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Alumni donated 5 million yuan to fund school education

Over 30 outstanding teachers in Zhengshi High School in Ningbo's Yinzhou District received a total of 70,000 yuan as their rewards, paid by the school's "Education Development Fund", a charity fund established by the school alumni.

Earlier this year, seven school alumni including Mr. Ren Qifeng, graduated in 1989, Mr. Wangzhao Chun, graduated in 1986, Mr. Yu Sanchuan and other 4 entrepreneurs made a visit to their alma mater, and learned that some teachers and students from poor families kept working and studying in the school. To help the teachers and students, they raised 500 million yuan ($ 82.2 million) and established a charity fund named "Zhengshi Secondary Education Development Foundation", which is the first high school charitable fund in Yinzhou District.

Yuyao received donations of 22.729 million yuan

On October 15, a related authority of Yuyao Municipality made a report of the new advancement the city had made against the Fitow. Except for a few basements, the surface accumulated water in all living quarters had been drained out. Power supply, telecommunication and traffic had been gradually restored to normal conditions and the epidemic prevention was going on.

According to the report, Yuyao city received 636 donations of various materials, valuing 40.9652 million yuan; the city spent 13 million yuan purchasing food and necessities for the disaster affected people. The donated money the city received added up to 22.729 million yuan, including 15.80 million yuan from other cities and 6.929 million yuan from individuals.

At present, Yuyao still has 19 shelters, which housed 546 people. 138 vegetable markets reopened, with the daily supply reaching 750 tons.

Women entrepreneurs donates 1.3 million yuan supplies to flood victims

Typhoon "Fitow" has brought once-in-a-century rainfall to Ningbo. The county-level city of Yuyao has been severely affected in the recent typhoon-triggered storm. A number of women business owners suffered varying degrees of losses. To promoting mutual help, local women entrepreneurs launched a post-disaster self-help mutual aid program and made their contributions.

According to statistics released by the Association of Ningbo Women Entrepreneurs, over 10 women entrepreneurs had donated supplies, worth of 130 million yuan, to the disaster-hit area by17:00 pm on Thursday. The entrepreneurs includes Zhu Xiaoxia, president of Xiangyang Yugang Group Co., Ltd., Wang Xiaoping, Chairperson of Ningbo Tianping Packaging Co., Ltd., Meifei Zhen, president of Ningbo Mei Bo Import and Export Co., Ltd., Liu Guojuan, Chairman of Ningbo Zhenhai Yilin Trading Company, Zhou Yongmei, CEO of Ningbo Kaiyun Business Group, CEO, Shi Cuiying, president of Ningbo Shi Cuiying Food Development Co., Ltd., Zhao Yanhong, CEO of Ningbo Ruili Laundry Co., Ltd., and Hu Jianping, general manager Cixi Chengshi  Property management Co., Ltd..

Ningbo received donations of 70 million yuan to flood-stricken Yuyao

According to incomplete statistics of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, by October 13:30, Ningbo received donated money as much as 31,400,300 yuan and materials valuing 40,278,600 yuan.

Of the 31,400,300 yuan received, 12,380,400 yuan is received by Ningbo Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Red Cross of Ningbo, Ningbo Charity Federation, Ningbo Overseas Chinese Federation, Ningbo Municipal Committee of the Youth League, Ningbo General Trade Union and Ningbo Women's Federation. 11,019,900 yuan is received by Yuyao. Ningbo also has received donations of 8 million yuan by the party committees and governments of other cities.

Of the donated supplies, Yuyao city received 606 donations, valuing 40,278,600 yuan. The donations include 109,500 boxes of biscuits, 186,200 boxes of water, 45,400 boxes of instant noodle, 983,00o boxes of porridge, 100,000 pieces of zhongzi, 1,226 canoes, 56,700 flash lights, 24,000 spades, 20,000 brooms, 4 trucks of food and drinks, 44 donations of medicine and power generators, clothing, and sterilants.

So far, except for some mineral water, all donated materials have been sent to the rescue stations in Yuyao.

On October 13, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Government, Zhoushan Municipal Party Committee and Government, Wanzhou District Party Committee and Government of Chongqing have sent letters and telegraphs of condolence to Ningbo.

Ningbo spent 171 million yuan on charity in five years

According to Ningbo Charity Federation, in the past five years, Ningbo Charity Federation has raised money for charity as much as 196 million yuan. and spent 171 million yuan for the invest 1 billion yuan on the assistance of 72,000 people. The expenditure increases by 35.7% against that in the preceding five years.

In the past five years, Ningbo Charity Federation has integrated the ten largest charity projects, in the four fields of poverty relief, public welfare, production assistance and volunteer service. Of these projects, the Charity Project for Children with Heart Problem funded the operation of kids with congenital heart defects; the Rainbow Schooling Aid Project, funded by 1,018 individuals and 46 enterprises, aided 1,491 students with fund of 8.95 million yuan.

Ningbo Charity Federation also carried out "self-blood-making" projects, to support those poverty stricken farmers who have some production ability and certain production conditions. In 2012, Ningbo Charity Federation set up a poverty relief base, which provides farmers with production projects to start with. By June 2013, Ningbo Charity Federation spent funds of 6,600,000 yuan supporting 362 poverty stricken families, and establishing 10 charity poverty relief bases. 127 families got rid of poverty, accounting for 35.1% of the total.

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