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New varieties of melon attract people’s eyes

With the coming of the summer, the melons and fruits have been ready for harvest at the agricultural technology demonstration zone located near the Dongqian Lake.

When coming to the sweet melon greenhouse of the demonstration zone set up by Ningbo Academy of Agricultural Sciences, one can see the white sweet melons hanging from the branches rather than lying on the ground as they should be. According to a senior agronomist from the academy, there are now 98 varieties of the sweet melon at the greenhouse.

To hang up the melons will increase the planting density and improve the appearance of them by exposing them more evenly to the sunshine. However, it also demands a more careful management. With the drip fertilization and irrigation technology and meticulous care, the new varieties of melon taste sweeter than the ordinary ones. So far, the planting area of the sweet melon in Ningbo has exceeded 45,000 mu, with about 40% of them being the hanging-up varieties.

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16th Xu Xiake Tourism Festival kicks off

The celebration activity of the 16th Xu Xiake Tourism Festival was held in Ninghai County on the morning of May 19, the eighth "China Tourism Day". The "tourism-themed high-speed rail carnival" was launched in the meantime.

The tourism festival, held annually, is an important event to the tourists and sports amateurs, especially the hiking amateurs, from home and abroad. It is also a great occasion for Ningbo and Ninghai County to make joint efforts to develop the tourism and sports culture and promote the development, cooperation and exchanges between tourism and sports.

At the opening ceremony, a large group of tourist assembled at the West Gate Square of Ninghai County to witness the grand celebration of the festival. As the starting point of the 2018 National Hiking Assembly, the square also witnessed the starting

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Xiangshan Fishermen’s Secret to Keeping Seafood Fresh

The long-standing belief in the aquatic consumption that frozen fish and shrimps are inferior to the fresh ones is challenged. In 2018, some fishermen and processing enterprises in Xiangshan introduced ultra-low temperature preservation technology, allowing frozen fish and shrimps to retain their delicious taste, making them the new market favorites.

There are more than 10 freezers in the warehouse of Jianye shipyard on Gaotang island in Xiangshan, in which frozen Pomfret, hairtail and other fishes are preserved. The owner of the shipyard said that these cryogenic refrigerators were purchased by the local fishermen, each of which was 10 thousand yuan. They are used to keep aquatic products at minus 60 degrees centigrade so as to maintain the fresh taste."

What is the magic of cryopreservation? The owner took out a 400-gram Pomfret that has been frozen for nearly a month. The fish scales were well preserved and the fish eyes were bulging and bright. In less than an hour after unfreezing it into the

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First Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition in Haishu District

On May 16th, the first painting and calligraphy exhibition was held at the Ningbo Arts Museum in Haishu district. A total of 140 pieces of painting and calligraphy representing the top art level in Haishu district were displayed. The exhibition is a galaxy of outstanding works of Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, powder painting and various styles of calligraphy, providing the audience with a high-standard calligraphy and painting feast.

As an exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, it is the first large art exhibition after district reorganization, which enjoys most extensive participation and the highest art quality. It shows the fruitful achievements of the calligraphy and painting creators in the last 5 years. According to Yan Yunquan, the secretary general and vice president of Haishu Painting and Calligraphy Association, it took almost a year to prepare the exhibition with more than 600 high quality entries to evaluate. After rigorous assessment, 10 outstanding works were awarded and 110 entries

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Xingning Bridge in Ninghai, a New Landmark

he picture shows a striking view of Xingning Bridge on the evening of May 15th. (Photo by Yan Long, Shao Yinghan)

On May 16th, the Xingning Bridge across the Yangxi river was officially put into use. It will also provide a unique landscape for the ancient city of Ninghai. The Xingning Bridge as well as its extension in the south is a key construction project in Ninghai county. It started in early 2017 and was completed in early May this year. Taking archaic bridges as archetype, the bridge is constructed with an ancient flavor, creating an atmosphere of cheerfulness. The Xingning Bridge, together with its extension in the south is 802.9 meters long, of which the bridge is 150 meters long and 36.8 meters wide. The bridge is set up with two-way lanes, sided by 5.2- meter pedestrian roads and 3.5 meter non-motorized lanes. It is reported that there are five bridge slabs, each spanning 30 meters. In order to meet the needs of the long-span bridge construction, the construction

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