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“Memories of Matsuko” to be performed in Ningbo

On the evening of September 10 and 11, the stage play “Memories of Matsuko” will be staged at the Grand Theater of Ningbo Culture Plaza. The play is directed by Zhao Miao, planned by Jiang Fangzhou and starred by Zhang Jingchu. It is adapted from the Japanese film of the same title. Zhang Jingchu is considered to be “the most suitable candidate for Matsuko”. For the performance, she completed new challenges step by step with the persistence and exquisite acting skills of a successful actress, endowed the character with new vitality, and let the audience experience the unique charm of the “Chinese version of Matsuko”. Meanwhile, as a work focusing on women’s fate, this play also brings together female creators in the fields of literature and art: Jiang Fangzhou serves as its literary planner, and mural artist Wen Na as designer of its derivative articles. They will work together to present the character of Matsuko in their minds from different positions and perspectives.

During the three-and-a-half-hour performance, there will be 20 umbrellas, 25 professions, over 40 raincoats, over 60 pairs of shoes, over 100 characters, over 130 sets of clothes, and over 200 props at hand on the stage, and the shortest dressing time is only 7 seconds.

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The song “Ningbo Dialect” released

On the afternoon of August 23, the song “Ningbo Dialect”, with its lyrics in Ningbo native dialect, was officially released. Compared with the dialect songs adapted from popular songs in the past, this new song is characteristic of the original “Ningbo accent”.

The song is written by Lin Bo, composed by Wang Ping, produced by Wang Shaohong, and delivered by Yang Yang and Wang Ping. It uses the original Ningbo dialect and adds the elements of Ningbo horse lantern tune and Quyi allegro, with a bright rhythm and. The words not only reflect the customs and people’s feelings, but also have a proper sense of humor, showing the unique charm of Ningbo dialect.

“Non-natives get to know Ningbo dialect mostly from local folk art works in Ningbo. Quyi culture is one of the important carriers to expand the influence of Ningbo dialect, and the relationship between them is inseparable. How can local folk art live without dialects?” said Wang Ping, composer and singer of “Ningbo Dialect”. Dialect is an important label of local culture. Making and singing more local dialect songs enable more young people to understand local characteristic culture, and it is also a kind of connecting efforts of the

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Ningbo Athletes Won 5 Olympic Gold Medals

Last night, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games came to a close. 7 members of the Chinese team from Ningbo won 5 gold medals, collecting their best ever results.

Making her Olympic debut, Ningbo shooter Yang Qian was a revelation, first winning her first gold medal of the Tokyo Games by reversing her opponent with a last shot, and then, just three days later, teaming up with her teammates to win the first ever gold medal in the mixed team event. She is the first Chinese athlete to win two gold medals in the same Olympic Games.

Then, weightlifter Shi Zhiyong won the gold medal in the men's 73kg category with a world record-breaking performance. He became the third Chinese weightlifter to win back-to-back Olympic titles.

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Ningbo's economy in the first half of 2021

As the "locomotive" of national economic development, the report card of 23 cities with a GDP exceeding one trillion yuan in the first half of 2021 is quite noticeable.

In the "Trillion Club", Ningbo ranks 12th with a regional GDP of RMB664.06 billion. The GDP growth rate of 13.1% is tied for 10th with Chengdu.

In the first half of the year, Ningbo performed well in terms of GDP growth, total industrial output value, total foreign trade import and export, and industrial investment.

Among the 23 cities with a GDP exceeding one trillion yuan, Ningbo's GDP in the first half of the year happened to be in the middle. Fortunately, in the first half of the year, the added value of Ningbo's secondary industry reached RMB312.82 billion, ranking 7th; the growth rate reached 16.70%, ranking 6th

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The 7th Visual Art Exhibition of Outstanding Works by the Mass Unveiled in Ningbo

Last morning, the opening ceremony and award ceremony of the 7th Visual Art Exhibition of Outstanding Works by the Mass was unveiled at the Dongqian Lake branch of Ningbo Museum of Art. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition is held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

This exhibition features the latest works of Ningbo citizens in art, calligraphy and photography. Since it started to solicit contributions in May, the exhibition has received more than 1000 pieces of works. They are on diverse themes and in various forms, covering Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, peasant painting and so on. Some are dedicated to the centenary journey of the party and some to the wonderful life, either in realistic or atmospheric style.

After experts’ evaluation, a total of 150 pieces were in the shortlist in three categories: art, calligraphy and photography. Ninety of them eventually stood out, with 5 gold prizes, 10 silver and 15 bronze in each category.

It is said that Ningbo Cultural Museum would support those winners and promote them to the public on the basis of such platforms as Famous Artists’ Studio, Xinrui Visual Design and Calligraphy Institute. Their works will also go on a tour to various districts and countries (cities).

“Recent years, through the citywide popularization of art, Ningbo has witnessed waves of distinct mass visual art activities and the emergence of art works with unique perspectives, distinctive personalities and rich emotions, which has become a charming landscape on our path to cultural construction,” said by Ji Yunfei, director of Ningbo Culture Museum.

The exhibition of outstanding art works by mass is learnt to be the only one governmental comprehensive visual art activity in Ningbo, which is held every three years and this is the sixth sessions since 2004. The exhibition leads the prosperity of the mass culture in Ningbo, which further improves citizens’ skill in art, calligraphy and photography and builds up the talent team of visual art. Over the past decades, a number of fine works emerged from the activity and many of their creators attained “Qunxing” Visual Art Prize in Zhejiang province and National Exhibition Prize.

This exhibition will last to August 22th (closed in Monday) and is free to the public


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