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Ningbo Street Sports and Life Festival kicks off

On the evening of July 15, the opening ceremony of the “O ZONE” Ningbo Street Sports and Life Festival, as known as Yinzhou Sports Consumption Festival, was held at Ningbo Cultural Plaza. At the opening ceremony, fighting, sports dance, fancy basketball, BMX, skateboarding, bodybuilding and other sports events were performed, adding a lot of color to the leisurely summer evening.

The sports consumption festival activities began on July 14 and continued until July 16. With the theme of “welcoming the Asian Games and new trends, and promoting consumption”, the festival integrates sports competitions and trend elements, closely following the spirit of the Asian Games, and meticulously creating four major street trend sports zones: street sports, street experience, trendy streets, and street performances. It integrates various trendy sports activities such as skateboarding events, combat music festivals, street basketball, new product releases, beach volleyball, and trendy street markets, enriching the supply of the sports market. The activities have unleashed the potential of sports consumption, brightening the night market and igniting consumption in Yinzhou District.

As for street sports and street experience activities, there are the Ningbo activitiy of World Skateboarding Day, the “Fuming Cup” combat music festival,

beach volleyball, street basketball and other fashionable and interesting sports events and performances. Among them, skateboarding and beach volleyball are the official events of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou.

The street block section invites over 80 local and national high-quality trendy brands, sports brands, original works, specialty cuisine, etc. to settle in, making the Cultural Plaza a social gathering place for trendy young people in Ningbo.

The street performance section includes various activities such as KPOP, DJ stage, street dance performance, and audience interaction. Audiences can participate in such interactive activities as “zero yuan auctions”, lucky draws, and gifts winning.

The “O ZONE” Ningbo Street Sports and Life Festival, as well as Yinzhou Sports Consumption Festival, is guided by Ningbo Sports Bureau, hosted by Yinzhou District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, Fuming Sub-district Office and Ningbo Culture Plaza, and undertaken by Ningbo sports associations and Yinzhou District Sports Center.

Over the past two years, Yinzhou District has taken the opportunity of creating the “National Sports Industry Demonstration Base” and the first batch of “Zhejiang Provincial Sports Modernization Zone” to build over 100 embedded sports new spaces throughout the urban area. For four consecutive years, Yinzhou Sports Consumption Festival has been held in cooperation with the business districts, shaping a new brand of sports consumption activities, innovating the new model of “sports-business alliance”, and creating new consumption spacesb

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