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Beilun activates the driving force of innovation and entrepreneurship

Since being selected as the third batch of national demonstration base for mass innovation and entrepreneurship, Beilun District has focused on "integrated innovation", promoted the linkage and coordination of "industrial chain, supply chain, and innovation chain", improved the ecology, stimulated vitality, and built Pilot Demonstration Zone of " coordination and integration of industrial chain and innovation" ". "Focusing on competitive industries, we coordinated the layout of industrial innovation complexes and innovative service platforms, and made every effort to build an innovation system with enterprises as the main body, open collaboration, and close integration of production, education and research. We will gradually build a Beilun model. " The main leader of Beilun District said.

Accurately implement policies to promote collaborative innovation between large and small enterprises. The zone will build 4 provincial-level industrial chain communities, including green petrochemicals and integrated circuits, and 10 municipal-level industrial chain

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The list of construction models of rural cultural halls in Zhejiang unveiled

The Publicity Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee recently announced the list of demonstration counties (cities and districts) and demonstration townships (streets) for the construction of rural cultural halls in the province. Seventeen counties (cities and districts) and ninety townships (streets) were selected after local recommendations and provincial evaluation.

Haishu District, Yuyao City, Jishigang Town in Haishu District, Daqi Street in Beilun District, Yunlong Town in Yinzhou District, Xiaowang Temple Street and Xikou Town in Fenghua District, Yuyao City, Lianglang Town in Cixi City, Guanhaiwei Town in Zong Han Street, Meilin Street in Ninghai County, Sizhoutou Town in Xiangshan County, were among the list

Exhibition of intangible cultural heritages and traditional culture launched

The opening ceremony of the Academic Exhibition of Ningbo Intangible Cultural Heritages and Traditional Culture was held in the Yangfan Art Museum on August 23. Nearly 80 Ningbo intangible cultural heritage works with exquisite pattern and exquisite workmanship on display at the exhibition attracted the attention of citizens.

Reportedly, the intangible cultural heritage works on display include both those by representative inheritors of national intangible cultural heritage items and those by ordinary cultural workers. In the form of bone-wood inlay, clay gold-color painting, Yue Kiln celadon, bamboo root carving, porcelain and sculpture, the exhibits aim to spread the traditional culture of Ningbo.

The inheritance of intangible cultural heritage is inseparable from the representative inheritors. Zhou Bingyi, the representative inheritor of Xiangshan bamboo root carving, also came to the scene. Like other intangible cultural heritage inheritors, he injected persistence

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Haishu Longguan Township was invited to participate in the COP15 parallel forum

The 15th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations "Convention on Biological Diversity" (CBD COP15) was held in Kunming yesterday afternoon. It was learned from the relevant departments of Haishu that Longguan Township was invited to participate in the COP15 NGO Parallel Forum. This is also the only township-level representative invited in the province.

 Why can Longguan successfully "out of the circle" and appear in Kunming? It is understood that this is mainly due to Longguan’s unusual practices in biodiversity conservation. At present, Longguan Township is actively promoting the background survey of biodiversity in Siming Mountain. It is the only district/county (city) in the city that is not on the task list but actively carries out this work.

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Yinzhou: Promote Regional High-quality Development with "Precision, Uniqueness and Highlight"

Chengyang Village on the bank of Dongqian Lake mobilized villagers to transform the International Art Village by themselves, attracting more than 75,000 tourists since the beginning of the year; the characteristic block of "The Origin of Sea Silk, Ten Miles of Jiangfeng" and the "Yinzhou Night" brand night market detonated the "night economy" ; Tangxi Town "Jinshan Red Tradition" Research Base, Xianxiang Town Aviation Flight Camp, Zhanqi Town Sunflower Flower Sea, etc. have become new Internet celebrities; Ningbo Hankyu, Happy Coast Sports Park and other highlight projects are open for business, Citizens are racing to check in...

Since the beginning of this year, Yinzhou has taken the creation of " Precision, Uniqueness and Highlight " as a key tool to promote high-quality regional development and build a benchmark area for common prosperity. It will advance together with the integrated development of future small cities, global governance of industrial land, transformation of urban villages, and comprehensive ecological governance. The comprehensive realization of spatial reorganization, ecological restoration, functional restructuring, industrial relocation, and governance restructuring. The project investment intensity and the length of fine lines are among the best in the city.

It is taken as necessary to stand at a higher position and apply "precision, uniqueness and highlight" to enhance the quality of cultural and

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