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Exhibition of 20 “grassroots” literary federations in Ningbo

On the afternoon of August 30th, the “Hometown and Nostalgia”theme recitation and the awarding ceremony of “Red Rhododendron” Ningbo Grassroots Literature Federation Exhibition was held in the second floor theater of Wuyi Square. 20 outstanding grassroots literary and art groups show their unique style.

The exhibition of Ningbo's grassroots literary federations was held for the first time in 2018. It has successively exhibited seven major art exhibitions of calligraphy, art, photography, folk crafts, drama, music and dance.  

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Oaks’ manufacturing base set up in Thailand

On the morning of August 24, oaks’ manufacturing base in Rayong industrial park in Thailand was completed and ready for production in January 2020. By then, 1.1 million sets of smart air conditioners will be produced in the smart factory of 100,000 square meters every year. After the completion of the second phase, the annual capacity of the base with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan will reach 3 million sets.

After the Brazilian and Indonesian factories, Oaks chose to establish its third overseas production base in Thailand,not only because of its market resources and ability to expand into Europe and the Americas, but also because of its potential to move up the global value chain.

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First “5G Space” makes its debut in Ningbo

On the morning of August 17, the “5G Experience Space” jointly built by the Ningbo branch of China Mobile and Ningbo Library was officially open to the public, attracting about a hundred citizens for the experience of the 5G reading. With the 5G network of the space, the 5G mobile phones can have a download speed of up to 1.2GB per second, and the non-5G mobile phones can also have access to the WIFI signals converted from the 5G signals for the trial use of the “5G speed”. The 5G applications provided by the space include the 5G + AR reading, the 5G + intelligent writing system, the 5G + VR popular science “treasure box”, and the 5G + VR amphitheater performance.

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Calligraphy exhibition held at 117 Art Center

A special calligraphy exhibition, with the works of 70 people, was held at the 117 Art Center on August 21, as a celebration activity for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the new China. The 70 composers of the exhibits are all trainees or leading teachers from the Hu Zhaoxia’s Calligraphy Studio.

The exhibits are in the different forms like scroll, couplets, square paper with inscriptions, calligraphy on fans, etc. In different styles of calligraphy like the official script, the regular script, the seal-character script, the running-hand script and the rapid cursive style, the works are composed by calligraphy trainees or teachers with their ages ranging from five to over 70.

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2019 Ningbo Blackpool Dancing Stars Show held

The 2019 China (Ningbo) Blackpool Dancing Stars Show was staged at the Beilun Sports and Art Center on the evening of August 16, sponsored by Ningbo Performance & Arts Group and jointly organized by Ningbo Theater, Ningbo Yuchunhui Culture Development Co. Ltd. and Beijing Blackpool Dance Cultural Communication Co. Ltd.,

The Blackpool Dancing Festival is a top international dancing festival, known as the “Olympics of international style ballroom dancing”. It dates back to about 100 years ago. The festival has been held in every May at Blackpool, a British town. This show in Ningbo has invited the winners of the dancing championship at this year’s Blackpool Dancing Festival, who represent the highest level of the international style of ballroom dancing.

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