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8th Global Cloud Computing Conference held in Ningbo

The 8th Global Cloud Computing Conference (China) was held on July 22 in Ningbo, bring about an unprecedented “digital feast” to the city.

As one of the top ten cloud computing conferences in the world, the conference was initiated in the Silicon Valley of the United States, and has been held in such places as New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. In September, 2019, the 7th session of the conference introduced the latest cloud computing technologies to Ningbo and the application prospects of the cloud computing in such fields as finance, manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and medicine.

This year’s session will have more activities. At the two main forums on July 22, a dozen of experts discussed and shared ideas on such topics as edge computing for intelligent urban development, digital infrastructure and digital urban construction, and 5G urban labs

Old Bund selected as national pilot for transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets

At the press conference for the pedestrian street transformation and upgrading work held on July 22, the Vice-minister of the Ministry of Commerce announced the list of the 12 national pilot pedestrian streets, and the Old Bund area was selected as one of them. This is the second round of the list for the transformation and upgrading work. Then what kind of changes will take place in the renovation?

According to the preliminary planning, the upgraded Old Bund block will cover an area of 22 hectares, with the Xinjiang Bridge to the south, the Yongjiang River to the east, the Baisha Park to the north and the Renmin Road to the west, and the main street will be 1,640 meters long. As to the spatial layout, the Ningbo Art

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Painting exhibition of four painters from Luoyang held in Yuyao

An exhibition of the paintings by four painters from Luoyang, Henan Province, was started at Yuyao Museum on the afternoon of July 19, exhibiting over 80 Chinese painting and calligraphy works of the painters.

The four painters are all good at painting peony flowers. The exhibited works include the traditional Chinese realistic painting as well as the freehand brushwork painting, with the themes of peony flowers, insects, fish, birds, characters and landscapes. The peony flowers painted are beautiful and graceful, showing the unique

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Ningbo Library popular among citizens

With the coming of the summer vacation, Ningbo Library has become an ideal place for many citizens. Statistics show that by 5pm, July 20, the newly re-opened (from July 1) new venue of Ningbo Library and the Yongfeng branch of the library received 41,000 visits, with the daily visit volume of 2,000. Among others, the new venue received about 2,000 visits per day during the weekends and the Yongfeng branch, about 1,000 visits. Over the past 20 days, the volume of borrowed and returned books has exceeded 110,000.

There is now a central self-service lending area with the self-service disinfection equipment for books. The books go through the disinfection machine before they go

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Ningbo develops 5G industry

It is learned from the Ningbo Branch of China Mobile that after careful testing of the 5G network of 56 major cities in China by the headquarters of China Mobile, Ningbo has been included in the top ten outstanding cities of 5G network. To be specific, Ningbo ranks No.1 in terms of the network testing results and No.4 in terms of the total scores.

As the important basis of the new-generation digital economy, the 5G technology can not only bring about the faster network speed but also drive the in-depth integration of the communications technology and the entity economy, thus resulting in a series of new applications, new models and new industrial patterns. In

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