance risk pool” and “bank loans for technological enterprises” . By the end of this June, the two projects have offered a total loan volume of 49.3 million yuan, benefiting 26 enterprises.

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Cixi enterprises enters emerging markets of the Gulf States

This is our symbol of applying for GCC authentication for exports to the Gulf Stats. said Wang Hongwei, who is in charge of the Foreign Trade Department of Ningbo Huanhai Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd., pointing to a label on the socket of the electrical iron, a newly developed product of the company. The electrical iron has now passed the GCC authentication and a trial order of 2000 sets has been produced to be sold to the Gult States.

According to the GCC technical regulations on low-voltage electrical equipment issued by the Gulf States on July 1 last year, all the low-voltage electrical products exported to the seven Gulf States must meet the demands of the regulations and be labeled with the G-MARK before they can be cleared at the customs and put into sales and circulations in the seven countries. As for the exporters, to get the GCC certificate, all the series of the products should be accompanied with their CB report and 8000 yuan will be submitted as the authentication fee for each GCC certificate, as well as an annul registration fee of 2000 yuan for each certificate.

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2nd phase of Ningbo Mould Industrial Park starts construction

The opening ceremony of the 1st phase of Ningbo Mould Industrial Park as well as the groundbreaking ceremony of the 2nd phase was held at Ningbo Southern Coastal New Zone on the morning of July 24. So far, the first phase of the park has been completed and put into use, with the business introduction rate of about 70%. The second phase covers an area of 385 mu, with a starting investment of 380 million yuan. Upon completion, the second phase will help to build the park a new highland of the industry by realizing the seamless connection of mould industry and new-energy vehicle industry.

As a specialized complex project for the transformation and upgrading of the mould industry, jointly built by Ningbo Industrial Investment Group and Ninghai County Government, the industrial park covers a planned area of about 1500 mu, with a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan. The first phase of the park covers 404 mu, with a construction area of 250,000 square meters and an investment of 850 million yuan. After three years’ construction, the first phase has been completed and 210 businesses have signed the agreement for settlement (with over 70 having settled down), including such prominent enterprises as Jianxin Mould, ZD Vehicles, Xianglu Auto Parts, Jiaxiang Mould and Doppler Cabling, demonstrating an industrial agglomeration effect

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