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The 2nd Zhejiang Ecological Sports Meeting will kick off in Yinzhou on April 10th

News came that the opening ceremony of the 2nd Zhejiang Ecological Sports Meeting will be held in Yinzhou, Ningbo on April 10th. The first race will be held by the Dongqian Lake and the sports meeting will last for nearly a month.

It is reported that the opening ceremony of this ecological sports meeting will set up 11 competitions related to the concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are

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Corn roses in blossom

The city of Ningbo enjoys a beautiful day with great weather and fresh air, with corn roses sitting by the sides of Heqingbei Road fully in blossom. It is indeed a picturesque view as passers-by linger on the splendid sight of flowers

Xiangshan Asian Games Sand Volleyball Competition Venues Passed the Special Acceptance Check of the Asian Organizing Committee

It was learned that the day before yesterday, the Xiangshan Asian Games sand volleyball venue passed the special acceptance check of the Asian Organizing Committee, marking the official completion of the Asian Games beach volleyball project undertaken by Banbianshan Company.

The Xiangshan Asian Games sand volleyball competition venue laid the first pile on June 19 last year. After 284 consecutive days and nights of design and

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