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Guanying Village titled as “chess-featured demonstrative village”

Recently, the awarding ceremony was held at the Cultural Auditorium of Guanying Village of Yunlong Town of Yinzhou District, awarding the village the title of “provincial chess-featured demonstrative village”. This is the second village in Ningbo to obtain such a title, besides the Guoxia Village of Gulin Town of Haishu District.

The village attracts the attention of Zhejiang Provincial Chess Association with its long lasting chess tradition and excellent chess development atmosphere. The chess association of the village was founded 18 years ago. For a long time, playing chess has been the favorite entertainment of the villagers in their spare time.

A series of chess games, like the “new year chess games” and the “invitational chess tournament for three villages and a town”, are held at the village each year. With a good reputation for chess activities, it has hosted several chess events at the district or provincial levels. In recent years, the village has attached greater importance to this mind sport by conducting public-welfare chess courses in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, in the hope of popularizing chess

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Haishu Reading Festival Enhances People’s Love for Books

Haishu Reading Festival kicks off on April 21st, and is to last to June to hold a hundred or so reading activities. Haishu District of Ningbo hopes to host the festival to involve citizens in building a scholarly Ningbo, and to boost their love for books.

The passion for reading serves as the key to achieving nationwide reading. “In the past, our supply pattern lacks variety, which reduces people’s affection toward books,” said a person in Haishu Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, “as a result, the district is going to look at the supply-side, and focus on pooling and using various social resources to enhance people’s tendency toward reading.”

To build a scholarly Haishu, the district attracts many well-known bookstores like SDX Joint Publishing Company and Sisyphe Bookstore, making Haishu the district with the most dense distribution of physical bookstores in the city. Also, the district establishes a three-level village-town-district network where 150 book borrowing and returning places and 60 reading rooms enable more citizens to enjoy reading.

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248 urban inland rivers to become clear in 2 years


Yinxi River, a tributary of Yaojiang River, has become a beautiful river in the city after treatment. (Photo by Feng Xuan)

Do you know that Ningbo also has a "Red Flag Canal"(A famous canal built in the mountain in Henan Province)? In Changzhao Village, Fenghua, there is such a “Red Flag Canal” that passes through the village and is crystal clear. Changzhao Village is located between the two major water sources, and the downstream is the Hengshan Reservoir, the source of drinking water in Ningbo. After the treatment in recent years, the scene of the villagers washing rice is no longer visible on both sides of the "Red Flag Canal", .

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Haishu strives to establish Zhejiang’s first 5G demonstration district

On April 23, the province’s first 5G integrated application demonstration zone was unveiled at Haishu. Based on China Telecom’s 5G network, involving medical, industrial, security, conference coordination and so on, it marks the official start of the 5G application era in Ningbo.

What are the characteristics of 5G, and what changes will it make to the development of industry and consumption? It is understood that 5G has many features that 4G cannot achieve due to its large broadband, large connection and low latency. For example, 5G transmission speed is 10Gbps to 20Gbps, which is 100 times of the current 100G speed of 4G network; with a million-level connection per square kilometer, the delay of 5G is still less than 10 milliseconds.

Not only improve the speed of the network, the use of 5G in the live video broadcast can improve the ultra-clear image quality from 4K to 8K. What does 8K ultra-clear mean? When the picture focuses on someone’s face, the public can see the texture and facial freckles on his or her skin, and even each eyelash, according to the relevant person in charge of China Telecom Ningbo Branch.

“The characteristics of large broadband will make the VR experience more comfortable.” The person in charge said that the current 4G transmission speed can not meet the VR experience requirements, because The public can’t see clear

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Ningbo branch of Neighborhood Festival launched in Fenghua

The stretches of peach trees in full blossom along the countryside roads are welcoming the visiting friends, and this is a kind of “re-experience” of the Fenghua District for Chen Zhaolong, as he has led his team from Taiwan to take part in the "Peach Flower Marathon Race for runners from both sides of the Taiwan Strait" over the past four years. The launching ceremony of the Zhejiang-Taiwan Neighborhood Festival as well as the opening ceremony of the Peach Flower Marathon Race was held at the Xinjian Village of Fenghua District.

As a famous branding cross-strait communication event initiated by Zhejiang Province, the Zhejiang-Taiwan Neighborhood Festival has been held for 11 consecutive years. It has become an important bridge to enhance the ties between the people from the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, by inviting the ordinary people of Taiwan to experience the life of the ordinary people of the mainland through such featured activities as visiting the neighborhood, learning about the community services, Taiwan businessmen telling business stories and youth communication. The activities have been held between families, communities (or villages), schools, industries and societies.

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