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New public bicycle stations to be built

It is learned from Ningbo Administration of Public Transportation that to meet the increasing demand of the citizens, it will build 200 new public bicycle spots with about 5000 public bicycles. So far, there have been 1121 public bicycle spots in the urban area, with 30035 bicycles and 31675 fixing poles.

At present, the planned new public bicycle spots are located in such places with large flow of people as the residential communities and bus stops. As a survey in Yinzhou District shows, there is a public bicycle spot every 500 meters in the central area of the district. In the summer, the turnover rate of the bicycles exceeds four. It is predicted by some related departments that during spring and autumn, more people will prefer public bicycles, and therefore the turnover rate will continue to rise.

To address the difficulties of renting and returning public bicycles, Ningbo Public Bicycle Service Company has adopted the two-level dispatching and directing system for real-time supervision of the spots during the rush hours and the balance of the major public bicycle spots

Ningbo Free Wi-Fi to Cover Public Transport and Metro Line 2

A few days ago, free Wi-Fi service (iNingbo) started to be offered in Mao Ao Village in Jiangbei District, making it the first village covered by free wireless network in Ningbo. Starting from here, as a platform for citizens to get access to free Wi-Fi service, “iNingbo” officially extends its reach to villages.
Building a wireless city is the premise for the construction of a smart city. 4 years ago, Ningbo carried out a pilot project of “iNingbo”to open 20 free Wi-Fi hotspots in Haishu District, the first step in building a wireless city for Ningbo. By the end of July, 2016, the number of free Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas in Ningbo has already exceeded 4,000, occupying the second place in Zhejiang Province. Up to now, approximately 900 areas already have access to “iNingbo”, with 16 million total visits, 940,000 registered customers and 70,000 daily visits.
According to related officials of Ningbo Urban Intelligence Office, “iNingbo” has already covered many public areas including railway (bus) stations in counties and city hub, airports, subways, medical institutions, libraries, administrative service halls, parks, squares and tourist attractions.
At present, Ningbo is actively exploring the operation projects and construction modals of “iNingbo” in the fields of public transport and subway. It is said that Ningbo has already carried out selection and testing work of related equipment and 2000 to 3500 public buses and Ningbo Metro Line 2 will be covered by “iNingbo” in the first stage

The 11th Ningbo Auto Cultural Festival Opens

The 11th NIngbo Auto Cultural Festival, in accordance with the theme of “ play together for fun and public’s good ”, started in Dongqian Lake on Sept, 10th.

The festival was held by NIngbo Trade Commission, Jiangdong People’s Government, Reigional Bureau of Commerce, NIngbo Automobile Dealers Association, together with NIngbo Jiaochen Company. On the day of the opening ceremony, there were varieties of activities, such as sailing and Canoeing games for experience, parent-child games, fancy mixing drinks, magic show and so on. What’s more, the popuplar bands——ROCK and Huizhituan came to impress the audience.

It is introduced that the Auto Cultural Festival will last to Oct, 21st. As the city of culture in East Asia and based on the core of promoting auto sales and service, Ningbo dedicates itself to enriching and improving NIngbo auto culture. Through six different activities which contain playing, doing public good, Jiaochen anniversary ceremony, presence and closing ceremony, the festival blends fashion, fun, health, recreation and public welfare into people’s daily life, leading the majority of riders to create a new life of Ningbo auto culture together. The lasting of the festival will serve to improve Ningboers’ consumption concept and the quality of life, bringing more fun to Ningbo citizens with cars

Public Bike Rental Volumes Exceeding 80 Million in Ningbo

According to information released by Management Office of Traffic Jams on 29th, August, by the end of July, there have been 1240 standard rental points in Ningbo, with 30,000 public bikes, 80 million rental volumes (the highest daily rental volumes reaching 152,200) and free rental rate of 98.2 percent.
According to related officials in the management office, if one can cover a distance of 3.6 kilometers each time, the total travelling distance can reach 288 million kilometers, which will save 16700 tons of fuel oil and reduce the emission of 53000 tons of carbon dioxide.
In order to improve its service, Urban Public Bike Service Company established two-stage dispatch control center and take the full advantage of two-stage dispatch linkage mechanism to implement real time monitoring of each rental point in six districts during both morning and evening rush hours. By constant analysis of operating data, combining centralized, trans-regional and instruction dispatch to ensure adequate supply of public bikes in main rental points.
At the same time, to satisfy the need of renting and returning of public bikes during morning and evening rush hours, the service company sends 32 specially-assigned persons to manage the most popular 248 rental points and offer service for the returning and renting of public bikes.
To alleviate the difficulty in returning public bikes in certain rental points, the service company has established 9 co-constructed points with 2 enterprises, 3 communities and 3 schools and the volunteers of the points will help with the work of public bike renting and returning as well as facilities cleaning, which has effectively mitigated the problem

Large-scale Autumn Job Fair Held in Ningbo

A large-scale autumn job fair was held in International Convention and Exhibition Center on Sept.10th. Four hundred and thirteen enterprises, giving over 2100 positions and demanding for over 7500 workers, attracted over 3,500 applicants to take part in this fair. Positions like marketing, machinery manufacturing, administration, human resource and e-commerce have a big demand.

A group made up by professional recruitment consultants, HR, staff from Labor supervision and consultation and forensic experts were there helping job seekers.
Many college graduates came for their first job. Xu Miao, HR expert from Deli Group, gave his advice on making an attractive resume: The resume should be brief, and you’d better present school and social experiences in table form. Also, a specific career plan and hobbies are important.

It is known that the small peak of talent flow in autumn workplace has come. Ningbo talent market will hold more comprehensive recruitment, special recruitment and campus recruitment in the following days. High level of talent introduction, labor technicians’ recruitment will also be launched in succession


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