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Chinese tulip trees in flower

Many citizens have seen the Chinese tulip tress on the roads near the area of the Jiangxia Park and Jiangxia Street of Haishu District.

With the special shape of the leaves, the Chinese tulip trees are also called “goose foot trees”. Meanwhile, the leaves also look like the traditional mandarin jackets worn by the ancient people, so they are also nicknamed as “mandarin jacket trees”.

In this period of time, the green leaves of the Chinese tulip trees at Ningbo Botanical Garden are shining in the sunlight. The light green leaves will become golden in autumn each year, looking more like the yellow mandarin jackets.

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Light the city corners with creativity

The originally abandoned house in the community was transformed into colorful activity rooms for the old and kids, and the dilapidated walls were also repainted with the spark elements of Zhengda Match Factory. With the professional team of NBU Architectural Design and Research Institute to participate in the design, the transformation of Zhengda Garden District in Jiangbei District is refreshing. Speaking of the "butterfly change" of the community since the end of 2019, the residents Xu Qiaoying praised: "This is the site of the original Zhengda Match Factory. After the transformation, not only the community looks new, but also evokes the memories of the old people."

Let creativity “light up” the streets of Ningbo, so that art design and civilization can complement each other. In Ningbo, there will be more and more such explorations. Recently it is learned from the Municipal Civilization Office that the city will carry out the "light the city corner" campaign, to improve the cleanliness of old communities, back streets and alleys through micro-creative renovations.

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Fenghua district releases hot travel routes for Spring Festival

Recently, Fenghua Culture Broadcast Sports Bureau released 6 Fenghua Tourism Routes for Spring Festival, including activities like visiting ancient towns and villages, appreciating plum blossom, experiencing high-mountain skiing, walking on glass tracks, enjoying high quality strawberry, and eating gourmet with Fenghua district characteristics. The route theme is said to be marking the year of the rat, enjoying Spring Festival at Fenghua, and discovering the taste of new year!"

The 6 routes respectively are: tasting new year at village of quality strawberry, enjoying gourmet and plum blossom, staying up for new year at Xuedou Mountain, skiing at high mountains, enjoying plum blossom at Binhai ancient village, experience folk customs at temple fairs. These routes cover hot culture and tourism projects like food, skiing, fair, folk customs and so on.

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Zhejiang People's Tour of Dongqian Lake Launched

On March 28, "Spring of Dongqian Lake "-Zhejiang People's Tour of Dongqian Lake was launched in the Dongqian Lake Wetland. The first tour group with about 200 people from 5 cities including Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Huzhou, Taizhou, and Ningbo participated in the event. They walked around the wetlands in the morning, dined by the lake at noon, and visited Hanling Old Street in the afternoon and visited the Putuo Scenic Area.

It is reported that the " Spring of Dongqian Lake ", Zhejiang People's Tour Dongqian Lake event, aims to help restore the vitality of the service industry market, and to convey the concept of sports and healthy life to the public. At the same time, the launch of "Spring of Dongqian Lake" tourism products, including four live sports and leisure micro tourism products, such as Lohas sailing and lake tour, Lohas golf tour, Lohas around the lake challenge tour, Lohas cloud walking tour, etc. One can experience a light travel in Dongqian Lake within only 1 to 2 days.

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Winter fishing at Dongqian Lake

At about 11 on January 11, Dongqian Lake fisherman, weathering chill wind, dragged out the giant nets cast before. This day also marked the official start of winter fishing at Dongqian Lake’s South Lake area, which captured eyes of many citizens.

The most spectacular scene of watching fishing was the moment when fish were out of water. On the boundless Dongqian lake were slowly pulled out nets, and hundreds of fat fish flew out of the water. Then they were pulled aboard the ship, rolling and beating on the deck.

Actually, there existed a Dongqian Lake era in the history of China’s fishing industry. Dongqian Lake currently is the largest freshwater fish base in Ningbo, and fishery production has shifted from simple fish-raising and fishing-hunting mode to "ecological

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