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An item in Ningbo becomes important agricultural cultural heritage

It is learned from Haishu District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released the 5th list of “important agricultural cultural heritage items”. The “grass-rice rotation system” of Gulin (also known as Huanggulin) Town was included in the list, becoming the first in Ningbo to be included.

The important agricultural cultural heritage items are the typical representatives of China’s excellent farming culture, as well as the wisdom of the long-term production and life practice of the working people of all ethnic groups in China, bearing the genetic code of the Chinese civilization and showing the ideological wisdom and spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation. 

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Big data of public bicycles of Ningbo released

The 2019 big data of the public bicycle system of Ningbo was released on January 20. According to the data, in 2019, about 26 million people used the public bicycles, with the daily average of 71,200 people. Since 2013 when the public bicycle system was put into use, the rental volume of the public bicycles has exceeded 188 million times. The most popular area for public bicycle use is the Dram Tower area, including a dozen of public bicycle spots like the Jiefang Road and the Kaiming Street, with the annual rental volume of 865,000 times.

In 2019, three people in Ningbo used the public bicycle for over 3,000 times, with the top one using 3,949 times. A public bicycle with the plate number of “Ningbo-41322” was used 2,643 times, being the most frequently used public bicycle in Ningbo.

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Sanguantang bridge joint together

On the morning of January 14, Sanguantang bridge had its last giant arm of steel structure welded on, marking the successful completion of the bridge construction.

Sanguantang Bridge and its connecting engineering is the key construction project of the three-year critical action, which starts from southern Jiangnan Road in Gaoxing district, and ends in northern Zhongguan West Road in Zhenhai district. The total length is about 3.3 kilometers with the standard width of section at 68 meters, and the bridge is divided into sidewalks(two-way 6 lanes at 4 meters width) and bicycle lanes(two-way at 5 meters width) serving as the urban main road. The main bridge across the Yongjiang River is a three-span continuous steel girder bridge with a main span of 465 meters and a length of 785 meters.

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Overseas trip of Ningbo culture to be launched

From February 1 to 10, the culture & tourism promotion activities of Ningbo, with the theme of “Zhejiang Province in poetry and painting”, will be held at four cities of Bulgaria and Romania. During the ten days, artists from Ningbo will put on stage the traditional opera pieces, acrobatics and folk singing and dancing, and present the folk customs of the Chinese Spring Festival and the cultural charm of Ningbo Port through such intangible cultural heritage items as the Spring Festival couplets, paintings, and lantern making, as well as the oil painting and photography works.

Reportedly, the series activities are rich in both content and form. The major activities include the performance tours at the four cities by the “Tianyihui” Art Troupe, the “Zhejiang Province in poetry and painting” culture and tourism promotion activities (the exhibition tours of cultural and tourist pictures, the intangible cultural heritage items experience, and the culture and tourism promotion meeting of Ningbo), and the 2020 Marine Silk Road Oil Painting Exhibition.

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Ningbo has 15 rivers and lakes on the list of 2019 Provincial Beautiful

Ningbo city was built along waters with breathtaking landscape, which has become an indispensable part of daily life. According to the Municipal Department of Water Resources on January 12, after Dadongjiang River, Tang River, Xiaoxiajiang River clutching the honor of “Beautiful River and Lake” in 2018, 15 rivers and lakes in Ningbo city has been on the 2019 list of Zhejiang Provincial Beautiful River and Lake.

The 15 includes: Yaojiang River, Yongxin River in Yinzhou District, Academician Gongyuan River, Xinyang Muqi River, Zhonghe River in Beilun district, Dahe River in Meishan district, Xitang River in Haishu district, Guanshan River in Jiangbei district, Butterfly River in Zhenhai district, Xiaolu Daxi River in Yuyao, Fuxi River in Ninghai, Tianming Lake, Renhu Lake in Fenghua, Guanxi River in Xiangshan, and Jiangjia River, Lijia River, Zhujia River in Gaoxin District.

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