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Wang Yangming in Edinburg International Festival

Wang Yangming in Edinburg International Festival: Ningbo’s Original Play Hearing Yangming is now traveling to Britain

Crew and Cast of the play Hearing Yangming take a flight to Edinburg Britain in the afternoon of August 7th and are expected to present the original and contemporary version of Wang Yangming’s story to European audience in the afternoon of August 11th at Edinburg International Conference Center.

Hearing Yangming—born in script reciting 

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Liangzhu Park celebrates National Fitness Day

At 6:30 on the morning of August 6, Liang Zhu Park held a national fitness morning exercise, which is the fifth event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the “8•8” National Fitness Day. Nearly a thousand middle-aged and elderly Qigong enthusiasts and hundreds of yoga enthusiasts took part in the activity.


Hands across the Pacific 2019 kicks off in Ningbo

Hands across the Pacific 2019 kicks off in the morning of August 6th in Ningbo Museum of Art, with artists from ten countries like Australia, Canada, Indonesia, and Japan bringing eighty-two works to China.

Hands across the Pacific 2019 is organized by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and the People’s Government of Ningbo Municipality. The art exhibition, since 2000 when it was hosted by CPAFFC and Canadian International Cultural Exchange Society, has become a platform for artistic communication among countries and regions across the Pacific Rim. With its footprint traveling Canada, Japan, and many cities in China, Hands across the Pacific is now enjoying high popularity in Asia-Pacific region.

This art exhibition, displaying eighty-two artistic works from ten different countries across the Pacific, presents to us not just exquisite craftmanship, but their pursuit for better life and passion for nature. For

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National Pipa Exhibition and Performance to be held in Ningbo

It is learned from the related press conference that the 2019 National Pipa Exhibition and Performance event will be held from August 13 to 19 in Zhenhai District of Ningbo, when the pipa masters all over the country will gather in Ningbo for the activities, attracting about 200 pipa players nationwide (including those from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) for participation.

The event is sponsored by the Chinese Musicians Association and the Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, and jointly organized by the Pipa Society of the Chinese Musicians Association, Ningbo Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Film and Tourism, Ningbo Literary Federation, the Publicity Department of Zhenhai District Party Committee and Ningbo Chinese Culture Promotion Association.

During the period of the event, the activities include the opening and closing concerts, the national professional training for pipa teachers, the related academic seminars and cultural activities for the benefit of the people and the national pipa exhibition and performance. The event aims to exhibit the development and achievement of the pipa art in recent years in China and discover and cultivate distinctive pipa players.

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