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Works of Ningbo painter included in the "World Dictionary of Fine Arts"

Chen Yu’s Dunhuang Music and Dance Series was selected into the World Dictionary of Fine Arts. The large dictionary is exquisite, informative, and illustrated, which integrates knowledge, academicity and information into one. It is divided into two parts: painting and sculpture; calligraphy and seal. It is published by China International Publishing House and distributed to the whole world.

Chen Yan is good at meticulous classical figure painting. In 2005, he joined the Chinese Art Society (San Francisco). In 2016, he was promoted as a member of the (Los Angeles) International China Artists Association for his creation of "100 Pictures of Dunhuang Music and Dance". Up to now, the official website of China Artists Network has published more than 200 works by Chen. China Post has published 6 books of his classical figures, and Dunhuang music and dance works have been published 12 times in the national first-level publishing house

Jiangbei Cherry Blossom Culture Festival opens

With cherry blossoms blooming on the hillside, and the crowds playing at the foot of the mountain play, the 3rd Cherry Blossom Culture Festival in Jiangbei District opened in Luye Mountain Residence. The citizens and tourists in Hanfu from all over the world went to the fair, tasted food, and took pictures of cherry blossoms. They enjoyed the unique cherry blossom season.

In March, the "Chinese Red" cherry blossom blooms in the hills of the Green Mountain. Next, the famous cherry blossoms such as Oshima Sakura, Yoshino Sakura, and Yae Sakura will be in full bloom. In the next month and a half, Jiangbei District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau will launch various events such as Sakura picnic, Sakura party, Sakura Tent Festival, Children's Balanced Car Fun Competition, aiming to create a one-stop experience for the citizens and tourists to eat, live, travel, entertain and shop

First station of “The Belt and Road” International Rock Climbing Masters Race to Be held in Ningbo

“The Belt and Road” International Rock Climbing Masters Race, Tenglong Outdoor Cup, will be held in Yinjiang Climbing Park of Haishu District from May 26th to 27th. The event is jointly sponsored by the China Mountaineering Association and the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, and jointly organized by the Ningbo Sports Bureau and the Haishu District People's Government.

This special race is created by the China Mountaineering Association, setting men’s and women’s speed races and difficulty races. 92 great rock climbers from 22 countries will participate in the race this time, such as world speed climbing men’s champion Zhong Qixin, Asian speed climbing women’s champion He Cuilian, National Games champion Lou Haibin,

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Ningbo Upgrades Regional Collaboration

Ningbo spares no effort to upgrade the collaboration between the underdeveloped areas and developed areas of Zhejiang Province this year, which will accelerate the development of the paired areas and in turn lead to a more coordinated development of Zhejiang. The cooperation will be focused on industries of at least 8 trillion dollars.

Ningbo Collaboration Promoting Conference was held on May 25, 2018 and it was informed that, in the first quarter of this year, Ningbo implemented 50 cooperation projects on the collaboration projects between the underdeveloped and developed areas, invested 3.27 billion yuan, developed four 18.6 km²-wide provincial industrial parks, completed fixed assets of 252.94 billion yuan, and introduced 99 enterprises. "Underdeveloped-developed areas collaboration project is a win - win and even a multi - win project, which has expanded space for the high - quality development of our city. "said by an official of the leading group of the project.

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Cultural Symphony “Eulogy of Humanity” Presented in Ningbo

On the evening of May 14th, the Confucian culture symphony "Eulogy of Humanity", an original work of Shenzhen Symphony was performed at the Ningbo Grand Theater, which was recommended by the UNISCO to the world.

The "Eulogy of Humanity" explores in depth the essence of Chinese traditional culture, elucidating it in the form of Western symphony and promoting the humanistic ideology of Chinese culture. It is reported that symphony has been performed around the world and has received a rave review.

Last night, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra gave the performance under the famous conductor Zhang Guoyong and the young conductor Lin Daye. The Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Choir provided the audience a marvelous audio and visual feast.

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