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Planting of early-season rice completed

The planting of the early-seasoned rice of this year has completed, said the Planting Center of Ningbo Bureau of Agriculture. Despite the large-scale decrease of the minimum purchasing price for rice nationwide, the planting area of the early-seasoned rice this year stood at 168,000 mu, almost the same as that of last year.

The planters are less motivated as the national minimum purchasing price for the early-seasoned rice this year has decreased by 0.2 yuan per kilogram. To address the problem, Ningbo has taken such measures as adjusting the planting structure, attracting more orders and increasing government subsidies.

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Bohemian Hue in Ningbo Grand Theater

5 On the evening of May 1st, the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra gave the eleventh performance in the music season at the Ningbo Grand Theater. The concert was directed by Xia Xiaotang, permanent command of the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra, permanent conductor of the Chinese Youth Symphony Orchestra, and professor of the command department in the Central Conservatory of Music.

In the first half of the concert were two suites of L'Arlesienne which is a drama of a French literary giant, Daudet. Bizet, a French composer wrote 27 pieces of orchestral music for the play, showing his fresh style in orchestration. Before performance, Mr. Xia Xiaotang, in his vivid and humorous language, analyzed the structure and content of the play to the

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Damuwan New City is expected to complete the sponge city construction of 3 square kilometers this year

As an emerging city in the early stage, the Damuwan New City is more conducive to promote the construction of sponge city than the old cities. In March this year, the Damuwan New City was listed as the first pilot area of sponge city in Xiangshan county. As present, the new city has built the area of sponge city covering 2.4 square kilometers with a 149-million-yuan investment.

It is reported that in the construction of sponge city, the Damuwan New City has inherent advantages in resources. It links to open sea, has saline and fresh water two major water systems and 27 rivers in the area, possessing the sponge ability to absorb and liberate. Permeable pavement is widely used in roads, squares and parking. And in the aspect of landscape greening, we take various ways, such as sunk greening, plant ecological ditch and ramp waterfront., said Wang Li, the leader of the engineering department in this project.

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Shanghai-Jiaxing-Ningbo Railway to be built

Recently, the Shanghai-Jiaxing-Ningbo Railway, as a part of the Nantong-Suzhou-Jiaxing-Ningbo Railway network, has been listed among the national development plan for railway construction and has launched the pre-construction research. Currently, the survey and design work of the railway has been well under way.

As a major high-speed railroad across the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the railway will enhance the position of Ningbo railway hub in the national railway network on a large scale. Upon completion, it will greatly shorten the distance between Ningbo and such major cities as Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing, and reduce the travel time and cost for passengers. It will also include Ningbo in the one-hour traffic circle of Shanghai, and shorten the time from Ningbo to Beijing within five hours.

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Seven towns in Ningbo listed among the 3rd provincial featured towns

t is learned from the Promotion Meeting for the Zhejiang Provincial Featured Town Planning and Construction Work held in Jiashan County of Jiaxing on August 2 that seven featured towns from Ningbo have been included in the construction list for the 3rd provincial featured towns.

The seven towns include the I-design Town of Zhenhai District, the Intelligent Manufacturing Town for Household Appliance in Cixi County, the Moonlake Jinhui Town of Haishu District, the Qianyang E-commerce Town of Jiangbei District, the Smart Photoelectric Town of Yuyao County, the Hangzhou Bay Auto Town and the Starlight Film & TV Town of Xiangshan County.

The assessment results of the first two batches of the featured towns were also issued at the meeting. Among others, the Siming Financial Town of Yinzhou District was entitled as an excellent provincial featured town, and the Qianyang E-commerce Town and the Moonlake Jinhui Town were entitled as the focused candidates for the provincial featured town construction

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