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Ningbo celebrity shares Song Dynasty style of Ningbo Architecture online Architectural Encyclopedia "Laws of Architecture" has absorbed many Ningbo architectural elements.

On the evening of July 16, as one of "Ala Ningbonese" lectures, "The Sacred Relics of the Sea Silk Road—Ningbo Song Style Relics", was livestreaming at Ningbo Library. The lecture was given by Huang Dingfu, associate researcher of cultural relics and museums of Ningbo Institute of Cultural Heritage Management.

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Ice-snow industry in Ningbo propelled by Beijing Winter Olympics

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has triggered the rapid development of China’s snow and rice sports and snow and rice tourism. In Ningbo, Beilun District, with the large-scale indoor snow and ice amusement parks, has become the first choice for the tourists and local citizens during the Spring Festival holiday.

For this year’s Spring Festival holiday, the consumption potential of Beilun District was fully released, with citizens and tourists becoming more enthusiastic about participating in online activities. Local tourism, ice and snow tourism and parent-child tourism became the main ways of travel on holidays. The number of non-local employees staying in Ningbo and local tourists not choosing long-distance travels has increased significantly.

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British style public telephone booths set up at Moonlake scenic area

Recently, two red British style public telephone booths appeared at the Tianyi Pavilion Museum & Moonlake scenic area. One of the booths is located under a phoenix tree on the Gongqing Road, and the other, on the small magnolia square at the intersection of the Zhenming Road and the Liuting Street. The transparent glass and the bright red color of the booths add a beautiful touch to the scenic area.

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Industrial Heritage Opens up New Space for Ningbo's Urban Development

Pass through the small western-style building filled with the industrialized atmosphere of the last century, come to the pearl oyster in Ningbo Hefeng Creative Plaza to see the fashion exhibition, and then appreciate the magic of industrial design in the Ningbo Industrial Design Museum transformed from the old factory of Hefeng Spinning Factory. Sitting in a cafe by the river, reminiscing about this short journey...

When the Hefeng Spinning Factory established in 1905 completed its identity transformation to Hefeng Creative Plaza, it not only became a fashionable Internet celebrity check-in place in Ningbo and an important place for citizens' leisure and entertainment, but also gathered in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany and China. There are more than 120 well-known industrial design and cultural and creative supporting institutions, with more than 3,000 creative design talents. The industrial heritage carrying historical memory and cultural accumulation has been awakened and "lived" again. In the fifth batch of national industrial heritage list announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last year, the Hefeng yarn factory project was successfully shortlisted, becoming the city's first national industrial heritage.

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