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Standard Innovation Contribution Award established in Ningbo

 The "management measures for Standard Innovation Contribution Award in Ningbo" will be implemented from July 26, marking the addition of a new engine to promote high-quality development through standard innovation.

The Standard Innovation Contribution Award, established by Ningbo Municipal Government, is divided into "major contribution award" and "excellent contribution award".

Reportedly, the award is a performance evaluation activity. The evaluation criteria are clear: in an important field of economic and social development, those who convert innovative achievements into standards or achieve major economic, social, and ecological benefits by carrying out standardized pilot demonstration project, can apply for the "major contribution award"; those who have achieved significant economic, social, and ecological benefits can apply for the "excellent contribution award".

The Standard Innovation Contribution Award is evaluated every two years.

Among them, the number of major contribution awards shall not be more than five, and the reward shall not exceed 500,000 yuan for each award; and the number of excellent contribution awards can be up to five, with the reward of no more than 150,000 yuan for each award. For each award-winning project, there should be no more than five participating units and no more than ten participating members from Ningbo.

The award application is voluntary to the frontline working teams and workers. The preliminary award list is determined after six evaluation procedures, including formal review, material review, statement defense, on-site review, candidate publicity, and conference review. After the publicity and approval by the municipal government of the preliminary list, the final list of awards will be announced.

"The Standard Innovation Contribution Award is the first government honor in the history of standardization work in Ningbo. The establishment of this award will further stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises for standard innovation, and prepare and cultivate local enterprises to participate in the selection of provincial and national standard innovation awards, laying a solid foundation for the construction of Ningbo's standard innovation contribution award system." said a related person in charge from Ningbo Market Supervision Bureau. Upon the implementation of the management measures, Ningbo will soon formulate the specific "implementation rules for the evaluation of Standard Innovation Contribution Award", and strictly follow the established procedures and requirements. The first evaluation of Standard Innovation Contribution Award will be launched in the second half of this year.

So far, Ningbo has presided over and participated in the setting of 31 international standards, 461 national standards, and 390 "made in Zhejiang" standards. A total of 12 enterprises have won the China Standard Innovation Contribution Award, and seven projects have won the Standard Innovation Contribution Award of Zhejiang Province

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