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China’s 1st 3G photo-voltaic power station established in Zhejiang

China’s first third-generation photovoltaic power station established in Hong Village of East Zhejiang

June 3rd marks China's establishment of the first household 200KW copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS) distributed photovoltaic power station and its connection to the grid in Zhejiang Hong Village, where rows of photovoltaic panels lie on the roof of the cultural auditorium of Henkantou Village Liangnong Town of Yuyao, and transfer light to electricity.

The power station, China’s first such station set in a village, is built by Ningbo Guoneng Guangnian NewEnergy Co., Ltd with photovoltaic products provided by Shenhua (Beijing) Photovoltaic Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd.

What is CIGS? A new solar cell

CIGS thin-film solar cell refers to a crystalline thin film solar cell whose absorption layer is composed of four elements including copper (Cu), indium (In), gallium (Ga) and selenium (Se) in an optimal proportion. It is regarded as a new

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The 17th Xu Xiake Tourism Festival kicks off

On May 19th, “Ala Intangible Cultural Heritage” Joined China (Ninghai) Xu Xiake Tourism Festival for the first time. Intangible Cultural Heritages like Shilihongzhuang(Traditional Wedding Show), Zhanqi Stilts from Yinzhou, Water Fire Meteor Show from Cixi, Fenghua Cloth Dragon, Xiepu Boat Drum from Zhenhai and other heritages made their debut. More than 40 traditional crafts such as bone and wood

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Xiangshan focuses on technological innovation work

The "37°Bay Xiangshan Technological Innovation Center" has been open to the public recently. With the integration of the maker space, incubator, accelerator and industrialized base, this platform for entrepreneurship and innovation has attracted the settlement of 65 enterprises, including 40 technological enterprises. "We plan to introduce 150 projects in three years, so as to build the center a demonstration area for innovation-driven development." said a person in charge from the center.  


Xiangshan County has been taking the lead in the field of technological innovation over the past two years in Ningbo. In the first quarter of this year, the county achieved an added value for the high-tech industry of 1.41 billion yuan, up by 16.1% over the same period of last year. The investment volume of the high-tech industry stood at 410 billion yuan, up by 31.1%.




Since 2018, Xiangshan County has completed the two important platforms (the Peninsula Star Innovation Space and the Xiangshan Technological Innovation Center), attracted the settlement of such important research institutions as the

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Industrial economy of Yuyao takes on new features

In recent years, Yuyao County has constantly strengthened the "No.1 Project" of digital economy, promoted the in-depth integration of internet, big data, artificial intelligence and manufacturing, and accelerated the cultivation of such three "100-billion industrial clusters" as the photoelectric information industry and such five "10-billion industrial clusters" as robot & integration. 
"In 2019, we will continue to strengthen the intelligent manufacturing project and carry out 166 key intelligent transformation projects." said a person in charge from Yuyao Bureau of Economy and Information technology. The county will promote the transformation of the traditional industries from the low-end "red-sea market" featuring fierce competition to the high-end "blue-ocean market" featuring innovation, from such perspectives as manufacturing styles, materials and manufacturing process, expansion of industrial chain and product upgrading. 
The long-term transformation and upgrading has promoted the continuous optimization of the product structure. In the first quarter of this year, the added values for the strategic emerging industry, the high-tech industry and the equipment

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Guanying Village titled as “chess-featured demonstrative village”

Recently, the awarding ceremony was held at the Cultural Auditorium of Guanying Village of Yunlong Town of Yinzhou District, awarding the village the title of “provincial chess-featured demonstrative village”. This is the second village in Ningbo to obtain such a title, besides the Guoxia Village of Gulin Town of Haishu District.

The village attracts the attention of Zhejiang Provincial Chess Association with its long lasting chess tradition and excellent chess development atmosphere. The chess association of the village was founded 18 years ago. For a long time, playing chess has been the favorite entertainment of the villagers in their spare time.

A series of chess games, like the “new year chess games” and the “invitational chess tournament for three villages and a town”, are held at the village each year. With a good reputation for chess activities, it has hosted several chess events at the district or provincial levels. In recent years, the village has attached greater importance to this mind sport by conducting public-welfare chess courses in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, in the hope of popularizing chess

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