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Rural demonstration and renovation program boosts rural tourism

As an important project of the rural demonstration and renovation program of Jin'e Village of Xiwu Town of Fenghua District, the 2018 Rhododendron Culture Tourism Festival was started on April 22, attracting about 7000 visitors coming to appreciate the blooming rhododendrons on the mountains of the village

"Reading marathon" held

A special "reading marathon" activity was held at the Red Dowry Bookstore located at Ningbo Cultural Plaza on April 22. The bookstore is actually a sub-venue of the 2nd Reading Marathon Challenge in public libraries of Zhejiang Province, hosted by Yinzhou District Library

Jiulong Lake Half Marathon race held

The 2018 Jiulong Lake International Half Marathon race, commemorating the centenary of birth of Mr. Pao Yue-kong, was started at 8 am, April 22, attracting about 10,000 runners for participation, including 155 foreigners

Traditional handicraft techniques displayed

At the display activity held by the Common Union of the Rongjia Community of Dongsheng Street of Yinzhou District, four masters of the gold and silver embroidery, an intangible cultural heritage item of Ningbo, showed the embroidery techniques to the visitors present

Book exchanging to celebrate "World Reading Day"

To greet the coming "World Reading Day" on April 23, the third "Book Exchanging Meeting" was held at the World Expo Home of Zhaobao Mountain Street of Zhenhai District on the morning of April 21, where over 5000 volumes of books were exchanged between readers


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