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A new round of three-year renovation plan starts in Ningbo

Recently it is learned from the Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology that Ningbo has launched a new round of three-year major renovation plan. In the next three years, Ningbo will build 100 new digital workshops (smart factories), add more than 10,000 industrial robots, cultivate more than 100 "5G + Industrial Internet" pilot demonstration enterprises, and promote more than 10 smart manufacturing applications in subdivided fields.

At present, intelligent manufacturing has become the key strategy for the transformation and upgrading of Ningbo's manufacturing industry and the acceleration of high-quality development. In 2017, our city launched a three-year action plan for technological transformation of enterprises, which has achieved remarkable results. A group of enterprises have become the backbone of "Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing". Data show that up to now, there are 8,993 industrial and commercial enterprises in the city that have implemented automation and intelligent transformation projects, of which 8,770 have been completed. The production efficiency of completed projects has increased by an average of 63.7%, and the operating costs of enterprises have decreased by an average of 21.7%.

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Ningbo City Exhibition reopens to the public, reservations required

On March 25, Ningbo City Exhibition reopens to the public, attracting lots of visitors.

To avoid gatherings, a real-name reservation system is introduced. The number of daily visitors is limited to 500, and the number of real-time visitors is limited to 150. The opening hour is the same as before, from 9:00 to 17:00 every Tuesday to Sunday (closed at 16:00), and closed on Mondays (except holidays).

Every visitor needs to make a reservation on the spot, online or by telephone. On-the-spot and online reservations require visitors to subscribe the official account of Ningbo City Exhibition and fill out the information. Hotlines for telephone reservation are 89385101 and 89385109. Before and during the visit, ID cards and health codes are required for verification. Children and people without ID cards need to bring their residence booklets.

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Dongqian Lake introduces twenty spring-themed activities

In the eyes of Yuan Shiyuan, a poet in the Yuan Dynasty, the spring of Dongqian Lake is not inferior to that of the West Lake. Today, after more than ten years of development, Dongqian Lake is even more charming, water clearer, trees greener, flowers more beautiful. Especially in spring, Dongqian Lake is like a dynamic Chinese painting with golden rape flowers, green tea garden and elegant Hanling Old Street.

In this spring, you can pick tea, sail the boat, relax yourself, make traditional food, dig bamboo shoots and so on. From March 15 to the end of April, Dongqian Lake will launch twenty activities to welcome tourists

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First operation section of second phase of Rail Transit Line 2 ready for first trail run

On March 25, it is learned that the first operation of the second phase of Ningbo Rail Transit Line 2 is going to start a trail run in the end of March after two-month unloading runs, which is necessary for the opening of a new line.

Th second phase of Line 2, from the previous terminal station Qingshuipu, contains five stations including Wulipai, Fengyuan, Congyuan Rd, Zhaobao Hill and Honglia, total length about 8.5 km. The first operation section starts from Qingshuipu Station to Congyuan Rd Station, total length 5.6 km.

The trial run means that from the end of March, the train will run without passengers from Qingshuipu Station to Congyuan Rd Station.

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Tianyige Museum reopens from March 23

Tianyige Museum has been reopened from March 23. Opening hours: Monday 13: 30-17: 00 (except statutory holidays), Tuesday to Sunday 8: 30-17: 00, stop admission 30 minutes before closing time.

To avoid the gathering of people, the real-name appointment system is adopted. Visitors are required to show their ID cards and enter the museum from the west gate of the Tianyige Museum (10 Tianyi Street).

Booking method: scan the QR code with WeChat or Alipay (Note: Alipay does not support booking free tickets and buying half-price tickets)


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