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Calligraphy and seal carving exhibition of Chen Zhenlian to be held in Beijing

In 2018, the “Ningbo Calligraphy and Seal Carving Exhibition” in memory of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up policy, with the theme of “inheritance and development: master series” and the focus on the overall outlook of the young and middle-aged calligraphy and seal-carving masters, attracted great attention. Yesterday, a preparation meeting was held for the calligraphy and seal carving exhibition in Beijingby the Art Master Studio of Chen Zhenlian. This exhibition will be a new chapter of the “master series”, being another calligraphic show of the masters of Ningbo.

The “master series” is organized by the Art Master Studio of Chen Zhenlian. With its main creation content of the poems, quotations and inscriptions of Zhao Shuru, Ma Heng, Pan Tianshou and Sha Menghai, the four great calligraphy ofNingboorigin, the program aims to exhibit the calligraphy and seal carving works and spread the artistic thoughts and personal charms of the masters. The young artists are encouraged to follow the masters to experience the ideological and moral cultivation and shoulder the responsibilities of a new generation of the calligraphy and seal carving artists

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Ningbo Day event held at Beijing horticultural expo

The opening ceremony of the “Ningbo Day” event was held at the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition on the morning of July 17, attracting a lot of visitors from Ningboand all over the country.

“I was born and grew up in Ningbo, and I have special memories of the landscapes and life there.” said Zhou Jianping, Executive Deputy Director of the Affairs Coordination Bureau of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo, at the ceremony. He hoped that the “Ningbo Day” event will be a great success and attract more tourists to Ningbo.

At the opening ceremony, Xue Qiaoping, an inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of “teeth-playing” ofNinghaiCounty, performed the traditional “teeth-playing” skills and attracted great attention from the audience.

Xue has practiced the “teeth-playing” performance for about 20 years, and she hoped to “attract the audience with the

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Two sailing events about to take place in Ningbo

On July 9th, it is announced in the press conference in Ningbo Cheese Park that two sailing events are to take place in Ningbo recently—2019 China Family Sailing Race (Ningbo Stop) and 2019 China Sailing Race, or the “Cheese Park Cup” of National Sailing Invitational.

From July 13th to 14th, 2019 China Family Sailing Race (Ningbo Stop) will kick off in Meishan. The race is a brand activity held by Chinese Yachting Association since 2018, aiming to involve more people participate in the sport, and thus shorten the distance between the sport and the general populace.

The 2019 China Sailing Race will open in July 12th in Meishan Bay. What makes this year’s event special is that the garbage-sorting device will be placed in the race venue to promote the garbage-sorting work

Silk Road Sino-foreign Scholar Exchange Meeting held in Ningbo

On the morning of July 15, the 2019 “Silk Road” Sino-foreign Scholar Exchange Meeting, sponsored by the Cyberspace Commentary Bureau of the Cyberspace Administration of China, was held at the Anqing Guild Hall of Ningbo.

About 40 young and senior scholars and representatives of the major central news websites will visit such key cities along the “Belt and Road” area as Ningbo, Nantong and Dunhuang. Through interviews and photography activities, they will exhibit the new look of the “Belt and Road” construction of china to the world with images and words, and share their ideas for the construction with each other.

According to a person in charge from the Cyberspace Administration Office of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, the cultural and practical exchanges of the scholars from the countries along the “Belt and Road” area will promote the in-depth and overall cultural exchanges between the countries, and expand the influence of Ningbo (as a starting port of the Maritime Silk Road) and the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port.

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Invisible bridge between Chinese and CEE youth

“I will share my personal experiences in China with my friends to help them know this country and fall in love with it.” said Peter Victor Rochodak, an online blogger from Poland.

“I have witnessed the creativity and promising future of made-in-China products. If possible, I wish to find automobiles made in China available in my country,” said Nelmin, a young man from Montenegro.

Recently, many young representatives from Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) come to Ningbo to attend the 3rd "Bridge of the Future" China-CEEC Youth Exchange Camp. From their smile and comment, it can be felt that a friendship bridge that transcends national boundaries is erecting, connecting the young generation from China and CEEC.

In the camp, it is very common to find youth from China and CEE countries with similar interests to connect China and CEE countries via the invisible bridge of friendship.

Liu Yuanjing, a Ningboese born in 1996, had started to practice piano since she was a child, and was just admitted to The Frideric Chopin University of Music to pursue her master’s degree in piano and

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