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3rd August Mixer Time

On 3rd August, Wednesday, once again we will meet to our monthly Mixer. All are welcome to mingle and enjoy to be with old and new friends.

We will have again 2 drinks for rmb 80 and some special buffet. The place will be in Shang Palace Restaurant in 2nd floor. We have a special arrangement.

Please come with friends and enjoy again a special evening.

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Deals Struck in Second-hand Housing Reacha 7-year High in Ningbo

The first half year of 2016 have seen a craze both in purchases and sales in the real estate market in Ningbo. In conjunction with the increasing interest gained in newly-constructed commodity housing, the turnover in second-hand housing has reached a new high since 2009.
Xiaojiang, a seasoned house agent, has been occupied with introducing waves of customers to several stock houses in Yinzhou District these months.
“It seems that the enthusiasm towards housing is contagious. Despite a frantic pursuit in the market of new commodity housing, the sales achieved in second-hand housing have well surpassed those of commodity housing in the first half of this year,” Xiaojiang said. “The average price remains steady as against a hike in the sales of stock houses. Even if there is a rise in the price, the fluctuation is relatively low under the context of a whole year. ” 
The figure 27,327 has hit a historical record since 2009, transcending the best performance over the same period registered in 2013 at 21,136 units and that of the newly-built houses. 
Revealed by the information of the deals closed in the downtown houses, 27,327 second-hand houses were sold out in the first half year of 2016, an increase of 11,024 units over the same period in 2015, up 67.62%. Deals struck in February are the lowest with 1,646 houses traded. However, the trading volumes in March and April mounted surprisingly with sales standing separately at 5,517 units and 6,201 units, ushering in the peak in July. With the coming of May and the taking in of policies, the enthusiasm of purchasers faded away. More people assumed a stand-by pose, leading to the falling of trading volumes to a stable level wavering around 5000 units.
According to the statistics in Ningbo provided by Nantian Real Estate and the 21th Century Real Estate, Yinzhou, Jiangdong and Haishu District are widely preferred as favorable sites for second-hand housing while as regards the specific types of buildings, multi-floor housing, high-rises and small high-rises rank top three in sales. In terms of house types, houses with a coverage ranging from 60 square meters to 120 square meters occupy half of the market shares.  

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Ningbo drinking water market steps into consumption season

With the coming of Summer, over 30 drinking water production enterprise in Ningbo increase production and arrange enough water bearers and carriages for every delivery terminal for the new consumption season. According to principal of Ningbo Zhonghuan Taibai Beverages Ltd., since July, the production of canned water has reached 6000 to 8000 buckets every day, and that of bottled water has reached over 2000 cases, with both production and marketing thriving, which is expected to last to October

One-day Tour Service Center Made in Ningbo

It will meet almost every demand : drinking tea, reading ,shopping, exhibition –going ,making real-time inquiries about scenic spots in Ningbo, etc. The Window of Ningbo City Tourism was opened on the morning of June 19th in Nantang Street Community, which  now has the functions of tourism image display center, public service center ,tourist transportation center ,information service center and international tourism display , aka, Four Centers ,One Platform. The Window will be made into a one-day –trip tourist center , which provides various ticket reservations and the route information on a trip of one day or two for tourists.
The Window of Ningbo City Tourism is located in the C zone of Nantang Street’s second community with a total area of 2343 square meters, which is adjacent to Nantang Post Office, Fenglinwan Book Store, Xikou Tourism Museum , Taiwan Tourism &Life Museum and Central and Eastern European Tourism and Life Museum. The Window of Ningbo City Tourism will be made into the “Reception Room of Ningbo “ on the basis of  Nantang Street’s prime location and business atmosphere ,which will serve as a major base for Ningbo city image display and public services. A series of civilian and tourist-friendly activities will be conducted through the efforts made by the Window and other construction partners including the Humanistic and Geographical Branch of City’s Library, Ala Travel Magazine , BOC Ningbo Branch , Qingtengmufan Coffee, Lexiang Zen Culture Museum ,etc. These activities include Songfest , Soap-making ,A Free taste of Tea and Stout, etc.
It is reported that the earthy Tourism Night Market is expanded to Nantang Street by the City Bureau of Tourism while other civilian-friendly measures are taken. These people-friendly measures are as follows: The Direct Line bus from Ningbo to Ninghai  will be available along with the special line services from Ningbo to various scenic spots, including Qiantong Ancient Town, Eastern Zhejiang Canyon ,etc. The bargain price tickets to the following spots will be available to citizens: Jiufengshan, Chateau Montrose, Lijiaken Drifting Spot, Qiantong Ancient Town ,Wushan Grottos ,Global Jade Court and Shiqifang Village in Zhenhai. Special souvenirs will be given to the audiences  in these spots: Xiangshan Film &Television City, Fishing Town and Romon Global Park ,etc


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