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Ninghai County selected as a "national demonstration zone for holistic tourism"

On November 8, at the National Promotion Meeting for Holistic Tourism held at the Xinxian County of Xinyang, Henan Province, the list of the first 71 "national demonstration zones for holistic tourism" was released, among which there were three from Zhejiang Province, and Ninghai County was the only one from Ningbo.
In recent years, with its ecological advantages, Ninghai County has built seven national A-level tourist attractions, one national key village for rural tourism, five provincial leisure tourism demonstration villages, and 70 provincial A-level scenic villages. The development of tourism leads to the improvement of economic benefits, and the holistic tourism has become the new engine for the development of the county. In the first nine months of 2019, Ninghai County received 12.569 million visitors, and the total tourism revenue was 13.67 billion yuan, up by 14.9% and 14.4% year-on-year, respectively. The county's homestay turnover stood at 250 million yuan, leading to a sales volume of 630 million yuan for agricultural products.

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Ningbo Zoushu Inheritance Base settles in Xianxiang

On the evening of November 6, the unveiling ceremony of the national intangible cultural heritage project Ningbo Zoushu Base and the performance of the troupe were held in Xianliu Village, Xianxiang Town.

Ningbo Zoushu is a traditional Quyi and one of the four major Quyis in Zhejiang Province. It has a profound mass base in Ningbo. In 2008, it was included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage protection lists.

After investigations by various departments, in 2019, Ningbo Zoushu Protection Unit was changed to Xianliu Village, Xianxiang Town, Yinzhou District.

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New intelligent access control system installed in old communities

On September 6, the residents of the Unit 1 of the Building No.17 of the Sanqu Community of Fenghua District was delighted to find that a new access control system had been installed to the gate of the building.

"Currently, the installation company is inputting the face recognition information, and when the transformation is completed, the residents can easily open the gate by using the cards, swiping their faces or pushing the buttons. It is quite convenient especially when people forget to bring with them the access cards or keys." said Xie Fanger, Secretary of the community party committee.

According to the planning, by the end of December,

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The second domestic beach football training center settled in Meishan, Ningbo

On November 4th, the ceremony for jointly building the Ningbo Meishan Beach Football National Hope Team and the establishment of the Chinese Football Association Beach Football Training Center (Ningbo Meishan) was held.  


“This is the second domestic beach football national hope team and the Chinese Football Association beach football training center established after Wuhua County in Guangdong. We hope that through this model exploration, we will launch social forces to participate in the construction of football projects and find the football development model with Chinese characteristics." Yan Zhanhe, executive committee member of the Chinese Football Association said.

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Fitness cloud road system of Yinzhou attracts fitness events

On the morning of September 7, over 1,600 running lovers came to the Yinzhou Park to take part in the 2019 "Amway Nutrilite" Healthy Running event, the first station of the "fitness cloud road system" race of the year.

The concept of the "fitness cloud road system" of Yinzhou district was proposed in May 2019. Based on the existing urban fitness trails, hiking trails, cycling trails and mountain greenways, the district will improve the facilities and enhance their influence. Statistics show that so far, the survey and mapping work has been down for 79 roads with a total length of 523 kilometers, including 13 urban fitness trails, 58 hiking trails, one cycling trail and seven

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